Britney Spears’ pal Sam Lufti is a winner

December 5th, 2007 // 53 Comments

Britney Spears is never seen without Sam Lufti by her side. He’s almost like one of her children. You know, if she had the maternal instincts to care for one. Anyway, friends of Britney have been concerned about Sam’s influence over her because he seems sort of shady. Well, not only is he a hustler, Sam has been known to use aliases such as Osama N. Lutti and Osamah N. Lutfi. He also has two restraining orders against him. Us Weekly reports:

On his 2005 restraining order:
Jumana Issa, a business acquaintance, claims Lutfi “harassed me repeatedly with obscene e-mails, offensive faxes, telephone voice mails (around 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.), out-of-control behavior and outrageous telephone hang-ups (around 15 to 30 a day).” In one fax, Lutfi scolded: “Peel yourself away from all the candy … and overhangin [sic] belly … and answer my e-mails.”

On his 2004 restraining order:
His former neighbor, Douglas Snoland, filed a similar complaint in 2004, alleging that Lutfi tried to kick down his front door when he suspected Snoland of having his car towed. Snoland also accused Lutfi of wanting to kill his 73-year-old disabled mother. In the complaint, Snoland accused Lutfi of saying: “I will beat your ass … Your mother is a f—–g old hag. You are a f—-t. You will regret the day you ever met me.”

On his alleged career as a producer:
He is listed as a producer of the 1998 B-movie Bug Buster on The movie’s actual producer and director, Lorenzo Doumani, says Lutfi was his $350-a-week assistant. “He was a hustler type, a fast-talking kid,” recalls Doumani.

And all this time I thought Britney’s rampant spending and alcohol abuse would lead to her financial ruin and potential death. Turns out her choice in friends will be the culprit. Wow, what a unique yet totally predictable twist. They should make a Lifetime movie out of this, so when my wife tries to make me watch it, I have legal grounds for divorce.


  1. First beaatch!! YEAH!!

  2. OK, I just came for being first. Should I be worried?

  3. sss

    budaily had it firrst.

  4. BTW, this lufti fellow seems perfect for britney. Too bad she could leave this world soon and leave us without these funny-as-hell news. And I say funny-as-hell as in really hell. It’s getting kinda hot in herrrr

  5. This guy has great lines.

  6. veggi

    doesn’t he also go by McLovin? That would explain the admiration..

  7. The bosses of all female commenters here

    Peel yourself away from all the candy … and overhangin belly … and sittin on Superficial all day … and answer my e-mails.

  8. Big

    I know this guy and I swear this bastard has owed me $40 for two years now. Anyone got his number?

  9. LayDeeBug

    So that’s the guy I dreamed about…..Hmmmm. I didn’t know I was clairvoyand, but I’ve always suspected.

  10. LayDeeBug

    6- Chicka-chicka yeahhhhhh!

  11. PunkA

    Who is this? Why do I care? Is this the best Fish can do? Seriously, this site is slipping. How much money did this guy pay you to put something about him on the site? LAME

  12. veggi

    10- I bet he has a man camel toe…. like a camel tail..

  13. LayDeeBug

    12 – OK vegie, I’m trying but, I just don’t get it.

    If it’s a line from the end of that movie, I understand because I fell asleep during th part when Evan was getting busy with Becca.

    OMG am I 16 years old…..?

  14. veggi

    yeah- it’s at the end when seth is trying on too tight of pants and evan is telling him he looks terrible….. YOU FELL ASLEEP!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

    I watched it 3 times over the past 2 days…… so, I’ll be 16 with you!!.. and shut up all you haterzzzzzzz….. haha, couldn’t help it…. haterade…. hahahaha!!..

  15. Ken

    This writer isn’t funny. I don’t like him, so you should fire him immediately.

    Then let’s keep focus on the funny instead of social commentary.

    Thank you.

  16. Ted from LA

    Bug Buster is my ALL-TIME favorite movie. Casablanca is my second favorite movie.

  17. Uncle Eccoli

    What alias? Isn’t his name actually “Osama?” O-Sam-a?

    He’s still sleaze, though, I’d say.

  18. big Man dan

    he looks like michael imperioli

  19. woodhorse

    No wonder Britney hangs with him. “You will regret..” lol – he used future tense. Is he going to beat the ass of everyone with an old hag mother? That’s job security. I can’t decide if I like him or Pete Doherty better.

  20. veggi

    Ted! Sure, Bug Buster was phenomenal…. but it’s no Crossroads..

