Britney Spears’ nipples are ring ting tingling

December 23rd, 2007 // 121 Comments

Before having promiscuous sex with a photographer, Britney Spears walked around Saturday in a ridiculously see-through shirt, and, oh, holy night, no bra! It’s a Christmas miracle. Kind of. I think. All I know is my penis is glowing bright red like Rudolph’s nose and I dunno if that’s good or bad. Hey, here comes Santa Claus. You want my dong to guide your sleigh tonight? Sure. Why not? Let’s save Christmas, jolly man. But wait. *holds a candy cane to his ear* Baby Jesus is on the phone. He says we should get lap dances first. Your treat.

Happy Holidays everybody, see you guys Wednesday.

All the pics are NSFW. (Hint: It’s because of the nipples.)

Photos:, Splash News

  1. z0mg


  2. z0mg




  3. Mary

    this is discgusting & so are the comments of the author

  4. she lost weight!

  5. #2 then why the hell you are here.

  6. suziq

    YOu should be kissing Britney’s butt fishman loser!

    What would you write about on this pathetic website without her?

  7. milky breast ummmmmm

  8. mmm nippels! Hell reading about what britney does keeps me entertained. Now paris i hate and she got boring fast


    Not so cute with those streach marks on them now !!

  10. SSJPabs

    Wow with her face partially covered up and the angle and poor lighting, she almost looks not-hideous.

  11. Ally

    Poor Britt, in that picture where she is covering her mouth, she looks like a dunk homeless… look at her nails! wuackkk.. Merry Christmas!

  12. Gerald Tarrant

    Here I was hoping for *vomit* a celebretard to do *vomit* something stupid for Christmas and look at this, Britney can *vomit* always be counted on. I’m only a Paris *vomit* Hilton story away from getting all my *vomit* Christmas wishes. I really need to *vomit* stop looking at those BritBrit pictures.

  13. ya_rly

    jingre arr the way!

  14. mabbo

    #2: I always see my friends and family at any time of the year, so fuck you and fuck Jesus!!! Now, on to Brit Brit. She appears to have lost weight, or at least her legs look skinnier in those jeans, but the hair, oh the hair, needs some serious attention from a professional! Happy Kwanzaa assholes :D

  15. ixxy

    Remember back in the day when we actually wanted to see her boobs?

  16. ch474

    If she only had a rack worth caring about, I might give a rats ass. Now show me pictures of (insert name of busty startlet here … let’s just say Kim Kardashian to start) walking around a well air conditioned gas station with no bra and the flimsiest of t-shirts. Then and only then will you have my full and undivided attention.

    Hasn’t her clock hit 15 yet? Just put the porn tape out and get the “career” overwith already.

  17. Ript1&0

    YAY!!! I love ya Fish!! Happy Holidays!!! <3<3<3

    Take a break will ya? The nipples will still be here on Wednesday, I promise. ;)

  18. Bunnie

    She seems to have lost weight. Hurrah for her! Now if she could just learn to be human, and care for her children, and buy a bra, then everything would be ok again. *sigh*

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  19. she’s looking really hot lately

  20. VIPER

    Merry Christmas to the readers, and the author of the site, or Happy Holidays if you celebrate other things at this time of year. Have a good one guys!

  21. Jennie

    This woman can’t buy a break, can she? As for “FIRST!”, (numbers one and two), why do you or people like you even come to these sites if you’re so disgusted by what you see and (presumably) read here? Also, at the very least, use Spellcheck.

    Merry Christmas.

  22. Gabriel

    Damn whatever anyone says this biatch is imminently doable.

  23. Seeing Brit’s breasts and other private parts is what most of us love to see and read about. She’s a trend setter and deserves our attention.

  24. Racer X

    Looks like a porn star.

    Happy Festivus!

  25. ZaZ

    You’d latch onto those things like a babe to mommy’s teat and you’d dig it the “hole” time. Just admit it.

