Britney Spears pisses off little people

spears-little-people.jpgBritney Spears has been slammed by little people for hiring dwarves to entertain Kevin Federline’s guests at his recent birthday party in Vegas. At the party, two female dwarves were hired to carry in Federline’s 28th birthday cake, while another was dressed as a miniature Sonny Bono alongside a Cher look-alike. Sources claim that guests giggled and cheered, with some jokingly suggesting a dwarf-throwing contest. A member of the Billy Barty Foundation says:

“It is wicked to hurl abuse at anyone of diminished height simply because they are small. We know dwarves and midgets who are immense in stature because of their talent. Mostly they are able to rise above any insults. But inevitably, feelings are hurt by nasty comments. There’s only one word for it – bullying.”

If somebody has the money and the desire to see a miniature Sonny Bono then that should be their right. Last time I checked this was America. And if I’ve learned anything from the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. it’s that little people are like toy pets for the rich.