Britney Spears not the craziest person on stage

May 3rd, 2009 // 36 Comments

Britney Spears got hit in the face with crazy last night while performing in Connecticut, but this time it wasn’t a self-inflicted wound. A drunken man jumped on stage and attempted to dance with Britney despite the fact she’s dressed as, oh I dunno, a cop. Fun Fact: Police officers do not want to dance with you when you’re drunk. Nor do their horses even though I swear to God it was hitting on me.


  1. sabi

    HAHAHAH I freaking love this site!!!

  2. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Britney’s fat sweaty schizo ass

  3. They should get a whole crowd to jump on the stage.

  4. Racer X

    I glad that guy didn’t mess up her lip-syncing.


  5. Anon

    did they turn down the lip syncing machine when it happened in case she stopped “singing”?

  6. aa

    I would beat her up like this:

  7. Darth

    The guy probably wanted to pull the cord.

  8. SOS

    I can’t figure out when they walked on… the dancing is so bad it looks like there’s just mass chaos anyway

  9. Shawn

    @8, I thought the same thing and had to watch it again. The guy climbs onto the stage from the upper left at about 0:10 and gets escorted off in the same direction.

  10. tuga

    You’d have to be drunk to go see that.

    Seriously, that’s her show? What a piece of crap that was.

  11. vito

    Hey #2…works for me!

  12. wow, her show looks fucking awful.

  13. SOS

    Thanks Shawn!
    That’s so funny at first I thought that was it but they were so out there I thought it was part of the show! Then they were kind of walking a bit, the dancers, later on… haha

  14. Christina

    Wow. Could her dancing possibly be any more lethargic? I just don’t get why anyone would willingly pay money to watch her dance like that while lip-synching to her horrible songs. She’s just awful…

  15. Looks like Chris Cocketed to me….

  16. Poor Brit, she’s crazy and has lousy security personnel – thats a bad combination.

  17. It’s true, they don’t want to dance with you when you’re drunk.

    But they do want to make sweet, sweet love.

  18. Anexio

    This is pretty funny…

    My sister was at this concert and videoed the whole thing. Here’s her video made with the Flip Mino I bought her.

    What a hoot!

  19. Dooley

    What might have been awesome talent and potential in a 16 yr old gets to looking pretty ridiculous 10 yrs later. I say she peaked at 16-17 yrs and it’s been downhill since then. Sort of the way I feel about Madonna – I mean how ludicrous is her stage act now?

  20. Danklin24

    Grown men go to watch Britney Spears? Seriously?

  21. libby

    awww, it’s cute how her dancers all jumped to protect her. that’s nice.

  22. xanadujulie

    I’m personally really impressed by the dancer who rushes the douche bag off stage and then snaps right back into place and starts dancing like nothing ever happened! Ha!

  23. DJ

    People paid to see that!!!!! I thought we were in a recession…

  24. I can’t figure out what is worse: The fact the show consists of random shuffling of a handful of people, or that the dancers had to escort the kookoo away.

    Terrible show…

  25. Britney is a draw and who wouldn’t want to jump on the stage while she is performing.

  26. what

    That show looks HORRIBLE! What kind of brain dead idiot would part with thier money to watch that lip syncing WHORE??? If that clip get’s around, people will never pay to see that crap. Looks like a high school musical on crack!

  27. I can’t figure out what is worse: The fact the show consists of random shuffling of a handful of people, or that the dancers had to escort the kookoo away.

    Terrible show…

  28. Shawn

    Dooley @19, she was never an “awesome talent.” She was a nice-looking kid with a so-so voice who had great handlers. That was actually part of her appeal: every 10- to 16-year-old girl in America lived vicariously through her because they knew with only the right breaks, they could be in her shoes.

  29. #24 & #27
    Are telling you us that you can’t figure out what is worse: The fact the show consists of random shuffling of a handful of people, or that the dancers had to escort the kookoo away and you think the show is terrible?
    I’m just not sure if i’ve quite got the gist of it – repetition works best in three’s after all.

  30. notfunny

    the real crime is that people play basically to just look at britney on a stage while the playback audio plays… THIS is why our society is in a downfall, not because of homosexuals, killers, rapists, because pop stars can flourish and be successful for nothing, gives people unreal expectations. The fact that we kill each other will never end, but this pop star nonsense is a 20th century creation.

  31. Danklin24

    Ummm aren’t there supposed to be umm, i dunno, security at these concerts? I guess thats what you get when you spend millions of dollars on ridiculous sets and costumes because your music sucks so you have to make a public spectacle of yourself, you cant afford decent security so things like this happen.

    Note to Britney: Spend a little less on the crotchless body stockings and nipple tassels and more on security. I mean you might as well just do concerts naked from here on out.

  32. Turd Ferguson

    For the life of me, I just can’t figure out why morons pay to watch this crap in the first place.
    Pay to watch some twat lip sync and change clothes every 10 minutes. That makes sense!

  33. w wanka

    totally crap .com

  34. The dumbass is from Orlando apparently…,0,557582.story

    and he’s 20…so that should make the fact that he was drunk a little more interesting.

  35. Bella

    here is a better version of the video…

    look at how badly she jumps!!!! poor brit :(

  36. Bosman

    I cant see that she actually gets hit in the face either.

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