Britney Spears pisses off the Catholic Church

October 30th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Britney Spears released her new album Blackout today. To drum up some press, because apparently there’s not enough, Jive sent out photos of a half-naked Britney sitting on the lap of a priest in a confession booth. The photos are also included in the liner notes for her new album. The Catholic Church wasn’t too thrilled about this “bottom of the barrel” stunt, according to NY Daily News:

“This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing,” said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League. “She’s not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she’s not responsible enough. Now we see she can’t even entertain.”

Clearly Britney Spears’ publicist is ripping pages straight from the Madonna playbook. Unfortunately for them, Britney is pretty much stuck on pissing off Catholics and wearing Kabbalah bracelets. She’s barely allowed to have her own kids, so she can’t adopt one from Africa. Also the marrying Sean Penn thing is out too. Besides the fact that he has a wife, I heard that Sean Penn not only hates the Iraq war but also hates “fatty-fat fat-fat’s.” That’s a direct quote that I in no way made up.


  1. havoc

    The photos reek of desperation…..


  2. Anon

    Wow, those pics have been photoshopped to death!

  3. PunkA

    Talk about a Madonna rip off. Briney has nothing original, and is dipping into the Madonna idea pool. Remember her “Like a Prayer” video?? The Catholics hated that too, especially the imagery. So Brit is just trying do madonna retread ideas to look hip. Yet, she is already so tired and dull and boring and YESTERDAY.

  4. Kiki

    Catholics are easy. Won’t fight back. Don’t you dare hold all blacks responsible for the wrong some do, or the arabs, or……..

  5. Fired Y'all!

    Brit doesn’t have a publicist (or a manager), poor things couldn’t take it any more/ were fired by her crazy ass. This is all her own doing… YIKES.

  6. Nat

    Britney pissed on a Catholic church?!!? Nasty bitch…musta been coked out of her fucking mind.

  7. Ript1&0

    Yawn… yeah, snorting coke off her kid was way better. Take a picture of that Brit. Shock value.

    More shocking would be putting on clothes and taking a sweet little family photo that Mom could hang on the wall. All cleaned up and shiny. That would shock the shit out of me.

  8. Ript1&0

    PS = Sean Penn is an angry douche.

  9. Joe Fonebone

    I read the title as ‘Charlotte Church’. V. disappointed.

  10. veggi

    When I dream of the Risen Christ, He is always naked on the rug with his ass wide open.

  11. BunnyButt

    Speaking of pissing, that’s what I initially thought Brit was doing in the first b&w pic. I was wondering why the fuck she thought anyone would want to see a photo of her pissing, does she really think she’s so sexy that she can get away with that, but it wouldn’t surprise me since she’s probably too drunk/high most of the time to control her bladder or bowels. Then I realized it wasn’t her pissing, it’s only a chair leg behind her reflecting the light … damn.

  12. malicious

    why didn’t she wear that at the MTV awards, she would have looked way better.

  13. BunnyButt

    62, word is that MTV had chosen a corset-like outfit for her to wear that would’ve covered more but been more flattering for her figure; however, she didn’t think it was sexy enough and insisted on wearing the sparkly bikini.

  14. LL

    Wow, I didn’t think anything could make me agree with the Catholic Church, but given the choice between the woman-hating boy rapers and Britney, I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with the Church on this one. Way to go, Britney. Keep it classy.

    And though I hate to say it, these pictures do make her look hot. Amazing what flattering lighting, makeup, clothing and Photoshop can do. Too bad she doesn’t really look like that.

  15. Trina

    Didn’t Madonna already do this? Get some new material

  16. Hey kids!

    Just for the record, Bill Donohue is a douchey douche and in no way reflects the views of the catholic church. The catholic league is a sham organization and he’s just an impotent old white man that hates mexicans. All true, look it up.

    Carry on…

  17. ELissa

    yeah take the spotlight away from them raping kids, and put it on a picture. yeah lets all focus on the really moral issue “Britney spears” Let her distroy her life, but let the church distroy many lifes. BULLL

  18. lastangelman

    Listening to the new album the verdict is …. NOT BAD AT ALL … but the problem is this isn’t a Britney Spears album, it sounds like she is a guest on her own album. The producers came in created some fairly solid tracks, hauled Britney in, held a deluxe frappachino just of reach and commanded, learn this song and sing into that mic and we’ll give you fifty, count ‘em fifty of those to take home today. After applying the usual tricks of the trade ( Jeff Lynne in a potato sack to protect his identity ) to smooth out her voice … BAM … multiplatinum but forgettable dance album.
    Watch sales skyrocket when she kaks out from either:
    1)Frappachino DTs cause her to mistake a gasoline pump nozzle for a coffee dispenser
    2)Crashing her car while chasing down a Starbucks truck full of Frappachinos
    3)Choking on the straw while guzzling a grande Frappachino
    4)Having sex with Paris Hilton guzzling a grande Frappachino
    5)Driving over a bridge at night trying to save time to get to Starbucks before it closes
    6)EXploding in a giant Frappachino Supernova after a particularly heavy binge.

