Britney Spears passes drug test, visits kids, and flashes her crotch

Okay, let’s get what you really care about out of the way first. I’m not even sure if Britney Spears is wearing underwear or not in the upskirt shot. However, if you’re all about vast amounts of inner thigh, you’ve struck gold. Moving on. Britney passed her drug test over the weekend and visited her kids today while under supervision. TMZ reports:

We’re also told Britney is currently with her children and a parenting coach and all is going fine. She has visitation from morning till early evening. Spears also had similar visitation yesterday and last Saturday, and she has accepted the fact that a parenting coach will be watching and making suggestions.

As we first reported, Britney would not open the door for the children last Thursday because she didn’t want anyone to tell her how to raise her kids.

It looks like Britney is getting her act together. Yeah, maybe she should hide her crotch from public view, but after these recent developments, let her be. This could all very well end with Britney becoming a clean, sober, responsible mother that only occasionally wants you to see her vagina. I can live with that. I mean, it’s not exactly the Sistene Chapel down there and my eyes burn a little, but at least her children are safe. In the oven. Where she left them.

Images: Splash