Britney Spears names child London

Britney Spears is going to name her child London Preston Spears – after the city where she met Kevin Federline – contrary to reports last month that she would name him simply Preston. She says, “Ever since I was a little girl I thought, for a boy I love Sean Preston – or London Preston. Isn’t London pretty? And for a girl I love Addison Shye. I think that’s pretty.”

If I was Britney Spears I would tell newspapers all sorts of ridiculous things just to be an ass. I’d be saying shit like, “I think I’m going to name my triplets Chuck Norris, Barney, and Lazy-Eye Joe.” It would be about as accurate as the media currently has things, and at least it would be hilarious. Although she should seriously consider naming her child Lazy-Eye Joe. He doesn’t even have to have a lazy eye. That’s the genius of it!