  26. melissa

    This is one of those rare cases where you actually wish her shit WASN’T on display… it’s pitiful how completely dumb, ignorant, and redneck she really has become. It’s even more sad that she’s raking in more cash than any of us will see in a lifetime because stupid asses like us thrive on hearing about her making a complete ass out of herself….lol Merry Christmas, ya bastads!

  27. melissa

    And about the weightloss – lest we not forget that she just had something like $100,000 worth of work done to her flabby, out-of-shape skin suit. So yeah, dont think she dieted…. that’s beyond her capacity.

  28. melissa

    One last thing, and I’ll shut up about it…. Why is her forehead so God damn HUGE????? Did she always have a helicopter landing pad on her fucking face?

  29. Gabriel

    Damn. I sense some jealousy. What, just because your genetics are in no way a match for what 10 grand can pay for doesn’t mean you need to be all hatin’ an’ shit.

  30. Gabriel

    Whoops, I meant a hundred grand. Or would you need a million? How about a mercy fuck?

  31. amma

    …Uhm…shouldn’t her uh…”breasts” be pointing up? Or straight ahead…ooooorrrr like even in the same direction?!

  32. Jamie's Uterus

    Have we actually seen her tits? I mean, we’ve seen her worn out twat a few times, but the boobs? I’m not sure. She should just lift her shirt and be done with it.

  33. Chris

    NSFW cos of a nipple? You Americans are so uptight!

  34. aja


  35. me

    why is she carrying a camera in one of the photos?? she looks like shes one of the paps. also, its kinda weird seeing a girl papparazzi…. even creepier!!!

  36. Nice pic!

    Did they get this from All Access Photo Agency? Has anyone used these? This company gives these celeb photos away for free to media and bloggers, full high-res downloads, they don’t even have account logins or sign ups. I think the web address is

  37. Nice pic!

    Did they get this from All Access Photo Agency? Has anyone used these? This company gives these celeb photos away for free to media and bloggers, full high-res downloads, they don’t even have account logins or sign ups. I think the web address is

  38. Nice pic!

    Did they get this from All Access Photo Agency? Has anyone used these? This company gives these celeb photos away for free to media and bloggers, full high-res downloads, they don’t even have account logins or sign ups. I think the web address is

  39. lets build a fire, and sing some songs

    Merry Winter Solstice y’all !!!!
    I hope you spend it sucking on some woman’s teat

  40. Nat from Aussie

    Um Brit.. It’s really bad to not wear a bra.. It entails saggage honey girl..

    Merry Christmas to everyone out there.. God Bless or just Bless you if you don’t have a God..

  41. My name is Apotheosis here but my real name is Brandon Whitaker. I live in Desoto Kansas and I work for Kansas City power and light where I post all day long from work. I hate my wife Michelle. I have a teen daughter and a young son but I like posting online here more than anything else in the whole wide world. For christmas I want to fuck every woman on the forum. Wait -I try to do that daily instead of spending time with my wife and kids. Ok then for christmas I want a life off of the internets with real friends and real women that I can fuck over and cheat on my wife with because although I pretend to be a happily married chap I never get sex and am a pot sex addicted lonely piece of white trash! Happy birthday to me today!

  42. Well…Thanks for that Brandon…

  43. Someone buy this girl shame and dignity for christmas, as she clearly has neither!

  44. Igottabemeeee

    Looks like Brandon Whitaker’s wifey has figured out what he’s doing on his off-time. Sorry Mrs. Whitaker. He’s a big loser and you’re better off without him. Your kids aren’t, but then I guess he didn’t care about them anyway.

  45. L.Linus

    First, Brandon get help. Secondly, her fingernails just look nasty and dirty. That bugs me. I just wonder if she washes after she uses the restroom!!

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  47. selina


  48. selina


  49. engel

    She is so charming. Do you know so many men are crazy to her and often share her videos at

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