Britney Spears not completely senseless

Britney Spears allegedly flipped out after finding out Kevin Federline wanted to get their four-month old son’s ears pierced, and sent a group of bodyguards to stop him from reaching the beauty salon where he wanted to do it. A source told The Star:

“Brit was like a woman possessed when she heard Kevin had run off with their pride and joy. So she jumped in her car with her minder and sent three more security guards to take a different route to the parlour to ensure they didn’t miss Kevin. Britney reminded Kevin that Sean hasn’t even had his tetanus jab yet, so it was too early for his ears to be done. And she complained that apart from looking like white trailer trash, Sean would be taken for a girl if he wore earrings.”

If Kevin Federline is trying to convince us that he’s a stupid douchebag, I’d say mission accomplished. I suspect that this is part of some weird marketing ploy for his singing career though. There was probably some meeting where the heads of the studio were like, “You know what would sell records? A stupid douchebag. Let’s see if we can’t make Kevin Federline the stupidest douchebag in the world. Genius. We’re geniuses!”