Britney Spears shows off her panties/butt crack

June 30th, 2008 // 165 Comments

I wasn’t going to post these to save you from, well, having to look at them, but here’s Britney Spears showing off her panties in Los Angeles over the weekend. Maybe ‘showing off’ isn’t the right choice of words here, since the photographers basically have their hands up her skirt. I’m not sure why any reasonable human being would attempt to zoom in on Britney Spears’ butthole like that, but this is the paparazzi we’re talking about. I guess we should just be thankful they stopped there. Also, what the hell is going on with the texture of Britney Spears’ private area? It looks like somebody decided to replace her vagina with a dirty old man’s armpit.

NOTE: Pics might be NSFW, depending on how you classify the horrible-looking area around Britney Spears’ taint.


  1. Thanks #23.
    Gotta love Britney’s Weave

  2. b

    she’s a human being you retards.

    everyone has hair in places we don’t like.

    only in america are we raised to think
    body hair is unnatural and ugly..

    if it were unnatural we wouldn’t have any.

    i’m sure she’s shaved/waxed the majority
    of the time.

    you people should lay off.

  3. Haley

    Thats pretty sad they cant get a regular decent picture of Britney. The paps have to go shove a camera up her dress. Shes being so violated, you can tell shes trying not to open her legs while getting out of the car, its pretty sad…

  4. whatdafuk

    she’s not even walking up the stairs or anything- she is walking on level ground and paps put a camera low to the ground to take an upskirt shot- that’s illegal to do- someone needs to find the assh*le who did this and beat their perv ass

  5. Kayd

    Hairy asscrack, very sick. But even more sick that paps would do such a disgusting thing to get an upskirt shot by putting cameras low, its illegal she needs to sue them.

  6. Lili

    The fact that they have deliberately placed their cameras to get shots of her up her dress is reaching new lows even for the paparazzi. No wonder the girl looks so sad. Then people start discussing her most personal details as a result, like where she does and doesn’t remove body hair. Poor Britney. I wonder when she was on her way up and a successful singer, she ever imagined that her “fame” would degenerate to this? Surely deliberately taking such shots is illegal. If so, I hope she sues them.

  7. Kathleen

    At least she’s wearing underwear.

  8. And how fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Britney, after all she’s been through! She lost her aunt, she went through a divorce, she had two fucking kids, her husband turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now she’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is readers and making money off of her, SHE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that Britney is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her; she hasn’t performed in years. Her song is called give me more for a reason because all you people want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!! You’re lucky she even performs for you BASTARDS!!! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! Please! etc. etc. etc.

  9. Danklin24

    That my friends, is some famous anus.

  10. Kilo

    So… first off, if it were anyone else, taking a picture up some girl’s skirt would be considering, like, sexual harassment. Actually, that’s it. Get a life, paps.

  11. wtf

    ok.. the camera was obviously pointed up from an angle up her ass
    NO FUCKING SHIT a shot like that would be taken..
    if the camera man took a picture like that to everyone.. theni guess EVERYONE WOULD BE SHOWING THEIR ASS.

  12. Being hairy is not her only body-related issue. In fact, it’s the least important one.
    She didn’t manage to get her old awsome body back, just like she didn’t manage to do something with that hair and makeup.
    And it’s a pity, cause she has the potential too look great – once she’s healthy, that is.

  13. Dave

    If I took an upskirt picture of some random girl at the mall I’d be trucked of to prison. These “paps” should be lined up and have their testicles smashed with a three-pound sledge hammer.

  14. Kitty

    WTF… I seriously wish they’d create laws preventing this kind of shit. Seriously wrong. She doesn’t deserve this.

    I wish she’d get rid of the hair extensions. I bet her own hair is long enough now to look very nice.

  15. LJ

    She’s showing nothing! The scum paps are up her butt 24/7. It’s no wonder she cracked under pressure. Not many people would hold up under that scrutiny. The papparazzi are monsters and if I’m not mistaken there is a law against “stalking”.

  16. free lily

    I’m for freedom of the press and everything but the paparazi is out of control. Why are they allowed to literally mug people at airports, courtrooms and restaurants? Start charging these losers with trespassing!

  17. Ahhhhhh Captain…my eyes…I can’t see eyes are burning. The agony, the pain…….the mental trauma. Just shoot me now. Put me down….i beg you.

    On that note, I do agree with to #63 and partially to #64. Pappy shouldn’t be taking shots like that. Not cool for anybody involved

  18. Kim Lardassian

    Ridiculous article.

  19. meeatu

    she wax only her chicken ?
    damn look at those legs hairy like man

  20. meeatu

    scum paps???!?! WHAT she always call them
    or u forgot her trip and cleavage with paris , she just sell herself

  21. veggi

    What a perfect way to start the day – I think I see the tip of a breakfast burrito.

  22. Rimmer

    What a gorgeous butt crack! That’s not hair–it’s the dark color of her rim. I could tongue that for hours!

  23. Leila

    Oh please, when she’s walking you can see that dress is far from short, it’s not much above the knee what they did was pathetic, she’s no longer working as an entertainer (and doesn’t has to), why follow her like that?, she’s not behaving like Lilo or Paris and wants to turn her life around.
    Maybe she’ll get the message and won’t return to L.A. until she’s ready to have 30 bodyguards again that will remove those pap-leeches just like they used to.

  24. I thought only Japanese schoolgirls were subjected to this kind of treatment. On that note, where are the bukkake pictures???

