Britney Spears performs at House of Blues

May 2nd, 2007 // 187 Comments

Britney Spears performed in San Diego at the House of Blues yesterday, her first public concert appearance in nearly three years. She started off with “Baby One More Time” and performed for less than 15 minutes before thanking everybody for coming and playing a taped Madonna song as she exited.

The comeback didn’t hit a high note for everyone, some of whom paid upward of $125 a ticket. “It looked like she lip-synched her way through the whole thing,” said a disappointed Morgan Segall, 20, who flew in from San Francisco for the night.

I can’t believe people actually paid $125 to see Britney Spears sing for less than 15 minutes. Their money would’ve been better spent investing in my patent pending Trash Can Filled With Burning Money. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I expect it to win two or three Nobel prizes.



  1. Is that drool being emitted from the side of her mouth in pic #4?

  2. JoBOO



  3. She must be a dud in the sack if she sweats that much after only fifteen minutes of “work”

  4. bungoone

    not really sure what people expected other than less than 15 minutes of lip synching. i think whoever bought a ticket for $125 for this & left disappointed had way too high of expectations & may want to be tested for mental retardation.

    hasn’t she lip synched her entire career?

    judging from the pictures, it looks like a high school talent show. brit brought her A game!

  5. Victor

    I’d brown bag the bitch, and turn off the lights then fuck her, so I wouldn’t have to see the dumb cunts bald head.

    By the way, anybody know if she is bald down below also?

  6. bungoone

    additionally, if she had any balls, she would have gone up there with her bald head instead of having that wig stapled on. what a coward.

  7. Jaclynn

    Yeah, this pretty much confirms that she’s a has-been. wow.

  8. Hemlock Queen

    Let’s see, rhinestone covered bra, rip-away skirt and white go-go boots. Only trying to be as hot as the made-up pussy cat dolls. Bitch get a stylist! No, that’s too easy. Kill yourself.

  9. YouRang

    Well it’s about fucking time Fish. Where the hell have you been? Britney was still on the charts the last time you posted.

  10. FRIST!!!

    Oh…this is perfect. Rehab did her wonders. Whatever she was smoking when she thought this was her big comeback, I will take some please.

  11. Hemlock Queen

    Who’s the douche sitting the chair waiting for her to queef all over him?

  12. Plowshit, I am feeling so lonely and neglected. My daddy isn’t home yet, can you cum over to play? I’ll lick your geriatric balls ever so tenderly.

  13. p911gt10c

    and now we’re going to be hammered by every 2 bit entertainment show screaming “BRIT’S BACK!!!!” because she’s what they call OXYGEN!
    KG falling out of her ride is more interesting than this.

  14. jrzmommy♠

    What in God’s name is she doing? She looks like a bizarre first grader with a sexual identity issue and endocrine problem doing I’m a Little Teapot.

  15. This kind of looks like a high school talent show. With wigs.

  16. velveethra

    I swear the chorus of this song always sounds to me like “I’d be pleased if you lick my camel toe…it’s toxic”

  17. Forbidden

    Unlike many people here I have nothing against Britney, but seeing these pictures, I just have to say it. Girls (including Britney), clothes like that only work in a girl with a porn star’s to-die-for body, if your body is not amazing, or if it’s like Britney’s right now (still chubby), please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and don’t dare to wear clothes like this, because it will only make you look pitiful and disgusting and just… EWWW. It looks like you’re trying so hard to look sexy and you end up looking ridiculous. Clothes like that won’t make you look sexy if you aren’t sexy to begin with, because a truly sexy girl looks hot in jeans, in sweatpants, in skimpy clothes, in everything, and she isn’t sexy by her clothes. If you try your clothes to make you look sexy, you’ll fail, and you’ll end up looking ridiculous, that’s what’s happening to Britney. Why doesn’t she actually wear something more flattering that would make her look way much sexier and keeps those clothes for errrr… the day her body is ready for them, if it arrives, and does herself and the rest of the world a favor?

  18. SaraLuppino

    What would have been hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrious is it britney spear’s wig flew off.

  19. Whammer Jammer

    She is, without a doubt, the most talented performer ever to grace a stage.

  20. Bambella

    did she mug a broke down hillbilly drag queen on her way into the club and steal his kit. she really needs an overhauling what not to wear intervention. less is more brit.

  21. SaraLuppino

    and i also agree with forbidden, the clothes she wears makes her look nuts
    sara luppino

  22. rhnee


  23. greeneyedcat

    oh good grief. when I read that people had paid $125 to see her, my eyebrows darted upwards. why oh why?

    but diff boots… I had thought she’d entered OCD territory.