    I just slapped myself… twice..

  21. I think this guy need to remove his two eye balls while I’m drilling his teeth.

  22. woodhorse

    Is Lufti a Wop name?

  23. cowcat

    And to think…this whole time I thought Sam Lufti was a chick…

  24. LayDeeBug

    22 – looks Egyptian. Tunisian if you google it. (Is tunisia in north africa? And I’m a Geography major, HA!)

  25. LayDeeBug

    I was right….DAMN I am SO a Geography major “shwing!”

  26. Hey Veggi, You should start typing like krazyhotkelli..

    I wonder what ever happened to that piece of work?

    I don’t think I have ever watched the same movie 3 times in a row except for porn. What is really fun to do is watch it backwards. You can do that with the old VHS tapes..

  27. What the crap!!! In the other post, superfish said he had a girlfriend. Now he has a wife. Something fishy’s goin on here……….

    I don’t care. It’s gin and juice I mean lunch time.

  28. woodhorse

    @25 you’re awesome! So, Egyptians/Tunisians hate being subpoenaed?(sp?)

  29. Texas Tranny

    Hey Jimbo,
    We used to do that with the 8mm SwedishErotica films. It’s fun to watch the “money-shot” backwards. The jiz all jumping back into the head.

  30. Texas Tranny

    #12 and 13,
    If you “tuck” just right, a tranny can have the camel-toe look.

  31. veggi

    Well, Jimbo and TT, that’s the way Brit does it..

    I don’t even know what that means, but eww..

  32. Narcissist

    I had wondered who the fat turd with the bacteria caked under his mouth in so many of Britneys pictures was. Just a two bit criminal, huh? I figured he mowed her grass or something.

  33. RichPort

    Yea ladies… imagine that breathing heavily on top on you, dripping salty sweat all over your face, halitosis breathlessly whispering “why isn;t your pussy wet?” Now imagine shaving him down and gathering up enough fur to line a parka.

  34. Eww to who?? I don’t want a camel toe.. I am just talking about watching porn backwards. You know what else is fun? Getting really stoned, turn on the radio and turn on cartoons, but turn the volume off on the TV. It works. It is like you own little animated MTV video.

  35. BaconMessiah

    I prefered bug Buster 2, you know the one with JLo in it.

  36. Spanky

    Where I come from this guy would get beat down within a minute just for that facial hair alone.

    Why not just wear a shirt that says “douche” instead?

  37. wilma

    isn’t this guy lutfi an arab or some shit? freaking jihad against america via britney spears. jesus h already.

  38. BBW is a con for fatties to feel better about being a fatty.

    Hehe he sounds REALLY funny, if those faxes he sent that are reported are accurate.

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  40. Jerry Priddy

    He’s her body guard …. He’s a kick-ass body guard who happens to run afoul of the law here and there protecting his clients…. hey – it happens to us all

  41. mabbo

    So are we supposed to be outraged or shocked? Bitches please. I’d be outraged or shocked if US Weekly reported that Britney took a shower and took out her extensions. Or if it was said that Sam Lufti had a PhD in English Literature and he had tenure at Yale University and palled around with Harold Bloom and Britney Spears. THEN i’d be shocked. Britney hanging around with shady criminals? Not so much.

  42. Maria

    This guy’s cool. His name, Sam, is short for Osama (full name). It’s not an alias.

  43. Exyank

    It’s a fact of Hollywood: Train wrecks with money attract bad train drivers. Zha Zha Gabor has her “prince”, Anna Nicole had Howard K. Stern, Cher had Sonny, the list goes on and on…

  44. selina

    i am sorry to hear this.

  45. shelly78945

    why Britney stay with he, someone said that he is a member on a service site, does Britney have not heard it?

  46. this is a life of celebrity look here reale life

  47. Carol Weymiller

    These two should get married.

  48. Ms.Brookey

    Where do I begin? I’ll keep it short and sweet. FUCKING TRAGIC! What an upgrade Brit from Fed-EX! do you remeber when we used to call him Fed-Ex? How degrading……..I love it!

  49. Ms.Brookey

    Where do I begin? I’ll keep it short and sweet. FUCKING TRAGIC! What an upgrade Brit from Fed-EX! do you remeber when we used to call him Fed-Ex? How degrading……..I love it!

  50. Ms.Brookey

    Where do I begin? I’ll keep it short and sweet. FUCKING TRAGIC! What an upgrade Brit from Fed-EX! do you remeber when we used to call him Fed-Ex? How degrading……..I love it!

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