Britney Spears’ photo deals questioned

January 25th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Sam Lufti gave his deposition yesterday to Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan. The line of questioning involved finding out if Britney brokered deals with X17 through Sam. It’s been speculated that Sam is on the X17 payroll and Britney was receiving payouts for photos of her day-to-day life including time with the children which violates her custody agreement. Photographer Alison Silva was quoted this week saying Britney calls the paparazzi in advance, according to E! Online:

“Britney is in on it. [She] calls the paparazzi before she goes out. We know 15 minutes before she leaves the house. It’s all staged,” Silva said.

To drive that point home here’s a staged photo of Britney pretending to use a pay phone last night. Conveniently left out are shots of her swallowing two quarters before chewing on the Yellow Pages. Numbers make Britney hungry!

NOTE: Hey, guys, sorry the comments aren’t weren’t working today. We’ve got some people looking into it and should hopefully have this baby back to normal. I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is but Tech Support doesn’t know how to troubleshoot “Criss Angel’s douche magic.”


  1. row


  2. Ted from LA

    I’ll fix this for you Fish. As for the Olsen twin story earlier,
    I heard the masseuse also ordered a pizza to be delivered before calling 9-1-1.

  3. D. Richards (Bastion.)

    Fucking Criss Angel.

    Did I mention Criss’s forty?

  4. jas

    Like, we’re surprised here?

    All aboard the attention whore train! Toot toot

  5. Angus

    I’m glad the c-sections allowed her to keep her figure.

  6. DJ Jazzy P

    Why would that dumb bitch use a pay phone?! Of course i’s staged.

  7. Greedo the Dead

    Please die, Britney.

    I promise you a media circus just like Heath Ledger’s. All you have to do is let me read those four little words on your autopsy:

    “The anus was unremarkable.”

    Assuming that it will be, indeed, unremarkable.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    The screwed up comments are kind of fun. I like the weeping stories about Heath Ledger on a Jessica Simpson thread, making fun of Tara Reid’s privates in Mary Kate Olsen story, etc. Only the Britney story is in order, which is sort of unexpected. Nice fucked up Friday, and I’m not even drunk yet. Thanks Fish.

  9. Mike

    I would still fuck her and her sister…………..NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  10. fa-la-freakin'-dah

    “Pretending” is exactly right.

    Britney: “…Oh, thank y’all, yer so kind! Yes, I am great! Yer so smart for noticing!”

    Voice on the other end of the phone: “…At the sound of the tone the time will be…”

  11. granada

    What?!?!?! Are you telling me her whole life was staged?! Fake?!!? Thanks, Fish; first you ruin it for me by telling me “The Hills” is scripted, and now this…!

  12. Flicker

    @6 DJ Jazzy P, Don’t you know that all psychotic serial killers use pay phones? Duh………

  13. Ript1&0

    Wait…. Tech Support??? Are you guys hot and nerdy over there? Do they push you out of the way and tell you to move?

    Give ‘em hell, Tech Support. Download porno to Fish’s desktop when he’s not looking.

  14. shanipie

    This is sorta on topic, because it is about Britney, but off topic because it doesn’t pretain to this post.

    Didn’t Madonna start talling with a british accent out of no where once?
    I think Britney is trying to either copy cat this…because she figures if Madonna can get away with it than so can she, or she is just trying to make everything she is funny/insane.

    Stop the mind games you cow.

  15. Lowlands

    My gracious,this could keep going on forever.Later on this day the lawyers of both sides will have a meeting for a friday afternoon drink and shoulder slapping…..

  16. Toolboy

    She was calling Sir Toppumhat to let him know that Thomas and Gonad (Adnan, whatever) would be late. They were going to be busy pulling another train…
    Oh, and for all the idiots that were boo hooing for poor Brit while she was being hounded by the Pap Smears for Spears, you can all shut the fuck up now.

