UPDATE: Britney Spears’ new song “Fed Up”

I can’t confirm if this is real, but this is allegedly one of Britney Spears’ new songs called “Fed Up” from her upcoming album. I’m hoping that’s just a working title, and when her album finally comes out she’ll have the guts (and the brains) to title it “K-Fed Up.” Get it? K-Fed? Because she used to be married to some guy called Jason Alexander. So clever!

Thanks to Amanda for the tip, who’s so hot she’s illegal in four states.

NOTE: That’s obviously not a real music video, just a montage of images set to the new song. Although they probably could’ve pulled off a convincing fake if they just played some footage of a walrus rolling around on the beach.

UPDATE: A rep for Britney Spears from Jive Records has confirmed this is a fake, saying: “That is not her vocal, that is not a song on her forthcoming album.” Thanks to Rezzy for the tip.