Britney Spears shows off her panties/butt crack

June 30th, 2008 // 165 Comments

I wasn’t going to post these to save you from, well, having to look at them, but here’s Britney Spears showing off her panties in Los Angeles over the weekend. Maybe ‘showing off’ isn’t the right choice of words here, since the photographers basically have their hands up her skirt. I’m not sure why any reasonable human being would attempt to zoom in on Britney Spears’ butthole like that, but this is the paparazzi we’re talking about. I guess we should just be thankful they stopped there. Also, what the hell is going on with the texture of Britney Spears’ private area? It looks like somebody decided to replace her vagina with a dirty old man’s armpit.

NOTE: Pics might be NSFW, depending on how you classify the horrible-looking area around Britney Spears’ taint.


  1. Chi-Town

    Damn, i didnt think that bitch wore panties.

  2. bleh

    Men are offended to see hair on women because then they don’t look like twelve year-old girls any more. Those are the only “women” they can handle mentally as they are all 12 yrs old in their mind, so they stay fixated at this point the rest of their lives.

    Compartmentalized thinking is a hazardous road people.

  3. ccad

    She looking more like judy garland every second. Ewww, her butt needs a good shaving. Hey at least she is wearing underwear and not doing something crazy

  4. Shante

    Britney needs to wax her asshole! I love this bitch but thats ridiculous!!!

  5. Richard Roe

    For all you clammering that she should seek some sort of legal redress, forget it. Most of these paps are what’s known in the legal profession as “judgement proof”. Many of them are not US citizens, and the ones that are have no real or tangable assets. Thus making enforcment of any legal judgment rather difficult. What Britney ought to do is pony-up a few extra bucks and get one of her ex special-ops/Mosad/FSB body guards to have a “few quite words” with some of the more obnoxius shutter-bugs (like the one here “moon”lighting as a proctologest). I’m sure after word of a few of them spending some time in the ICU gets around they’ll start to leave her alone. That is IF she really wants left alone. Just something to think about.

  6. I thought we were done with this stuff by now…..

  7. Harry Ballzack

    Weak fish – These pics are weak & lame …. I hope nobody paid out a lot of ca$h for them

  8. crackiswack

    Don’t do crack. Unless it’s shaven first.

  9. Brutor

    Given her history, seeing her underwear is “nsfw” just how again?!?!?

    I call shenanigans!

    As for the paps jamming cameras up their crotch, curious that it’s illegal when it’s some perv with a camera on his foot, but not for them.

    Furthermore, realize the paps shout at them to get them to look over, but worse, scream, swear, and deliberately provoke them in hopes of a million dollar picture of the star out of control.

  10. chang

    How can you scumbags tell her to “MAKE SURE YOU SHAVE YOUR BUTT HONEY!”

    …why? just IN CASE someone tries to shove a camera up her ass AGAIN and you want to look at it? hmmm….nope, fuck you guys

  11. Tech help

    @ # 97 cj:

    1.) Click start.
    2.) Right click control panel
    3.) Click on open
    4.) Click Add or Remove Program
    5.) Click on Add or Remove Windows components
    6.) Remove Windows IE

    Now you will be able to see pics without the Windows Internet Star Exclusion Utility, which prevents people from seeing underneath stars.

    I hope that helps.

  12. I really, really, really wish I didn’t let curiousity get the best of me there.

  13. not her fault, how do you not get a panty shot when your camera is up her skirt? her skin, on the other hand…her chest looks like that of a 45 year old woman! get some sunscreen and proactiv, honey.

  14. ughpaps

    These pervs need to leave her the hell alone. Seriously…they need to get locked up and ass raped.

  15. ughpaps

    These pervs need to leave her the hell alone. Seriously…they need to get locked up and ass raped.

  16. ughpaps

    These pervs need to leave her the hell alone. Seriously…they need to get locked up and ass raped.

  17. Brian O'Sullivan

    I am Brittany’s biggest fan.

  18. Brian O'Sullivan

    I am Brittany’s biggest fan.

  19. jyzer

    the girl is on her way to fix her life…

    how cud you prosecute her as if she has no right to fix herself.

    you think f you still do, wat if your her.. you can’t say that i will do this, or that

    or what ever coz simply you are not her!..

    every move she made directly criticized by you, dumb!

    anyone deserves a chance…

    i am not that big fan of her but i can feel wat shes going through..

    she’s also human, who made istakes and recover!

    how cud u say wat you want to say even it gets worst to the point

    you never mind f you’ve hurt her or even to anybody….

  20. amber

    Is it even legal to take a picture UP someones dress like that?

