Britney Spears pisses off Australia

November 9th, 2009 // 67 Comments

Setting back sensitive U.S./Aussie relations that almost manifested in a fourth Crocodile Dundee movie, angry fans stormed out of Britney Spears’ concert in Australia Friday night demanding their money back, according to The Sunday Telegraph:

Spears mimed most of her songs on stage, singing only on ballads. Among fans who walked out early was Amanda Hawlet, 22, who drove from home two hours away and spent almost $500 on a weekend to see Britney. She left only half an hour into the action, angry at the miming.
“I want my money back or I want her to sing properly,” she said. “The ticket cost me $200 and she lip-synched the whole thing. It’s cost me half a week’s wage and you’ve got bills to pay, but you look forward to this concert, it’s a night out – and what do you get? Nothing! It was a waste of $200 – I could have got four pairs of shoes for that.”
The lack of big screens – masking Spears’ miming and taking the focus away from her rigid performance – left many in the cheap seats fuming. Fans complained that the US pop star spent large portions of the in-the-round show with her back to them.
“You couldn’t tell if it was Britney or not,” Mel McGuigan, 25, said.

In Britney’s defense, what exactly were these people hoping to see? Singing? Dancing? Professionalism? HA! That’s like going to a strip club and honestly expecting one of the dancers to let you take her out sometime. Except that’s a bad analogy because that’s really going to happen to me. Just 20, maybe 30, more lap dances. I can feel it.


  1. sim

    wow.. big shock here…
    britney doesnt sing?!

  2. Eric

    What did she do blow her nose on her pants?

  3. She can’t sing a whole concert. When would she eat? I can understand being pissed about the big screens. You can’t see a fricking thing without them unless you’re up front.

  4. Britney sex tape in 3… 2…

  5. Helllllooooooo

    The Aussies couldn’t help it. They live too far from Louisiana to know what it’s all about. I’m sorry, little kangaroo friends, so sorry.

  6. michelle

    if you cost you half a weeks wage, why would you spend money on this shit? get a fucking clue. this girl is obviously an idiot…

    also, it’s britney, what do you expect? hasn’t she done this before? and hasn’t her tour been a big ass train wreck from the beginning?

  7. fearsarewishes

    WTF is wrong with these Aussie cunts?

    These morons are whining about lip-syncing like it’s a big surprise. All of these dancing, big stage show cunts do it and have done it forever!

    Motherfucker, I hate people.

  8. everybody hates Rough

    hahaha the concert is call “circus” why would she throw in some Marcel Marceau in the act…these Aussies are spoil….

  9. everybody hates Rough


  10. someguy

    I saw an article within the past week where someone in the Aussie govt (I don’t recall the details) who wanted to force Brit-Brit to tell potential concert goers that the concert was not sung live. Apparently, Ms. Hawlet did not get the meno. I can’t add anything better than what Fish said, “What did they expect?”

  11. what

    What kind of demented idiot would pay 200$ for a fucking britney spears concert?

  12. Rachel

    it looks like she got mustard from those damn hot dogs on her leg…they betrayed her!

  13. What the?!

    There’s that gay guy again…

  14. someguy

    God I’m a dumbass (comment #11). It was here that I read about it. I need to get my “news” from better sources. Ok, back to Fox News.

  15. Dawood

    I think Britney’s was overcritisized by Aussies………

    britney fan

    all notable tributes and quotes on Britney Spears from famous peers:

  16. kris

    I wouldn’t go see her if I had free tickets and it was across the street! If you spent $200.00 to see her its your own dumbass fault! So bugger off!

  17. Nipsy Mooseknuckle

    14 responses and not one regarding those niptastic pebbles hiding under her shirt….this world is spiraling out of control!


  18. JADE

    Hard to find a concert that is completely real with no lip singing. But I though everyone just knew that before you bought a ticket. Idiots…….

  19. You tell her Australia! You buncha lightweights!

    I drove 6 hrs. for Van Halen. Got feedback and everything.

