Britney Spears’ parents kept a topless portrait of her in their house

September 15th, 2008 // 39 Comments

Britney Spears donated the above painting to The Promises Foundation which provides “behavioral health services to low-income women and their children.” The portrait was for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $10,000, but the auction page has been inexplicably pulled. At any rate, the painting was on display in Britney’s parent’s house because who doesn’t love a topless portrait of their daughter hanging around? You know, besides the South.


  1. mike

    I don’t even think you can classify Louisiana as the South, its more like the cesspool.

  2. havoc

    So? Her grandparents had one of her bottomless and spread eagle.


  3. it's me Fuckers!

    I wonder when Brit-Brit is going to come out with her OWN tell all book about all of the shit she has gone through in the past few years… Momma has her book out… most likely wait a few months…

  4. classy....

    That’s pretty inappropriate…especially for the south.
    and Mike’s an idiot.

  5. I can hear the faint sound of a banjo in the background

  6. Why are the selling a picture of Kate moss in her prime?

  7. Ted from LA

    Mike has a picture of his goat above his fireplace mantel with him “helping” it over the fence.

  8. The whole spears family is a bit weird. The only thing that I can say for them is at least the pic is somewhat cartoony.

  9. X

    Doesn’t it seem like originally she wanted to make a profit, but since it was pulled off of ebay she wanted to make her image better by donating the painting? When she was going through her mental breakdown she even sold some of her clothes- so I’m not in any thought of, “Wow shes so nice! *giggles & kiss*
    Keep in mind, it seems like it was a last resort that she thinks she will benefit later on. Rebuilding her image in a positive notion makes her think her fans will come back which = money back to her. All she does but care about herself and she got that way of thinking from her opportunist mother.

  10. Next Story Please

    That looks more like a cartoon. It looks nothing like her. That artist should be fired for not adding cheetos on the side or something :P

  11. Kim

    I agree, Mike is an idiot. He sounds as if he is full of hatred and prejudice. Each and every place in the USA and world has their own set of problems and issues to deal with. I am from Louisiana and am proud of it. We Louisianians are appalled at the Spears family as well. They are a disgusting example of a dysfunctional family.

  12. Barak Obama

    I would like to keep a topless Brittney Spears at my house. I am sure my wife wouldn’t mind.

  13. be certain that THE RESTROOM IS NEAR THE PAINTING!!

  14. ishi-san

    WHERE IS THE TOPLESS IN THAT PICTURE PLEASE???????????????? You might say something about the “South” but it occurs to me that actually all you Americans are kind of on the “prude”side if you find THAT picture inappropriate.

  15. wow what a treat, watching the “street sweety” reporting on the credit crisis!

  16. Meridian

    that chick on the painting could be anybody. at least some likeness would be recommended when u’re doing a portrait of someone.

  17. Anexio

    Sereusly, when brit wear the dress that look like a beahive then how can syou say that she does not look good and stuff? brit parants are people that love her and htey have nacked pic of her fo r maybe graduation pictures and that they love her becuse she is hers and she world famus becsue of her talants. brit is a pop singer and actress ndn now she modle for famus painter persons. brit does it all and all wthout efforts.

  18. Its not considered topless unless you see nipple.

  19. Andy S.

    I don’t know where you get your info. I technically live in the south, and I don’t know anybody who has a topless portrait of any of their offspring displayed in their home, or anywhere else for that matter.

    No room, you see. Too many topless pictures of your mom.

    (and really, you can’t group Louisiana in with the rest of the south. Name one other state that has been stupid enough to construct a city — which happens also to be its biggest tourist attraction and its biggest moneymaker — below sea level)

  20. andy is an idiot too

    Wow, Andy, for someone who’s from the south, you aren’t doing much to prove that we are just as smart as the rest of the world. By your calculations, California, New York, and even Venice are full of complete idiots for living in cities (also top moneymakers) that are in danger of natural peril. Good job moron.

  21. art?

    It just might be art…

  22. Lookin for a good read

    4. it’s me Fuckers! said – “I wonder when Brit-Brit is going to come out with her OWN tell all book”

    I don’t know, but I garun-damn-tee-ya I would read it.
    If it’s written at least half-way truthfull by “her” and not a professional writer.
    I want to read about how “Uncle-C00ter ” got to but in line down at
    “Craw-Daddys” while everybody else had to wait their turn to suck crawdads. How grandpaw french kissed Momma-Lynn at the Thanksgiving dinner table. You just can’t make up those memories ……………

  23. 0bserving

    #18. …. Didn’t you forget something ?

