Britney Spears pisses off the Catholic Church

October 30th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Britney Spears released her new album Blackout today. To drum up some press, because apparently there’s not enough, Jive sent out photos of a half-naked Britney sitting on the lap of a priest in a confession booth. The photos are also included in the liner notes for her new album. The Catholic Church wasn’t too thrilled about this “bottom of the barrel” stunt, according to NY Daily News:

“This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing,” said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League. “She’s not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she’s not responsible enough. Now we see she can’t even entertain.”

Clearly Britney Spears’ publicist is ripping pages straight from the Madonna playbook. Unfortunately for them, Britney is pretty much stuck on pissing off Catholics and wearing Kabbalah bracelets. She’s barely allowed to have her own kids, so she can’t adopt one from Africa. Also the marrying Sean Penn thing is out too. Besides the fact that he has a wife, I heard that Sean Penn not only hates the Iraq war but also hates “fatty-fat fat-fat’s.” That’s a direct quote that I in no way made up.


  1. mkell


  2. Texas Tranny

    Everyone knows priest’s like little boys.

  3. bob

    She’s a whore. Doesn’t the church know that already?

  4. retarded losers


  5. flamin sheila

    I think god has a sense of humour and would be thrilled that Britney’s is bringing publicity to the catholic church.

  6. retsrded lsoers


  7. Way to go, jack-ass. As if she didn’t have enough people who hated her.

  8. veggi

    ok, dammit, I gotta say that fucking ROCKS! hahahahaha!!!!

  9. Andrew C

    @4 Britney, is that you?

    I don’t think someone who leans on the caps-lock button and misspells simple one syllable words like “shit” and “are” has any right to call someone else stupid. Go back to rehab, bitch.

  10. BodyOfBrit

    She’s too old for a priest. Priest’s only do altar boys anyway. There is not enuf realism in this fantasy.

  11. veggi

    oh, and #4, U PPL R??? those are not words. talk about retarded…….

  12. Crotch Kicker

    At first glance, I thought the priest was wearing the tights. That would’ve been a better picture.

  13. bigshinyobjects

    Bah, she is a cunt. Everyone knows that the catholic church prefers penis.

  14. ph7

    Must be photoshop day. Any tubby girl is stretched in Photoshop to have her tree stump legs look like limbs.

  15. I’m waiting to see how many “LOL PRIESTS LIKE LITTLE BOYS” posts that will happen within the next few hours.. originality, anyone? Anyone?

  16. The difference……….Madonna was a SMART whore.

  17. secybitch

    Since when does Britney have long, thin, sexy legs? Can the photoshop madness ever stop?

  18. whoneedsenemies

    At least Madonna has tried to raise her kids.

  19. Texas Tranny

    I said it first. LOL
    I learned back in the 60′s that priests like Altar Boy’s penises.

  20. Matthew

    Britney:: I hope the preacher forgive my sin and ask him to give my sons to him and share moonshine hey Brandine,Cleatus brign the kinfolk to church Priest:: Trainwreck and may god for give your sins

  21. lg

    She’s trying to pull a “Madonna” on us.

    Check out those legs… SHOPPED!

  22. Yeah Britney !

    so what ? its cool to pick on Christians !

  23. fweem

    I don’t think those are photoshopped legs; it was probably way easier to just find someone else’s legs and tack em on.

  24. Crotch Kicker

    #22 I agree, lets get some lions.

  25. veggi

    oh, and notice it doesn’t say britney pisses ON anything. aaahahahaha snort.

  26. another one for britney

  27. Jesus Christ

    Oh who gives a fuck about the christians. They’re responsible for all of the world’s most terrible events and atrocities, but as soon as someone makes a jab at them they start whining like passive aggressive pussies.

    If Britney was REALLY cool she would’ve included photos of some guy dressed up as Jesus licking her asshole and jizzing all over her chest.

  28. DD

    Or her down on her knees giving Jesus a blowjob.

    I would pose for that photo shoot, or me sucking on a nun’s pussy, while a priest fucks me in the ass.

  29. BB

    gross 28. That’s just plain ick. sucking on pussy is not a visually pretty statement.

  30. Crotch Kicker

    #27 Jesus, can there be midgets covered in mayo with whip and butt beads involved in the photo? Maybe Britney can have one of her hands shoved in the ass of a farm animal? Who am I kidding, those photos will be discovered tomorrow.

  31. Vince Lombardi

    Not an actual photo – no Starbucks, no chalupa, no boots. Fake-fake-fake. Next!

  32. mabbo

    Big deal. The Catholic Church hasn’t been relevant in 100 years. Once in a blue moon, the Catholic League pull Grandpa Donohue out of his coffin and hook him up to electricity and have him spout some vile against Hollywood types. With the entire Western world throwing organized religion into the toilet and flushing, those fucktards should be happy any public figure still finds them relevant enough to try and piss off. But I agree, it’s been done before. Madonna did it better. Hell, even Sinead O’Connor was cooler when she did it.

  33. This is the END

    #27 & #28…………………………The only thing that comes to mind after reading your disgusting comments is “THE END MUST BE VERY NEAR”!!!!!!!

  34. her legs

    DD- that is a good idea

    her legs are photoshopped, BUT… somedays her legs do look like that have a good shape. people say tree stumps but i don’t know. i see how leg goes in at the knee, back out, and in at the ankle

    that pic is prob 3 years old, but that wasn’t her at her skinniest either.

  35. 626.576.7271

    For a good time call me!!!

  36. Luluhime

    Wow, that photoshop artist sucks….they slimmed down her arms and legs, yet forgot to do the same with the reflection in the mirror…

  37. #33

    You take your fiction very seriously.

  38. her legs

    her body is VERY photoshopped. I wonder if she knows that?

  39. veggi

    I think she is thinking about getting metal legs. It’s a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it.

  40. DD

    Looks like I struck a nerve……………..

    When I was a little girl, a nun fondled me and exposed my naked body while a priest watched and masturbated.

    So I have every right in the World to make fun of the sick bastards that are the Catholic Church.

  41. You can do what you want, I just think it’s kinda boring.

  42. CatholicsAren'tOriginal

    Catholic priests aren’t original. That’s why they do little boys. Little altar boys. You know someone who won’t confront them after being butt fucked. I suppose they might do girls but Britney’s too old. She might express an opinion or worse actually resist the rape. That’s no fun for the representative’s of god on earth. I wasn’t trying to be funny or original Duchess Of Dork. I was being realistic.

  43. Eh, okay, no need to get up in arms about it. I think you’re taking more offense than the actual Catholics. Chill out, bro.

  44. YIKES
    britney’s face used to look like this… what the HELL happened

  45. LinksCutOff

    Fish’s display page keeps cutting off people’s links. LAME

  46. rayray

    @#36: You’re so right! Her arm looks WAY fatter in the mirror…

  47. ListenUp

    True religion is about love, grace, forgiveness, trust, and kindness. Please don’t stereotype all people or groups for the bad apples among us.

  48. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    If she had had any real nerve, she would have been photographed flashing the Prophet Mohammed. Then all the Muslims in the world would vow to murder her for Allah. The Catholic Church just doesn’t do that shit anymore, so it’s no risk. Boring.

  49. herlegs2

    #34. It also helps in that pic that she is in heels, which essentially puts you on your tiptoes and pushes your calf shape to its best.

    p.s. Just add “jpg” after the period in the link.

  50. Moobs

    The Queen of lip syncing and photoshopped photos.

    What a great career!

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