Britney Spears’ nipples can’t be caged

April 29th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears at her lawyer’s office yesterday wearing either a bra or one tank top on top of another, I don’t know women’s clothes. But I do know nipples and that’s definitely one trying to break free of its restraints. At this point, I’m almost positive if Britney ripped her shirt off, those things would jab directly into the sun forever blanketing the Earth in darkness.

Or have chicken wings kabobbed on the tips. I go back and forth.

Photos: Fame

  1. Nero

    Her handbag is big but i’ve seen in airplanes people with by far bigger hand luggage.

  2. Rhialto

    That handbag is almost as giant as her nipples.

  3. bimbamboing

    Is it in there where she’s hiding her bra?

  4. Britney is a joke

    This freak has no idea of the laughing stock that she is. I wish she would just disappear. No other adult needs a babysitter 24/7/365 UNLESS they are retarded. ‘Nuff said.

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  6. me again

    ugh. she looks rough and ugly.

  7. me again

    #30 money isn’t everything. She is a disgraceful pussy flasher. Enough said

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  9. Starmaker

    Getting her from Pepsi to Coca-cola,that’s called reinvention folks.

  10. Nero

    This good and obedient looking girl did finally muzzle her nipples.

  11. Darth

    It took probably the help of a few bodyguards and her dad to get the muzzles placed over her reluctant nipples.

  12. parissucksliterally

    I will never be able to see Britney as sexy again. She ruined it for me. I have seen too much over the past 4 years. ugh.

  13. The REAL issue here is not the nipples, but the choker. WTF? Is it 1998? God awful and ugly.

  14. very nice share

  15. m65

    still think she looks good

  16. haha funny article

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