  19. T

    @ 36… OMG! I didn’t even notice that til you pointed it out.

  20. Jade

    This is one move of Britney’s that I actually like.

    Like the catholic church means something to everyone. Obviously it doesn’t. I think that the catholic church needs to clean up its own image before it busts on Britney. While I can’t stand Brit, the catholic church makes her look like a saint.

  21. The Great Pumpkin

    Tomorrow is Halloween, so hopefully she will die at midnight.

  22. gigi

    you’d think they’d thank her for making them appear normal-ish! at least she’s not an alter boy…. unless ::gasp:: no! could it be…? molesting young boys is more appealing than Britney Spears friskin’ it up with a model dressed a priest! hmmm

  23. TheCatholicChurch

    Yep, I, The Catholic Church, am one person and/or group EXACTLY the same as all my members and followers.

    The Catholic Church

  24. Oh that’s so ‘Da Vinci Code’ of her.

  25. Yawn

    Oh, please. Madonna did it already and she did it in a MUCH bigger way than this. The Catholic Church has withstood far worse assaults and accusations and controversies than Britney and some guy in a priest costume. It’s just pathetic. Come on, Britney, shave your head again or do something actually INTERESTING for a change!

  26. PB

    I just looked at those photos and the first thing I noticed was that she was Photoshopped to look thinner, second thing I noticed was that they forgot to Photoshop her chubby arm in the reflection. Someone is going to get fired for that one!!

  27. Carlos

    Yeah, the Catholic church has a terrible record against boys and women. Unlike the Muslims, who do nothing but nurture and respect the civil rights of all people, no matter what gender.

  28. Jade

    What do muslims have to do with this? I didn’t see Brit wearing a burka..

  29. Man. I need to get a job photoshopping pictures in Hollywood. I didn’t even notice the chubby arm until someone pointed it out, but DAMN.

  30. Ah finally something good taste! I like it.

  31. BunnyButt

    Keep in mind that Britney’s primary fan base wasn’t around back in the day when Madonna did this (and did it better), so all of this is new to them. While those of us over, say, 30 find this unoriginal and even rather boring, a large number of Britney’s fans are seeing this kind of thing for the first time, so they’ll find it interesting and titillating. And while we’re laughing and feeling superior, Britney will rake in the money her younger fans are going to throw at her.

    Geez, thunk me in the head so I stop being so serious and go back to being snarky.

  32. leelee

    Of course “BunnyButt” If you want to talk about how unoriginal this idea is, then go pick up a copy of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, I may not be over 30 but I sure know Madonna wasn’t the first woman to piss off the Catholic Church with a female sexuality. The Wife of Bath’s Tale vs. The Friar’s Tale anyone?

    Just because something is unoriginal does not mean that it is less entertaining. Honestly, if the album is called “Blackout” and the general theme of most of the songs is about Britney’s relationship with the media, the photos that display the “shocking” contrast between sexual depravity and religious convictions are being used symbolically.

    The contrast between sex and religion is still an excellent symbol, because it still is such a dark taboo… notice how the Church reacted so strongly although it’s been done to them over and over again?

    Maybe instead of looking at something and dismissing it as something that has been done before, ask yourself WHY it is being done.

  33. leeleesobieski

    Blah blah blah…Chaucer…blah blah blah…reciprocal evolutionary detail…blah blah blah…conservative agenda…blah blah blah…GLBT community…blah blah blah…Berkley/Harvard/Columbia…blah blah blah…

  34. korina_jebediah

    its not only her legs
    the arms look like toothpicks compared to the real ones
    and those bastards forgot to photoshop as well her reflection in the mirror lol
    hahah you can check the difference and even see cellulite in her leg
    no kidding
    its just that they went to far
    everyone knows britney does not look this good not even with magic
    or maybe im just wrong and the mirror is like the ones they have in fairs where you look totally distortionated


  35. selina

    i like her this style, it is cool , her other style are also very good, because i saw her pfotos on mbefore, she is very popular there.

  36. Not a hypocrite

    Hmmm, aren’t all the supporters of little girl raping Roman Polanski all jewish?

    well, well, well…………….

  37. At least Madonna has tried to raise her kids…


    In all waYs!LOVE U BRITNEY!DONT CARE what ppl talk about!just sing and make my heart BIT!

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