  21. nicole

    i’m sure all of our assholes look like that

    It’s unfortunate that asshole paparazzi are literally up her ass, but at least it humanizes her.

    thanks for being like us, brittany. :)

  22. Jessica

    Undies, good for her! I wasn’t expecting the hair though….now I don’t feel so bad about my own. Hey, we’re not all bald bunnies – get over it.

  23. thats nasty, no one wants to see her ugly crack

  24. Dave C

    @wahwah – Step off, idiot. If you can’t tell the difference between a normal shot of a celebrity and one taken with the camera shoved up their ass, then you shouldn’t be allowed near a computer, let alone on the internet.

  25. Sunday

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club RICHLOVING.COM for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  26. Silo

    That’s not hair, it’s her bunghole coloration. What she needs is a professional anal bleaching!

  27. Jackie

    Congrats to Britney for not punching that guy in the throat.

  28. She’s up to panties. Now she just needs bigger ones.

  29. eatithole

    Is it weird that I want to suck her sweaty butthole until it puckers like a chocolate clit and then floss with the hairs from her asshole?

  30. toogoodforthis

    my GAWD..what is this?!! Whoever goes out of their way to snap shots of her ass, is seriously from loserville, does it look like she asked to have photogs literally get down of their hands and knees JUST to take a picture of her ASSets!? WTF is that?!! AND then for YOU to post these pictures….you’re sick, not Britney.

  31. crystal

    OMG…So hot ! Just two days ago I saw her another naked picture on* interracial*, so alluring!!

  32. EMO

    Still HANDS DOWN the single most FOXIEST woman ever born!! Not Megan Fox!! Not Scarlett Johansson!! Not Jessica Biel!! Not Jessica Alba!! Not even Angelina Jolie!! BRITNEY SPEARS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE SEXIEST AND MOST WANTED WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!

  33. Skeeter

    I wish someone would follow Paps around and get candid shots of THEIR lives to show the world. Well… maybe not…

  34. menotrouble

    she lost her mind, her marriage, her kids, her career. and still this remarkable woman, who was after all raised a teen star, finds a way to get up again and fight. I never liked her music, her taste(lessness) or anything about her really, but now I find myself and admirer of her will and strength. now, go and post images of kim kardashians butt (yes, please) and rod stewart’s girl having him licking her boobs – because these people want to play the game. but do not post anymore britney-bullshit, at least for some time. she is a convalescent now. let your cash cow rest a while and let her use what dignity the media has left her to get her life back instead of being the “trainwreck” you all enjoyed so much..

  35. IWONKY

    C’mon. This stupid bitch knows that ever time she drags that nasty cooch of hers out of a car, some pap is going to take a picture of it. It’s the high friggin’ point of her day. I’m just surprised that no pap has ever gotten any real details, I mean, this bitch has to go spread eagle to pick those nits out of her butthairs sometime?

  36. Drea

    How much money does it cost to go down to the local drug store and pick up a razor? Come on? Aside from the hairy butt she even missed on the back of her ankels and it’s not like a few hairs. She must have looked like the bride of sasquach before she even attemped to shave, or wax or whatever.

  37. galenus

    yes, why not. put a secret camera in her bathroom too and say she’s going naked all over!!! shame on her walking with skirts and panties.. shame.. huh?

  38. Mohammed

    Britney looks great. Her ass is hairier than my camel and Fish’s mother put together = teh hotness.

    Anal Beards rock.

    You go Britney. Grow that ass hair out until you look like ZZ Top.

  39. Bookworm

    It’s sad that someone makes money snappin pictures like this. the guy zoomed in so far that you can see her facial and body acne. it should be against the law to photograph a person without their written consent. that way celebrities would not have to be so stressed about their every movement. stress that causes insanity(i.e. BRITNEY)

  40. Wow, nice phots!!

  41. spiderman

    personally, spidey likes a fur bikini! rock that bearded clam brit!!!

  42. hornknee

    a bit of hair can be fixed, and hell keep it! i would stick it to her hairy arse

  43. JJ

    Shit, this girl needs to stop tanning… bla..

  44. Ciera

    She is dirty bitch

  45. Ciera

    She is dirty bitch

  46. Ciera

    She is dirty bitch

  47. Ciera

    She is dirty bitch

  48. msallied

    It’s not so much that I have a problem with the Britney haters around here, because I really don’t. It’s the fact that some of you haters have the worst grammar I’ve seen in my life. If you’re going to be expending your time and energy acting superior to someone you don’t even fucking know, at least attempt to maintain the intelligence level of a third grader.

  49. omar

    hmmm …i want to lick her hairy asshole all day !

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