  20. A Sanderson

    What a dumbass. First, paying $200 for a b spears concert, you deserve to get a shit performance…what do you expect
    2) If money is so important to you, then why are you spending your hard earned money on b spears for fuck sakes…

  21. kimberly

    I love how she color coordinated her belt with the nasty splotch on her pants.

  22. roxy

    I think ama fan of her and… I dunno if I would go to her concert. I mean… she wouldn’t come to Bulgaria, where I live, but the point is that I’m getting disappointed by her. It’s nothing particular. I’m glad that she’s behaving well and takes care of her kids, but those small things like that awful spot on her pants, or the lip-sinc, or her kinda… strange love to her dirty locks. I believed in her, but now I’m not that sure…

  23. roxy

    oh, and I forgot about the cheap videos and gaining weight :((

  24. roxy

    AND her boobs. The End

  25. The Observer

    So wasting money on Britney Spears is bad, but wasting money on four pairs of shoes is fine and dandy? I guess you can’t expect much from people that would put any effort at all into seeing the conspicuously talentless Britney Spears, but that level of superficiality still took me by surprise.

  26. Pernacchia

    Britney is a “cash cow.”

  27. Daniella

    As useless as Britney Spears is to the entertainment world (or it’s talent portion, anyway), I wonder why everyone’s making such a big deal about lip-syncing onstage? It’s a rare artist that doesn’t do it, and most all of them do at some point in their performance. It’s a known fact, as well as the fact that people sound much better post-recording studio. I wonder if these people would have still acted this way if that woman hadn’t “demanded” that Britney tell the world her lip-syncing “secret” – it’s only fair to the fans, remember? Stupid people.

  28. the truth

    Try doing athletic dancing and then singing. Almost impossible. We just have so much breath. If the Aussies are offended, too bad. I am sure their entertainers lip sync under the same conditions.

  29. sammy

    Apparently, Aussies really did need someone in the government to warn them that this dimwit lipsyncs; last time I was down there, the place kicked ass and the people were awesome; it appears that this may have changed; did something happen to the water supply? Who the fuck doesn’t know that she lipsyncs? Oh well, as long as they still have Mad Max and Phil Rudd; there still is some hope for them.

  30. Alexis

    Britney has been around for 10 years, 10 years of lip synching. You can’t complain that she didn’t sing in concert because she never has. You’re paying to watch her “dance”.

  31. Alexis

    Britney has been around for 10 years, 10 years of lip synching. You can’t complain that she didn’t sing in concert because she never has. You’re paying to watch her “dance”.

  32. Spurious

    And this is why your government wipes your nose, Australia. Because you fucking need them to.

  33. Megan

    27 – “It’s a rare artist that doesn’t [lip sync].”

    No, it’s rare that a pop star or any other generic “music” making faggot doesn’t lip sync. It isn’t often that people with actual talent (artists) do so.

    This idiot deserved what she got, as did everyone else who went to see her. I could understand going to her stupid concerts in 2000 when she was big, but you paid to see a train wreck, you got a fucking train wreck, and now you’re mad. Idiots.

  34. missywissy

    Her website is all ABOUT damage control right now with fans writing in how “wonderful” she is and that the people who trashed her show were in the wrong.

    A. I was suprised to know she actually even sang a ballad live.
    B. Everyone in the world knows she invented the whole lipsyncing thing. (not counting Milli Vanilli) I mean, c’mon. You HAVE to expect that from Britney.
    C. My hat is off to the Austrailians for calling her out on the bullshit that us Americans for some reason can’t stand up to or we just find acceptable. It’s pretty cool they brought the issue out into the open. Australians must be some pretty tough bastards. Australia must have a pretty big set of testicles that keep it afloat in the ocean. Don’t fuck with Australia. They don’t buy the same shit we like to.

  35. Jon

    17 – Nipptastic pebbles? Brit’s tits point to the south worse then a 50 year old trailer park hag. They are all freckly as well, and dark ugly nips. Brit’s boobs haven’t been nice since 2001.

    The people who complained at this show deserve what they get. They were stupid enough to go to it without knowing what you get at a Britney “show”. Hahahaha typical idiots, just like most of her fans.