    And good god… she can crack coconuts with those thighs…

  25. Angry Beaver

    WORST JOB EVER: the dude that has to clean the back seat of that limo. I bet she’s like some prehistoric mutant snail, leaving tracks wherever she goes. (shiver)

  26. Deacon Jones

    Since when do girls have ass hair?? And at that length? WOOF

  27. c-lo

    It looks like the buttocks of an elephant. why does her ass look like it is covered in elephant leather?

  28. kmb

    That is not “showing off”… that is being upskirted.

  29. shutup

    she would die if those paps weren’t there following her every move, so shut the hell up! she could wear more modest clothing, but she obvioulsy likes the slutty look so fuck you for defending this piece of trash.

  30. Karma

    This is the papparazzi basically assaulting her – horrible people. On another note she has the sadest eyes i’ve ever seen.

  31. Bellgirl

    Seriously lets see here she has panties on that have no back. What are those called oh yeah, G-strings (or your choice word for them). You can clearly tell that’s BLACK LACE not butt hair. Look higher you can see it more clearly. I can’t believe A-hole people would go this far just to sell a pic.

  32. whyher?

    Forget that hairy arse! and legs! Look at her chest! Can anybody give her a pamplet on early stages of melanoma! Her skin is going to turn into leather in a couple of years! Maybe I can have a couple boots made out of her chest and wear them with my britney t-shirt!

  33. Barely Stearn

    I can literally smell that from here…

  34. wahwah!

    To all you whiners who feel so sorry for her or any other celebrity and hate the papparazzi. Here’s some advice to help yourself and what your preaching. Don’t come to a site that is known for taking pictures of celebrities by papparazzi’s. If you think your doing Britney a favor? by speaking up for her? your not. I’m pretty sure The Superficial isn’t the only celebrity blog site that you have saved in your favorites. It doesn’t take a scienties to figure out that all the sites you visit are supporting papparazzi photographers who “violate” celebrites. Maybe you should be out buying Britney Spears CD’s or her perfume line or going on Ebay and finding her barbie dolls to help the poor girl. If she didn’t need the papparazzi she wouldn’t be feeding them bait everytime she goes out. Maybe she should invest in some real panties. Nobody ever took pictures of granny’s panties when she was wearing them.

  35. Lloyd

    Wow, that is definitely not “showing off.”

    Those brain-dead paparazzi goons are just perverts.

  36. the truth about women

    That is fucking ridiculous. If some freaking scummy perv was practically lying on the damn ground to get a picture under my dress I could call the cops and have his dirty ass thrown in jail and I see no reason the same shouldn’t apply here. It isn’t even a matter of whether you like her or what you think she ‘deserves’.

    Oh yes, and boys… GIRLS HAVE ASSHAIR. True story. Those of you who think they don’t, have obviously never had doggy or anal with a real woman, and have to form your opinions from obsessively waxed/airbrushed models, celebs, and pornstarlets.

    We have pores, too. It’s sad, but true. Go ahead… take whatever time you need to recover.

  37. Lola

    #79 Yeah! that bitch should be wearing a burka because those whore clothes are just asking for it.

  38. aimee

    those aren’t hairs on her ass crack. they are hairline STRETCH MARKS. i have had three kids and yes i have them, too. and yes they are rather disgusting, but sometimes squeezing out kids does that to you. just wanted to let you know.

  39. Ted Mosby

    She looks like she has seen a lot of headboards.

  40. Ted Mosby

    She looks like she has seen a lot of headboards.

  41. Byron

    HOLY CRAP…..nice ass rug Shitney! Just when you think it would be next to impossible for this nasty pig to get any worse, she’s bent over sporting a big hairy crack! Looks like her ass ate her damn underwear too. I really love the melanoma tan, it just screams sexy bar whore!! No more pictures of this broad PLEASE….I’m going blind!!

  42. bob

    isnt that illegal fuckin scum.. and your no better for posting them

  43. JPRichardson

    So this bloated thing was once the queen of pop…

  44. If this is your way of lighting up the news?

  45. intermission

    #52 is right man!

    shes prob been getting her ass waxed for that whole period she was famous and dancing
    but honestly its the most uncomfortable thing in the world
    so guys on here saying how hairy her ass is should go ahead and shave themselfs…. see how good it feels when you have to walk around after.

    if body hair is so gross then why in the world Do guys think that women should like hairs asses backs and nuts on a them?

  46. Corlyss

    She’s actually wearing panties? That’s more of the news story than the pictures.

  47. cj

    how do you see the pictures without the stars covering it?

  48. SaucyTango

    A) What’s that giant scar on her left knee? Looks like surgery from a torn ACL.

    B) Why do these bimbos always exit vehicles through the OPPOSITE door from where they are sitting??? A lady always exits the door on the side where she is sitting, swings her legs out first (esp. in skirt or dress), then steps out, thus avoiding humiliating ass or vag pics. You shouldn’t have to climb out of a vehicle, the driver should also offer his hand. I guess no one in Hollywood went to charm school.

  49. PunkA

    Britney is the GEN-X version of Elizabeth Taylor. When young, was hawt and talented. Then let herself go to hell and is a freaking ridiculous joke now. But was lucky enough to have made enough money when young to get by for so long, then coasted on the past celebrity. All Brit needs to do is get married and divorced like 4 more times, with 2 of those being to K-Fed and the comparison is complete.

  50. Me One


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