Britney Spears’ people want her back in the hospital

There’s a consensus among the “responsible” people in Britney Spears’ life that she will never get custody of her children unless she checks herself into a mental hospital. She needs to undergo intensive treatment for what many are saying is severe bipolar disorder. But Britney is already resisting and doing her best to act normal, according to TMZ:

And sources say that since her release from Cedars, Brit has “pulled it together, at least on the surface.” She is coherent and engaged, but will not voluntarily enter a mental facility.

What nobody realizes is Britney is probably taking advice on how to act normal from her dog London. She’ll get picked up humping a fire hydrant in Santa Monica by tomorrow. Actually, if Britney did start imitating her dog, I’d consider that progress. I’d probably feel more comfortable with her being around the kids. It’s not like they haven’t seen her pee on the carpet before.