Britney Spears’ new Candie’s ads looks about right

July 7th, 2009 // 38 Comments

These are the latest stills in Britney Spears’ ad campaign with Candie’s, and hats off to them for using a candid shot of Britney after someone accidentally told her there’s a Wendy’s down the street. Anyone know the trade-in value on a Candie’s Jeep? In Frosties?

NOTE: Anyone else notice she’s missing a belly button in the first pic? It took me a second, too, once I got over the lack of love handles. Ha! Good one, Candie’s.

Photos: Candie’s

  1. Douglas

    This really makes it more and more obvious how much bullshit is in advertising and PR. We all know she’s going off the deep end again.

  2. the infamous danielle

    why stop there?? why not photoshop a penis the broad? sales would skyrocket!!

  3. Deacon Jones

    The graphic design artist who airbrushed these should get a Nobel Prize.

  4. Willie Dixon

    Old. Saw this on dlisted a day or two ago.

  5. Carrie

    Leave that girl ALONE she looks FANFREAKINTASTIC….. you ought to be ashamed she isnt over weight at all….you jealous?

  6. Anon

    First no panties and now the wonky eye.
    She really does want to be Paris Hilton

  7. Anon

    no-one said she was overweight

  8. Val

    Fish, where the fuck do you think a bellybutton is located? Her shirt is covering it up, you loser.

  9. dk

    Airbrushing fucking hall of fame right there! I would almost fuck the pig in those shots, almost!

  10. Hulk

    She looks like Brooke Hogan in the last pic. And that ain’t good.

  11. ZJ

    What is a Candies?

  12. Galtacticus

    Hello! Looking good,great pics!

  13. She doesn’t look that bad…but damn Holy Photoshopping Batman! She barely looks like Britney Spears!

  14. Rhialto

    She has arisen from the lila ashes!

  15. gotmilk?

    they photoshopped about 6 inches off her forehead in the last picture.

  16. sam

    Her face looks frozen and her eyes look dead. She is only 27 and looks like she has been botoxed to oblivion. This is not good.

    People in ads should look great, but they should still look, well, human.

  17. adarcy

    lol lol lol nobody has a belly button that low…
    also it looks like her nose has been photoshopped or she got a nose job.

  18. adarcy

    lol lol lol nobody has a belly button that low…
    also it looks like her nose has been photoshopped or she got a nose job.

  19. Viv

    well, at least there’s less airbrushing than that Madonna add….yeah yeah Madonna is like 100 years old. Britney’s ok, she’s working, she looks better

  20. That is not a jeep!

  21. Megan

    That hair is unfortunate.

  22. Beastman AIDS

    I would expect her naval to be under the hem of her shirt. She’s wearing hipster pants so naturally there’s going to be a larger gap between the top of her pants and belly button.


  24. That is horrible Photoshop work. With good Photoshop work you should not be able to notice it. How much was wrong with her, that they had do so much work, that the only way to make her look attractive was to make her into a mannequin.

    That last photo and first photo look like two separate people.

  25. frank lloyd wright

    photoshop anyone?

  26. Truth Doctor

    She has a vag on the back of her jeep

  27. Tom K

    They made her look good with all that photoshopping and airbrushing.

  28. mixedsugar

    white chicks always age fast. azians chicks r way better.

  29. Red, White and Bruised

    Hi mom.

    Looks like a goddamn 35-year old suburban housewife.

    Nice job, Shitney.

  30. Ananana

    Oh hai Brooke Hogan on the last pic!

  31. tam

    Shes got the biggest neck I’ve ever seen on a female.

  32. RedFantaGirl

    @11, no words, no words.

  33. captain america

    be confident folks, THE MENTAL CASE CONTINUES TO BE A MESS!!

  34. yawn

    Dead eyes & forced smiles. Think shes on the Tranqs

  35. Max Planck

    Now who is this? She looks somewhat familiar.

  36. Cierra

    That last picture doesn’t even look like her, what with all the airbrushing.

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  38. Her face looks frozen and her eyes look dead. She’s only 27 and that she was botoxed to oblivion is. This is not good.

    People should look great in ads, but they still look, well should humans.

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