Britney Spears’ parents go to court

February 1st, 2008 // 81 Comments

Lynne and Jamie Spears are in court today request the judge create a conservatorship which would allow Jamie and Lynne to be in control of Britney’s medical care, according to TMZ:

The conservatorship would also allow them to control Britney’s financial affairs. Both parents have made it clear: they believe Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib are squandering Brit’s assets.

The main issue seems to be money which Sam Lutfi says Lynne is after and Lynne says Sam is after. However a family source provided People with some interesting info:

“As the money came in, the family began to fight more. If Britney was aggravated with Lynne, maybe Bryan would side with Britney because he was on the payroll.” Now, “It doesn’t seem like there’s much of a payroll, I guess they might have to get jobs like the rest of us.” Sources confirm Lynne’s Kentwood mansion Serenity is still paid for by her eldest daughter.

Then again a source in the Federline camp paints an interesting picture of Sam that explains the rants Britney made about Lynne and her boyfriend:

The source also says Lutfi has been “telling Britney that Adnan [Ghalib] and her mother have been conspiring to do this so he looks like a savior. It’s really sick and crazy.”

On the other end of the spectrum, The Superficial Writer blames Mayor McCheese and his delicious Quarter Pounders. You want to know where Britney’s money went, my friends. Look no further than the Golden Arches. I rest my case. Has anyone seen my gavel?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. JoBOO


  2. JoBOO


  3. Nicole

    how stupid………………….

  4. JoBOO

    HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. p0nk

    “Lynne and Jamie Spears are in court today request the judge create a conservatorship which would allow Jamie and Lynne to be in control of Britney’s [bank account]”


  6. titney

    Do you think Lynne will cancel the direct deposit plan to Starbucks?

  7. Can I have her unused drugs now?

  8. Nicole

    why is that other lady trying to grab lynns boobs?

  9. Nicole

    why is that other lady trying to grab lynns boobs?

  10. B

    hahahaa Macdonald’s ruined my life too

  11. Toni

    Maybe they could work all this out if they had a nice chat by the see-ment pond.

  12. lipper

    McDonald’s has ruined everyones pant size.

    Damn you McDonald’s and your tasty fries!!!!

    Let’s all sue McD’s! Oh wait that’s been done. Crap.

  13. Zippy

    I’m betting Lynn really cranked up the efforts at controlling Britney’s money after she learned that Jamie Lynn was pregnant.

  14. havoc

    Why don’t the fight over Anna Nicole Smith’s money too?



  15. GTW

    What is this woman’s heritage, American Indian, Mexican? She certainly does not look Anglo Saxon. Anyone?

  16. Hope She Dies

    I hope the cunt dies in pain. I hope the fag last week is in Hell and all you queers that consider these people anything of value get AIDS and die.

  17. I call dibs on her cheetos!!!

  18. GTW

    No one seems to have noticed Britney lost a lot of weight since her failed VMA presentation, thanks to Adderall which took away her appetite (and her sleep, putting her in ON mode all the time, like a prescription coke).

  19. GTW

    No one seems to have noticed Britney lost a lot of weight since her failed VMA presentation, thanks to Adderall which took away her appetite (and her sleep, putting her in ON mode all the time, like a prescription coke).

  20. Matthew

    god when this ends? I don’t care they want britney’s money or take control of her life we should seen a has been a Mile-Away (in the late 90′s) so please PLEASE LET BRITNEY BE INGORED!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. what the hell would we do without this wretched family? we’d have to read books or something.

  22. INGORED? Would that be with a bull’s horn? AWESOME!!!!

  23. woodhorse

    How many times did Lynne drive Britney & Adnan to the Rite Aide? Or Starbucks? I vote Team Lutfi – he earned it.

  24. D. Richards (Moron.)

    You know that Binky fuck? Yeah, him, the asshole. Well. he’s always typing about how 9/11 was ‘planned’ by the United States to bore us to death; sure, we all know it’s utter nonsense.

    But, what if Binks had it right, just with a person being conspired against — the destruction of Britney Spears’s life is continually being planned by the government as a ruse to keep America turning their blindeyes opposite of the direction of the truth.

    Think about it: none of us can look away. We’re sitting, waiting around, holding our breath and wishing for more Britney meltdown while the government is passing legislation that bans everything except the production of alcohol, and the growing of tobacco. George Bush is sneaking in to congress to pass bills that limit ‘emurrika’s’ civil liberties while the democrats are on one of their extended vacations. He kneels beside his bed everynight and thanks god for ‘emurrika’s’ hapless complacency. Then he masturbates to the naked images of Ronald Reagan, and himself embraced in a sorrid coil.

