Britney Spears poses nude in Bazaar

britney-spears-nude-bazaar.jpgThe six-month pregnant Britney Spears will appear nude – but covered up – in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, similar to the 1991 Vanity Fair issue featuring a naked and pregnant Demi Moore on the cover.

This should be a relief to any women out there who didn’t believe in the power of Photoshop. We know what Britney Spears looks like. Everybody knows what Britney Spears looks like. And this isn’t what Britney Spears looks like. Either they pulled her face off some old photos or had to throw together a supercomputer to handle the processing necessary to make her look this good. They’ve got supercomputers that play professional level chess now, so I’m sure they’ve got one capable of making Britney Spears look half decent. Although the first three they tried probably exploded when given the task.