Britney Spears’ parenting skills are exactly what you’d think

Seen here yesterday in her braless, side boob splendor (Why did I use that word?), Britney Spears took her kids to a free swag event where they adorably swore like pirates, according to NY Daily News:

While the singer picked up goodies at a swag suite in L.A. last week, Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, shocked guests by repeatedly yelling, “Oh shit!”
“We were all surprised by their potty mouths, but it was actually pretty funny,” one onlooker acknowledged.
How did Britney respond to her sons’ antics?
Said the source: “She was too busy picking out freebies to chastise the boys for misbehaving.”

I’m actually impressed all they did was swear. I pictured the two of them fending off guests with butter knives before loading SpongeBob backpacks with turkey legs and cake like they practiced at home. “Mama finds veggies in them bags y’all gonna sleep in the garage again. Now, Jayden, you drive the getaway car while Sean stays behind and takes the rap.”