    It makes so much sense!

  25. Son-of D. Richards

    Sordid coil*


  26. Son-of D. Richards

    Sordid coil*


  27. Son-of-Son-of D. Richards

    You only have to strike the ‘post’ button once, you worthless piece of animal dung.

  28. D. Richards (Ashamed.)

    #25? Terrible work, self. Way to go.

  29. To D Richards

    Remember in 1913 they snuck in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank while congress was on vacation. Herbert Hoover (tool of the bankers) said “I fear I havesigned away my country”.
    911 a setup to get all that oil (new record profits again all you capitalist pig stockholders Yay!!!!!) and mineral rights in in minerologically rich Afghanistan? NOway man, c’mon!
    Oh well it’s all over now we are fucked! (Us poor and lower middle income scum, not you cool well off good Globlists, so disregard the poverty speak!!!

  30. Auntie Kryst

    You can’t blame Mayor McCheese, he’s trying to keep prices down. It’s that thieving Hamburgler fucker that cuts into the profits. What’s a Mayor to do? I wonder what Lutfi (it is Lutfi now right?) would look like in prison stripes and a little mask over his eyes? Robble robble. Oh shit, Fish that’s good detective work!

  31. Worthless piece of Animal Dung

    Please do not confuse me with D. Richards. Even I have some feelings.

  32. woodhorse

    Lynne’s already stuck her thieving hands into the hoodie stash.

  33. MeepinSnarf

    May as well make a move for her money, considering she wouldnt probably be in this mess, if her hard ass stage Mom hadnt stuffed her up our asses, like she did Jamie Lynn. too fuckin bad this bitch cant be brought up on charges for neglect. Too bad the products she spat out of her Vag, turned out to be trainwrecks too. I cant wait till the day that all three of these assholes gets whats coming to them, a whole lot of being forgotten, and a handful of back to the trailer park.

  34. Chris



    There’s an apron and a hair net in the back. Now go make me a sammich.

  35. PunkA

    If Lynne wanted it old school doggie, I;d hit it. She is a foxy old MILF. So I hope she gets the funds and the 2 shit eaters get kicked to the curb.

  36. snarf

    I sure could go for some pizza right now.

  37. snarf

    Did you just say pizza? Man now you got me a riled up to go munch on some Italian pies!

  38. Verdana


    Man, all this talk about pizza sure is making my Tum-Tum pizza crazy!


  39. mongo


    Mongo like PIzza! Pizza make Mongo Happy!

  40. Johnny New York

    Hey! #37 and the rest of you chuckleheads!

    Cool it with the pizza capeche! You’re making me more hungry then a quido after a night of partying!

    Come on!!! Now I gots to go and order me some tasty pies! Mamma-mai!

  41. Ript1&0

    Ok… I’m gonna go with this line of thinking for a minute, since you mentioned it DR. Binky – Yes, ok I believe you, 9/11 was an inside job. Our own government planned it and fully executed it. So what do you propose to do??

    I’m just waiting for your answer to be something other than “hang out in a chat room and bitch about it”.

  42. clareargent

    I’m glad my mom is NOTHING like Britney’s. Wow. I’m gonna go make her a macaroni necklace or something.

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  44. Ript Darling

    Well the government could have prevented it. They could have prevented Pearl Harbor. They could have listened to the Germans who told us that the Lusitania was carrying munitions under all the lovely British Passengers.
    This is a sicker world than most people are aware of or (can’t blame ‘em) want to be made aware of.
    I am personally too depressed over the deteriorating conditions here too go into any details. I almost give up.
    Jeb Bush for President…for Life!!!!!!!!! Cheney for V.P. !!!!!!!…for Life!!!!

    Why not? Feudalism is back!!!

  45. rob

    19, if adderall puts you in “on” mode then you shouldn’t be getting adderall because you don’t have adhd. i have it, and adderall generally makes me calmer…unless i take like 8 of them that is. anyways, point of the story: this bitch was on wayyyyy more than adderall or shouldnt be taking it in the 1st place

  46. JoJo

    Time to take the trash out of the trailer park.

  47. boboani

    I admire her. She is awesome and a great example for young women today. I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” Searching Millionaire dot com”.. Many men winked at her there.

  48. Sam

    Brit’s mom is hot! I’d love to lick her gray pubes.

  49. crazy otto

    I just cant get enough of those wacky Spears girls

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