    And in response to some of those stupid fans.. no it’s NOT standard to lip sync your way through an entire set. Unless your Ashlee Simpson. Spreading that BS is almost as bad as spreading religion.They sometimes have backing tracks for the chorus but it’s not unreasonable to expect an artist to sing on stage. Gaga, Beyonce and Pink all do it to name 3 current ones off the top of my head.

  36. falafel

    Lip synching aside, the girl needs a stain stick and a bra and a better weave job and also a bra and maybe some bigger sunglasses to detract from that fivehead of hers (like these? and OMG A BRA. Unless you weigh 100 lbs and are a b cup you really cannot get away without a bra after you’ve had kids. Sorry, Brit.

  37. JohnnyBGood

    If my gov’ment was making it possible for me to see a show that costs hundreds of dollars for FREE! Um…I would also say: “Yeah! She fucking lip-synced!”

  38. those aussies should just go fuck themselves. like that one bitch who only makes $400 a week and spent $200 to go see britney. if you love an artist enough to blow half your pay to go see them, you’d think they would know that she doesn’t really sing, ever. she’s just a performer.

  39. Anon

    According to another article the dancing that apparently is the real reason you go to see a singer was exceptional…

    from everyone of her dancers whereas hers was sloppy, out of time. Shitters looked like she wasn’t interested in being there or the 17,000 fans who had paid far too much to see her.

    It wasn’t just the lip-syncing that’s pissed the antipodeans off.

    Still she needs tese morons to keep going. Gotta pay that child support.

  40. Jennyjenjen

    She is so dirty. Dirty hair, greasy skin and mustard smeared on her pants. This girl is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and she’s a pig who hasn’t even learned to wash properly. What is wrong with people who worship her?

  41. noetix

    I’m Australian.. and I’d like to thank you all for putting me in the same basket as a Britney Spears fan.

    Fucking pathetic.

  42. Turd the third

    Same old ugly ass crossed nipples on the end or worn out droppy tits… ya something everyone should look up to…. the only trailer trash you should be looking up as is the one where the trailer is disappearing into the top of a tornado….otherwise known as a trailertrash blowjob

  43. jubjub

    Yeah, because God only knows there aren’t any idiots in the US, or any other countries, that pay large sums of money to watch that pig lipsync. People are pretty much retarded everywhere.

  44. Anon

    I think she might be working on her appearance finally.
    Unless I’m mistaken her flies are done up today.

    Baby steps but still steps in the right direction.

  45. Mademoiselle

    Woo #34!! Pure awesomeness!

  46. SHITney sucks

    Oh c’mon. How stupid do you have to be to like this idiot anyway? Did they actually think SHITney can sing? Did they think she’s actually an entertainer, and performs onstage? I mean, just how stupid are they?

    She’s a fraud, and always has been. Can’t sing without auto-tune, pathetic “dancing” (if you want to call her “I cahn waves mah handz around” dancing), doesn’t write songs, doesn’t arrange them, doesn’t score them, doesn’t play an instrument. Plus, she’s a drug addicted body-part flashing retard; she’s legally got the intelligence of a 10 year old. There’s plenty of more talented & honest performers out there; I suggest her “fans” grow up & find someone worthy of their attention.

  47. die, shitney, die!


    Yup, they all work…

  48. wowwo

    isn’t this like 2000 material? I mean cmon.. she’s always lip synched, her real singing is not that good, thats why her songs are heavily produces and love the auto tune bs

  49. Really too stunning article and I too always embarrass with this situation.
    Never thought for Brittany spears doning like this stuffs.

  50. Brodie

    Wow, look at all you americans bagging out us Aussies. Its not our problem that the talent that comes from your country isnt even real… That a celebrity comes on tour to our country and cant even put on a decent show.

    Pretty sure our country is a thousand times better than yours, we’re not all slobs and we live in a brilliant country.. Not one filled with murderers and fat slobs.
    Oh, and for the record. There actually aren’t that many Kangaroos here. We dont have them hopping around our backyards, you will only rarely see one if you go into the bush.


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