  17. Fish, threaten the servers by telling them you’ll spraypaint them Cheeto orange and lock Britney in the data center with them… don’t worry about needing to make it genuine with that unmistakable cheesy scent, Brit’s on the rag this week… that’ll learn ‘em.

  18. Sauron

    I’ll bet those lawyers don’t have a ‘ no cure no pay’ assignment.

  19. gotmilk?

    nice gut

  20. So I wonder where all the comments I made today went. I commented, clicked “Post” and poof! Gone!

    I wonder if they will show up a week from now on the “Amy Winehouse Found Dead in Her Apartment” post..

  21. Callie Jordan

    Aren’t you fucking tired of this chik? GOD, enough is ENOUGH!

  22. Mike

    #20………HI FRIST………how you doing you sexy thing? Why don’t you have your link to your MySpace page anymore?

  23. D. Richards

    Fuck Britney Spears. She may have problems and who doesn’t, but she’s just as much at fault of her own life as her mental illness is. Maybe she deserves the punishment that psychosis has wrought.

  24. sunny

    i love britney! i think she’s in on this whole big joke and you should ALL THANK HER for giving you meaning in life by reading about her escapades because obviously your lives are boring as shit compared to her!

  25. Mike, HI!!! It’s there. Isn’t it? I am on my laptop, that’s where it is saved.

  26. DJ Jazzy P

    LOL @ #12!

  27. Superevil

    I hope they get these comments fixed soon, I can’t wait to find out who else has a profile on

  28. melly

    don’t celebrities have CELL PHONES? why is she using a payphone?

  29. my comment

    Nice belt.

    But those boots must be burned!

  30. Staged. You all know she has like ten blackberries and a blueberry in her purse, whatever, I’m breaking out the vodka. Bye.

  31. Champ


  32. PunkA

    She totally has one upped Paris at being an attention whore. Talk about a pathetic human. She has no shame. Of course, being as stupid as she is, what do you expect? Her life has been one piss poor decision after another. She reeks of ass.

  33. Mike

    #30 FRIST, why don’t you e-mail me anymore? I miss talking to you.

  34. CougarTexas

    If Anna NicHOLE had lasted a little longer, she and Spitney coulda hada two fer one bonfire of the vanities and just left this world a better place by, well, leaving.

    So, did it take a scientist to figure out that this stupid hag is staging all her papa outings? I think not. It takes alot more than that to fool the Fish readers.


  35. Ana

    c’mon brit, adnan is soooooooooo gross!!!!!!!…you didnt lose my admiration to you until adnan…everytime i see the guy i really do wanna puke

  36. Mariah

    Why won’t she take off those horrible boots!!!!??????

  37. p0nk

    “Mr. Federline, is your refrigerator running…hahahahaha i’m so funny”

  38. Realist

    # 9, you probably COULD fuck her and her sister. Pretty easily. I think anyone could. It’s like an open door policy.

  39. Hey Fish! Come on now, a Heath story MUST be put on top for the weekend. And not, like, six feet under…

  40. MLK

    My true vision…

  41. sol

    The boots are back.

  42. hammer

    oh my god that brittney’s shameless.

  43. omg

    I love you britney you are my obomb babygirl1! Btw, what a nice bra-rack.

  44. hammer

    oh my god that brittney’s shamless.

  45. granada

    Nice stretch marks on the stomach, Britney.

    And also, isn’t wherever she is cold? Here in Florida, one of the hottest states so far this year, reached somewhere around the 50s…

  46. Britney using a common pay phone

    as if she does not the best of breed cell or mobile

  47. Clem

    @46 Oh man, that’s deep.

  48. Wojamo

    Britney’s jeans make her look so skiiinnneee!!!! They’re People’s Liberation. I found them online at bubbleloungesc dot com

  49. Clem

    @48 Yippeee! Thanks! Now people know where to go to get jeans that show off their junior gunt.

  50. sharpeidude

    Hey diddle diddle…she’s soft in the middle.

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