    Like the spams in your comment ?
    It looks …..just ………
    so plain without it !!

  24. Jess

    totally unnecessary South dissing here. As a LA citizen, I can say that I 1) know no one who has a portrait of their nude child (lol) or 2) is proud of anything Britney Spears or her family has done.

  25. Jess

    Oh yeah, and Mr. Andy, New Orleans is a historically necessary port city. It’s there to ship goods out from the middle America. Sorry, but you need a city at the mouth of the Mississippi. Why not just build the poor people some good (not fake crappy wastes of money) levees?

    Additionally, New Orleans was created at a time when there was a lot more coastland below it to buffer it from storms. Unfortunately that’s all dying now, because reasons including of farmers polluting runoff from middle America and the criscrossing of oil canals. New Orleans was not a foolish mistake historically, but it is now unless we invest in protecting it. The end.

  26. Artcritiqueatlarge

    It’s not even good art, besides the proportions are all wrong it’s boring. I love charity work, but give them something besides garbage.

  27. sva1994

    Jesus, who the fuck painted that? They totally screwed up the eyes.

  28. Clem

    Now that is one shit painting.

  29. HorribleJudgment

    Let the debate on how Britney got so fucked up end. I pass by HorribleJudgment onto the Spears family. And I pass my HorribleJudgment onto Britney for not getting creeped out every time she entered her parents house and saw that naked portrait of herself hanging in their home, knowing that her mother and father’s eyes looked upon it every day. I also pass my HorribleJudgment upon Britney for standing next to that naked portrait with shit-eating smile on her face, even knowing where that portrait used to hang, and knowing that the money that tainted portrait was going to garner was going partly to poor children. Okay, am I over-reacting on that last one? Absolutely. Ask me if I give a damn.

  30. snackmix

    Who’s the girl in the painting? Cuz it doesn’t look like Twatney.

  31. Fuzz


  32. Yael

    “Behavioral health services to low-income women and their children”? Sounds a whole lot like Britney is donating money to psychiatrists. Scary.

  33. To see more art by this amazingly talented LA artist, please visit:

  34. BROOKE

    I am sooooooooo happy that Britney seems to be getting back to her old self. Her parents really do deserves some credit. If they hadn’t went in and took over, basically fighting for their daughter’s life, then who knows what would of happened. Luckily, things have turned around for Britt. I hope she remembers that your family are the only people that you can depend on to love you no matter what, they will be the ones that will be there even if you weren’t famous. Also, there are always going to be people that will criticize you and call you names, just do not listen to them. They will try to make you feel terrible about yourself. You are looking great and all of your exercising seems to of paid off because you look beautiful and healthy. Don’t listen to all these crazy people who say that you are fat because you clearly are not. You don’t want to get too skinny and look sickly. Your eyes are what makes you stand out, beautiful brown eyes, they are just perfect. Anyway, you and your family are in my prayers, Britney , and I am so proud of you.
    As for the painting, doesn’t look like a topless painting to me! You can criticize her family as much as you want, but if it weren’t for them there is really no telling where she’d be now. They are the ones that cared enough about her to go in and try to pull her out of the rut she’d got herself in. In fact, if you think back when she was close to her mother, before their rift, she seemed just fine, but after their rift is when she went a little crazy. She had all these people who didn’t have her best interests in mind, using her. I think she is back and will soon be as good if not better than ever. I hope she stays close to her family. You can say what you want, but she will ALWAYS BE Britney Spears and her fans will ALWAYS LOVE HER. As for the South, it’s a great place to live and I don’t know of anyone that has a topless painting of their child hanging around or of any inbreeding. You might actually want to check your facts before running your mouth.

  35. heather

    okay, seriously, whats with the dissing louisiana thing? i mean really, grow up. we are not stupid and we don’t have pics of our kids topless in our livingrooms or anywhere else in our houses. learn your history and get a life.

  36. heather

    okay, seriously, whats with the dissing louisiana thing? i mean really, grow up. we are not stupid and we don’t have pics of our kids topless in our livingrooms or anywhere else in our houses. learn your history and get a life.

  37. heather

    okay, seriously, whats with the dissing louisiana thing? i mean really, grow up. we are not stupid and we don’t have pics of our kids topless in our livingrooms or anywhere else in our houses. learn your history and get a life.

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