  24. LL

    This story is a perfect illustration of why some people deserve to be poor. Not Britney (though it wouldn’t bother me if she suddenly had no money), but the brain donors who paid more than, say, $30-$50 to see her “perform.” Anyone who paid more than that deserves to be eating govt. cheese and Ramen noodles for every meal. Now, $125 to see Britney in a donkey show – maybe. But to watch her flail around like an epileptic and “sing”? No. The money would be better spent on a cheap gun to kill yourself with.

  25. Stickman

    That’s like the kind of thing your 5 year old runs up to you and shows you, when her and her friends have been working on it for 30 minutes.

    If you let your 5 year old dress like a two-bit whore of course.

  26. Craig & "em"

    The Bitch is Bald!

    If u actually paid to see Mr. Clean, then you should expect the following:

    “Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt, grime, and grease in just a minute. Mr. Clean will clean your whole house and everything that’s in it.”

  27. DrPhowstus

    Dammit! I hate involuntarily ejaculating at work.

  28. katzie

    britney is a fucking mess. 15 minutes on stage? she’ll never go back to the way she used to be. watching that video all i saw was a washed up pop star… and with all that head shaking she was doing the only way i would have paid $125 would have been to see that wig of hers go flying off into the audience.

  29. greeneyedcat

    do you think she had to tape her boobs in there? bc it seems like they’d pop out while “dancing”….

  30. mismint

    Did rehab cause her to relapse into that childhood stage when you have just start to dress yourself and think that a tutu, some wellies and a bathing suit are a great outfit combo!? Seriously someone in her ‘entourage’ should say something before she leaves the house dressed like my 5 year old niece!

  31. LadyJane

    I hate it when my double headed dildo pops out at the grocery store. So I can commiserate, Dr. Phowstus.

  32. HughJorganthethird

    Jimmi Hendrix at Monreray, Dylan going electric at Newport, the Rolling Stones at Altamont….

    Now Britney in San Diego.

    Trully, a momentous “performance”

  33. LadyJane

    So… mismint, is your 5 yr old neice a whore?

  34. Donkey

    Is she part of some sort of cult that doesn’t allow her to remove those worn out fishnet stockings?

    Her act is just sloppy sloppy now.

  35. mismint

    I was more referring to Brits outfit recent outfit choices rather than this particular whoreish ensemble…

  36. What’s even sadder than paying $125 to see her perform for 15 minutes is she never confirmed she was going to be playing there. People payed $125 because of a RUMOR that she was going to perform.

  37. kate

    Britney fans = sadder than sad.

    I am glad to see that there are still some level-headed people in the world.

    She sucks. Hard.

  38. FRIST!!!

    I was going to say, this can’t be real!!! But all of a sudden there’s a video of it, and it’s REAL!!! The world’s gone crazy!!!
    Welcome to my world.

  39. Mel

    She could have at least looked in the mirror before she went on stage for that 15 min lip syncing. She looks like a little girl dressing up in her older brothers drag clothes to get into a bar Bahahaaa

  40. kate

    Just watched the video. That was awful. Very ameteurish and I can’t believe there were tards who paid $125 for that crap.

  41. bungoone

    well i’m sure they wouldn’t charge someone $125 if she wasn’t going to be there.

    but who would pay that to watch some hag try to dance? she didn’t even sing. she frigin lip synched! i wouldn’t pay $10 to watch that.

  42. yolatengo

    ok. i give up. i will now accep the fact that the public is full of fucking idiots and they get what they deserve i.e Norbit, Paris, Lohan, Lopez etc etc etc.

  43. Donkey

    These “pop-tarts” idolize Madonna, but the difference is that Madonna kept reinventing herself. And every time, the new look or style was marketable. On the other hand, these dimwitted popettes don’t have the brain power to pull that off.

  44. HoboChic

    I love the way that some of these pics look like she is doing some sort of ho-down. Pun intended.

  45. rrd

    Remeber that movie “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” She is that character just waiting to happen. This is pitiful! Who is advising her?

  46. FRIST!!!

    I am in the wrong business, apparently. I could just as easily take some pills, drink a bottle of Wild Turkey, put on a bra and mini skirt and flop around on stage lip synching to my own crappy music. $125 for 15 minutes??? SOLD!!!
    I bet she played Madonna at the end because she still fantacizes (sp?) about the time she made out with her…

  47. ginettissima

    Come on now, I don’t feel at all sorry for those who paid $125 to see that mess. As if they needed to have paid the money AND actually to have seen the mess to FINALLY find out that it wasn’t worth it :| Come now, please.

  48. karatekachick

    NOW we know where all those lost Barbie clothes go too. DUH….

  49. Can’t you see that that woman was a joke since Day 1 ??

  50. sharpei dude

    Was actually down in the Gas Lamp Quarter last night when this show was going on. A lot of pissed off people milling about after the lipsynching skank rode out of town with her loot. All I can say for those tards that got suckered in is…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great scam Brit!

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