Britney Spears popping diet pills before shows

July 8th, 2009 // 69 Comments

In another sign of a pending Britney Apocalypse, the Braless One has reportedly been downing diet pills and Red Bulls before her concerts, according to Betty Confidential:

The pop star’s conservator-dad, Jamie, was especially alarmed when he caught his daughter popping over-the-counter diet pills, which she washed down with Red Bull, before a recent performance. “Britney was definitely trying to get high by taking too many diet pills and energy drinks,” says a family insider. “Jamie thinks the combination of the two is making her whacked-out and, causing her to lash out in weird angry rampages.”

Right, I get it. It’s the “diet pills” that are making her crazy. I’m with ya. *wink*

Photos: Splash News

  1. Maloney

    well, she looks great~ mental health is overrated…

  2. Rustingrabbit

    Isn’t it time for britney spears to start wearing clothes?

    Just saying.

  3. Anon

    Looks like she’s not taking enough

  4. chango666

    Yes I would . . . oh hell yes . . .

  5. me

    say what you will……I think she is the hottest mom out there.
    who cares if she’s crazy …….she’s still a milf!

  6. me

    I think I see toe in pic #6
    maybe I just want too but I think i do

  7. Meg

    Wow those are some UNflattering concert costumes!

    2 young children and a long ass concert tour……………..atleast she isn’t sniffing blow for the energy…Pick your battles daddy Spears!

  8. me

    sorry i mean pic #4

  9. Deacon Jones

    Well, keep taking them, cuz they’re definitely working.

    Another month or so, and I’ll be back to Full BOINGER mode with her, like the good old days…

  10. pervert

    That coloured dancer in pic one is having a right old perve on Britney’s well worn box.

    And there he is again in pic 7 having another sniff around.

    I think there might be something in there that he wants back….. or he wants to shoot.

    And Britney, what’s with wearing underwear…. it doesn’t suit you..!!

  11. frank lloyd wright

    It ain’t helping her with the beer gut and why is she wearing the granny panty?

  12. Cash

    Oh cruel fame. What price, celebrity?

    ppfffttt!! Sorry.. I can’t keep a straight face. Honestly, who cares? If this is what she has to do to make a buck and feel good about it, let her be. As long as she’s not running over people or making sex tapes, who cares?

  13. blp

    Big deal. I take diet pills and Red Bulls before getting out of bed every day and I can still do the moonwalk.

  14. jerry

    great! maybe she’ll die soon

  15. czar

    Damn it!!! I wish we could trade her for MJ!! I really would then think that the world is a better place.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    She needs better diet pills, because the jelly rolls flopping over the sides of her costume says the ones she’s taking aren’t working too well.

  17. phoring

    She is like the ultimate entertainment robot now.

  18. jesus

    when is this fat cow gonna lose some weight?????????????

  19. Snarky

    What kind of a world is it where a great an slim showman like Michael Jackson dies, but pill poppin’ pudgy Britney is still touring?
    I hate you God!

  20. titsonsnack

    Wooo, a girl taking diet pills. What is this, an episode of Saved by the Bell?

  21. alex

    Why did I think about a stripper and ping pong balls when I read she’s Popping pills. Stupid brain! making me think things I don’t want to think

  22. H_Chick

    Cant she wear a single pair of stockings with out a hole or a tear in them somewhere? on some girls the punk look is hot but not on her – it just looks like shes a clothes slut who treats her possessions really whore-ish and doesnt know how to put an outfit together. She makes it look cheap.
    Jesus I bet you even Courtney Love can wear stockings and not get rips in the them.

  23. Kia

    I feel sorry for her. Even if you did have a melt down, it probably feels a little degrading to have your dad run your adult life when you’re 26 (guessing at her age) and have your own kids. If my dad ran my life I’d probably be flipping out too.

  24. Tom K

    Her legs look good in picture one. Everything else is still sadly a mess.

  25. Would it be unkind of me to say that she looks like shit?

  26. rghv

    the diet pills dont seem to be working.
    and she should start taking talent pills.

  27. Stanford MBA student

    What university student doesn’t drink Red Bull and take no doze or diet pills while cramming for Finals. I mean, so what, at least she is doing something normal for her age. OTC diet pills are nothing, everyone knows that the Mexican and Canadian kind are the best. PehnFen used to be available in the US, but all the food manufacturers made up wacky stories about heart value damage because their quarterly profits on snack foods and fast food items were falling faster than the current economy. What a bunch of shits, all they care about is profits and not our looks. I hate those greedy b……tar.,.,ds.

  28. Racer X

    Her dumb ass will probably OD soon.

  29. Rasputins Liver



    …………..check that cow out!

    ………………………………………….check them tree stumps she’s clumpin’ around on!

    Well, at least she doesn’t have a tampon string hangin’ out.



  30. Rasputins Liver



    …………..check that cow out!

    ………………………………………….check them tree stumps she’s clumpin’ around on!

    Well, at least she doesn’t have a tampon string hangin’ out.



  31. Rasputins Liver



    …………..check that cow out!

    ………………………………………….check them tree stumps she’s clumpin’ around on!

    Well, at least she doesn’t have a tampon string hangin’ out.



  32. tromba

    Still loving those skull-crusher thighs!!!!!!!

  33. B

    Dear Britney,

    You’ve had 2 kids. It shows.


  34. captain america


  35. hotness

    I would love to do Britney in the ass and have her suck me clean straight after it.

    Tasty, tasty, tasty.

    …………… \m/ \m/ ……………………..

  36. Raqs

    pic 2 hasn’t she dropped some punds ????

  37. Renee

    OMG- who cares about diet pills, it is better than the Meth and Cocain diet that she was on last year. Give me a break.

  38. veronica

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  39. not very good diet pills, she still looks like crap

  40. Unfortunately, you can still see the crazy in her eyes.

  41. lori

    Anyone else sick of white trash being “discovered” and then manufactured into pop stars when, in reality, they are truly talentless, low class whores who, let’s face it, only turn on Republican, old white men? This country needs to change course soon.

  42. #11 – “That coloured dancer”?

    What? It’s 1965 again and no one told me? Who has the LSD???

  43. Darth

    She’s getting creative folks!

  44. Rhialto

    What’s next? She’s going to make meth from household products?

  45. JackTheRipper

    Miss Piggy is back!!

  46. Damned if ya don't/do

    I would like to begin by saying that I’m not a Brit fan at all, but I can definately understand. How many of you fat lazy asses can dance around for 2 to 3 straight hours w/o some kinda help…not many I bet. Let’s remember that clebs are still human, with faults like the rest of us, except the rest of us don’t have people watching and judging our every move. And just a few months ago she was on here in a bikini and all were talking about how fat she was when she really wasn’t fat at all. Our country is hideously obese, including most of you who feel the need to talk down on people for looking healthy and not like sickly Paris Hilton. How many of you calling her fat have daughters who will grow up with eating disorders because you talk down on other women for being fat who are not. I would love to see what u haters look like…I bet Brit gotcha beat hands down at her worst. But if talking down on people is the only thing that boosts your egos…makes sense. I’m sure no one is approaching you on the street to tell you how hot you are.

  47. Jack


    She’s a star who has based her success on her appearance.
    So it’s her job to be in good shape.

  48. blp

    I found these diet pills on ebay called “Orovo.” Anyone here tried them? Apparently they get rid of acne as well as fat. Maybe I should send a bottle to Brit.

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