Britney Spears now a Hindu

*britney_spears_thumb5.jpgBritney Spears has been going through a lot of changes lately. Each time I click on a new picture of her, I don’t know, It’s like a child opening a Christmas present expecting to find a new toy train and instead finding naked pictures of Santa Claus. And along with her recent physical transformation, Britney has undergone a transformation of spirit. Raised as a Baptist, and having famously studied Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism, Britney is now apparently dabbling in Hinduism. She was recently spotted at a Hindu temple in Malibu, where she reportedly was getting a blessing for her baby son, Sean Preston.

It’s obvious that Britney is looking for answers. Unfortunately they can’t be found at the bottom of a bag of potato chips. The thing is, she barely has a grasp on things like hair-brushing and showering; if I asked her about the difference between Jesus and Buddha, she’d probably answer “spaghetti,” and then give a knowing smile. And then I’d tell her to stop talking to the toaster.