Britney Spears’ paparazzi anxiety to be addressed in court

Britney Spears failed to show up for her court deposition last week claiming to be ill. Her friend Sam Lufti told the press she was suffering from severe anxiety that day from all the paparazzi attention. Kevin Federline’s lawyer is already seeking to prevent Britney from increasing her visitation rights and has now scheduled a court hearing to determine the validity of Britney’s anxiety claims, according to Us Weekly:

“If the paparazzi are something that are causing anxiety, that is something I would assume that she deals with most of her life.
“So I am not sure why the paparazzi anxiety level happened to coincide with the fact that the court ordered her to appear to be cross examined.”

Britney was seen out at two a.m. the day she skipped her court hearing and seemed to be having no problem with the paparazzi which set the ball in motion for this latest hearing. Kevin’s lawyers need to understand Britney’s lists of priorities that she will overcome anxiety for:

1. Starbucks.
2. Gas station burritos.
3. Gas for her car.
4. Cigarettes – from a gas station.
5. Cigarette lighter – preferably with Chevron or Exxon logo.

Where do her kids rank? Ha! That’s cute you think they’re on here. But, seriously, not a chance. Unless they start shooting Super Unleaded out of their ears which I hear Britney’s getting estimates for, so I take that as a step in the right direction.