Britney Spears performance wasn’t her original plan


Britney Spears train wreck performance at the VMAs was thrown together at the last-minute. MTV apparently nixed Britney’s original idea that would’ve included the highly-publicized magic of Criss Angel. Britney was unmotivated about the performance and it showed. E! Online has the details:

“Britney wanted an elaborate magic act on stage,” an insider reveals. “But it got to be so over-the-top, it was just too complicated to pull off. So, she had to modify her act at the last minute, and she wasn’t happy.”
The 25-year-old pop tart reportedly wanted to stage a series of Criss Angel-inspired illusions that would have had her disappearing and reappearing throughout the act.

Britney decided to honor her commitment to MTV, but her lack of enthusiasm became evident.

“She went out all night and then came in for rehearsals entirely not into what she was doing,” our source said. “It was obvious she didn’t want to be there.”
Though people around Spears tried to reassure her the act was strong even without the magic stunts – even Justin Timberlake, who reportedly sent his ex a good luck note – the singer visibly lost her motivation to perform.
“Brit no longer seemed to care. She’d roll her eyes in response or not say anything. It was hard to watch,” our source said.

Britney also blamed a broken stiletto heel, advance knowledge of Sarah Silverman’s cracks and allergy drops for the lackluster performance. All interesting theories, but I know who’s really to blame: Scott Baio. I may not have one single shred of evidence to back that up. I might also have just seen a commercial for his reality show and named him out of sheer hate. But I know it was him. And I’ll prove it. Even if I have to die trying.

UPDATE: I gave up after five minutes and made a sandwich. Suddenly I realized I care way more about mustard than anything I was just talking about. I don’t even remember. But this is some good mustard. Spicy brown.