Britney Spears wears panties like a big girl (Kind of)

February 7th, 2008 // 123 Comments

After leaving the hospital yesterday, Britney Spears showed the paparazzi at the Beverly Hills Hotel that she’s no longer going commando and wears panties. How much those panties cover is up for debate. Feel free to scrutinize these pictures yourself. I, on the other hand, am going to pour steaming hot coffee into my eyes. Mostly because of the Brit-gina but also for the caffeine rush. Nothing like a hot cup of joe in your retina. That’s what my uncle alway says. Good ol’ Blind-as-Fuck.

NOTE: These pics are slightly NSFW. Unless you work in the field of gynecology then they’re unfortunately appropriate for your work day. My condolences.

Photos: Flynet

  1. aeuwave

    at least she learned something at the psych. ward. you go girl, keep reaching for those stars!

  2. Nics


  3. Higgy

    Those buttcheeks aren’t quite as shit-stained as I would have expected, for 10 laxatives a day. Who was her wiper? Sam? Adnan? Hat’s off to you, whoever you are. You are very brave.

  4. Pam

    She has even less tone there than when she’s singing.

  5. Ricard0

    Those boots. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Take a second and just try and imagine the smell inside those boots. Just imagine.

  6. I’d love to dive right in there and lick the seat after she leaves.

  7. Trover

    Good to see that her time in rehab didn’t affect her impeccable fashion sense.

    What a clown.

  8. Auf

    In fairness, the same exact pictures would require twice as many pixels if it were Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  9. Auntie Kryst

    You know that’s proably hospital issue underwear.

  10. Nancy

    Well at least she’s beautiful on the inside.

  11. zane

    If Adenoid can see that and still get hard, he deserves the money.

  12. mrs.t

    #11-kudos. Funniest comment of the day.

  13. Vas Deferens

    She must qweef herself everytime she moves. Her ass is fat, like a ziploc bag full of cottage cheese!

  14. Seer

    I’m pretty sure we’re looking at Matilda 15 years in the future. Except she’ll be in Australia, so they’ll think she’s hot and extremely fashionably dressed. Especially the hat.

  15. Dick Dicks

    Now you know that crotch smells like Freetos! Mmm-Hmm good!

    A couple of things:

    First) I’m glad to see Ficial using the word ‘fuck’. It’s about time.

    Secondly) Is it, or isn’t it, a vagina? I think that at one point there were genitals between Britney’s legs; now, I’m not so sure. And I think in order to technically be considered a vagina, somebody would actually have to want to touch it. No one would dare fathom ascending that peak. Too sulfuric.

  16. Confused

    How does she hold that little black sign there?

  17. ipanema_girl_is_schuyler


  18. How is it rocket surgery to get out of a vehicle and NOT show yer crotch? I do it all the time and I only posess an AAS degree in Accounting. Good hell!!

  19. Salesman Terry

    These photographs are so unfortunate. The sooner her father gets her in hand, the better.

  20. deaconjones

    Alright, WHO WAS SETTING OFF M-80′s AGAIN???

  21. Wendy

    #20 – I’m not sure that cumming in her hand will help matters. But she IS trying to cooperate – those are Daddy’s favorite panties.

  22. Andrea

    #9 – JLH knows better than to attempt to sit in a bucket seat at this point in her life.

  23. ipanema_girl_is_schuyler

    and how could fishster possibly mix up a vagina with buttcheeks?? how? HOW??? could it be … is it possible.. might the writer be actually a faG??
    c’mon. the real Fish should not approve such lame writing.

  24. I seen Britneys vagina on a website vaginamillionaires where it’s lonely and looking for a date.

  25. mrs.t

    I wonder if she’s keeping up with the British accent? That’s sure to piss off her parents…”Now Britney, we told you, QUIT. Speak English, girl-and don’t you roll yer eyes at ME! I’ll smack you halfway into next week.” Wow-my hillbilly translator is busted again. That’s jsut not funny at all, but guess what? I’m hitting ‘post’ anyway! The Fish writers do it all day long, so fuck it..

  26. Let’s not forget our anatomy lessons…that’s VULVA, not vagina!

  27. Mother Pritchard

    Obviously she didn’t do any isometric toning exercises while in the 4-point restraints. Really, there’s never a valid reason to not exercise.

  28. D. Richards (Mephistopheles.)

    #19?! Frist, you’re an accountant? That must be hell-on earth (no wonder you’re an alcoholic).

    ‘Drinking black coffee!’

  29. #28 now THAT’S funny..

  30. Ed

    “how could fishster possibly mix up a vagina with buttcheeks”

    We’re talking about Britney here, it’s an honest mistake. Even gay Sam Lutfi got hard the first time Britney flashed her vag at him, thinking he was looking at a guy’s asshole. Only a sniper can tell the difference (before putting a bullet in his own head).

  31. Steve from Shipping & Receiving

    What’s this about a pending recall, WTF? We got 30 pallets sitting on the cross-dock reading to roll. It’s just my two cents, but would it kill the bigwigs to ever ask the warehouse guys what we think? It’s going to FUBAR round here if we gotta be taking product back in with all this inventory sitting here. No more room at the Inn! I’d like to see some of you tie guys skip your golf games and help us find some room down here.

  32. Oh my

    Higgy – LMAO!!! too funny!!

  33. Ted from LA

    Do you want to know what bothers me the most about these photos and others like them? I dated a girl in high school for two years and saw less of her pussy than I have Brit-Brit’s. I even bought her a meal once. Angst.

  34. Where I grew up we call that a gunt.

  35. D. Richards

    #31. You’re right. Britney suffers from a disease called ‘colliduntitus’.

    Colliduntitus is where the afflicted woman’s vagina and anus fused together when the woman was a fetus in her mother’s womb; the resulting vagina is inside of the anus and the both are, essentially, one in the same orifice.

    In short, Britney shit’s to quief, and pisses to shit. It’s a horrible malady.

  36. feg

    wow. that didn’t take long for the ghoulish exploitation to resume. the media officially has no soul.

  37. Eric

    I don’t know…”gunt”? It’s more her butt than anything else. “Bunt”? That sounds about right – something that makes you take a half-hearted swing and then it just dribbles out a little.

  38. tina

    she looks happy again. i saw her profile on a site called, it’s a place to meet and mingle for sex-offender car mechanics.

  39. @27, I thoough it was flabby butt cheeks and not the vula..

  40. Sandy

    What the fuck is the “vula”???

  41. @41 Sandy, the vulva is the mound around your vagina. If you want, I can come over there and show you..

  42. woodhorse

    Britney 1, Psychiatric Meds 0. Commence round two.

  43. Tangen

    Those truly are “mud flaps”

  44. Sandy

    #42 I don’t want to see your vula.

  45. Onranio

    Goes to show she’s not bipolar. She was in long enough to let the ol’ chemical straightjacket do its magic if she was in a manic episode. Nothing responds faster to drugs than mania. As opposed to the stuff that’s pretty much impervious to treatment…like, say, I don’t know…Borderline.

  46. @45, I don’t have one dumb shit.

  47. ashley

    i love britney!! and this website is funny again? is there a new writer or did it go back to the old writer??

  48. ashley

    i love britney!! and this website is funny again! is there a new writer or did it go back to the old writer??

  49. #29 I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk.

    And I’m not an accountant, I just have the degree. I work at a busy law firm. THAT is why I drink..

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