Britney Spears moving forward with divorce

June 5th, 2006 // 175 Comments


  1. English_Rose

    K-Fed:mmm well christina Aguilera hmmm shes married no what about Rebbeca Romaijn no shes dating someone IVE GOT IT Jessica Simpson shes single lets see if i can get another two kids out of her before i hit on her sister…

    Doesnt Brit look like a CRAZY person in those pics…

  2. Flabby

    Do you think the child of two idiots is possibly a genius? Hence the message on SP’s top “Mommy = blam drunk, SP = slam dunk” (if you check his pockets there’s the number for child line).

  3. RichPort

    Seriously, what does any of you being gay have to do with Over-Fed ordering extra mayo on her McChickenhead sandwich for breakfast?

    (Other than you having framed season passes to her past concert series tucked under your pillows. Or the fact that you may be salivating at the prospect at pulling a Star Jones on her after she divorces Baby Einstein.)

    She better watch it with those curlers, she’s beginning to look like a migrant worker.

  4. Sheva

    Neutron, some folks have been upset by a rash of lameness that reappears as a whimpering fag amongst other pseudonyms.

    We’re talking to lawyers to get NAMBLA to redo their application from 3 to 30 pages. That should keep the twerpy bitch busy for a while. Now that he’s of age, he’s excited with not being a bottom and preying on boys.

  5. leahdeadly

    look, britney loves her sketchers. but that’s because she doesn’t have a prada backpack.

    good for her, i say.

  6. 100

    “Do you really think your comments add anything to the entertainment value of this site?”

    For those of us, who read these comments on regular basis, yes. Most definitely yes! :)

    “Or that your juvenile retort to this message will make any difference to my life?”

    Nope. But then again, that’s not my intention either.

  7. llllllllll

    Damn Brittney, another crumb snatcher on the on it’s way…sheesh! How can someone gom the very from the very top to the very bottom such a in such a short period of time. My hat goes off to you Kevin…you’re the smartest money makin man alive and you never even sweated a drop. If that aint pull I don’t know what is!

  8. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I love how I’ve read several people thinking Kevin is gonna get half of her dough…it’s called a prenup. Even though she didn’t want to sign one at first, her mother and lawyers had to force her…cuz she’s a moron.

    Everyone is aware at what a retard she is…let’s move on to someone whose lameness hasn’t been quite as magnified as hers. We’ve been making fun of her for 8 years now, I think we can find someone better.

  9. llllllllll

    Damn Brittney, another crumb snatcher on it’s way…sheesh!!! How can someone go from being on the very top to ending up at the very bottom in such a short period of time?!?!? My hat goes off to you K-Fed, you’re the smartest money makin man alive and you never even had to sweat a drop for it. Donald Trump eat your heart out!

  10. Grphdesi23

    Besides SP, the person I feel most for in all of this is…

    Shar Jackson. She had a family with Kevin and Brit-Brit comes in and destroys it.

    All for a piece of ass.

  11. gailmariecat

    Hey #1

    You breathe in oxygen and pump out CARBON DIOXIDE. Biology 101. Dumb ass.

  12. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    LOL I like how 75 just bitched about how lame this website is and then went on to post 2 comments about the story underneath. Yeah…we’re the mentally retarded ones, eh? How about this…if you’re going to write a comment to bitch about…well…nothing…just save it! Save it for someone who gives a shit, or who will at least agree with you.

  13. #95 – When I heard about the man nanny, I laughed…for a second. Then I started comparing him to K-Fed and realized the following:

    1) He’s pretty cute, from the pictures I’ve seen.
    2) He’s reliable.
    3) He knows how to look after her children properly.
    4) He has a steady job.

    As a result of this review, I say Britney should get it on with the nanny.

  14. Hardcorekegeling

    Good eye!

  15. leahdeadly

    actually-you do pump out some oxygen when you breathe out. otherwise-CPR wouldn’t work. think about it.
    lifeguard leah

  16. superstar26

    now she can hang with Denise and her broken home too! Or she can give the child to Angelina and Brad.

  17. RichPort

    @ 108

    Half, some, who cares? The boy will make a handsome profit running in the millions that he will be able to spend on breakthrough melanin transplant therapy. Magnifying her lameness is the essence of this site. If I wanted to engage in only positive commentary, I’d go to the next Promise Keepers rally and pee off of the top balcony. Killjoy.

  18. thepretendpundit



  19. makemybreaddoughboy

    when u reckon we’ll see the brangelina baby?

  20. makemybreaddoughboy

    reckon mr neutron is the sf guy?

  21. makemybreaddoughboy

    word on the street is brit is having twins!!

  22. makemybreaddoughboy

    reckon thats true? or should i eat my sauce?……it’s bbq!!! mmm mmm

  23. superstar26

    twins?? oh great. they will have to share the brain cell.

  24. uncle_leo

    I remember when the comments used to be funny, or at least mildly entertaining.

    Fucking let the bananaturd alone already and this site will stop sucking so hard. School’s out, so we’ll be stuck with it for the rest of the summer undless you COMPLETELY IGNORE IT.

  25. gsprescueguy

    She looks like she just stepped out of the “double wide”.

  26. uncle_leo

    So that mean ignoring posts 199, 120, 121, and 122.

    Short shorts make fat girls look fatter.

  27. uncle_leo

    and those curlers make her face look fatter.

  28. kandyk0119


  29. makemybreaddoughboy

    lighten up uncle leo…..hows jeffrey in parks?

  30. ebayfan414

    HAHAHA manny! I like that. In other news, I guess this means we can expect to see her start to turn back into the hottie she once was?

  31. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I think Britney has given up on the idea that she was ever attractive in the slightest.

  32. makemybreaddoughboy

    na shes still a pretty girl. I think she’ll be watching wat she eats this pregnancy but,just incase theres a website designed purley to bag her for putting on the kilos.

  33. Aimtrue

    K-Fed must have the most active sperm in the world. They have not been together that often, but damn that one swimmner just crawled right in and got the job done. There are so many couples who can’t get pregnant, but these two it is like microwave popcorn. 10-1 says the Brit hooks up with the manny- he is there for her, changes diapers and is probably telling her how K-fed is a douchebag.

  34. Jacq

    Nice curlers. She appears to be in her natural habitat, the back-woods.

  35. makemybreaddoughboy

    prolly burying k-dead

  36. Hey there Guuuur, kin you make me some Flap Jacks, Possum Grtis and neck bones?

  37. you suck

    you know what would be fairly interesting?

    If britney’s second baby was actually manny’s.

    ahh. what joy.

  38. herbiefrog

    #48 a bit too close for comfort

    lol :))

  39. herbiefrog

    dont fuck with me bitch :)
    it’s not 666 for nothing you know :)

  40. skankyskank

    everytime I see her, a part of me dies

  41. herbiefrog

    lol :)

    currently courting hillary
    we have to take him out

  42. HarryNipples

    She used to be hot – too bad for her, once she squeezes out another whelp, sex with her will be like fucking a pail of warm water…The Fedster will move on to a better tighter place…

    Still, he’s hot in a dirtbag sort of way…I’d do him just for fun…

  43. serine00

    she has a striking resemblence to my grandmother in this picture, but my grandmother’s legs are nicer.

  44. Wooo…..I can smell the stale Miller High Life and Marlboro Light smoke from here.

    Damn Brit, you look like shit.

    And about all the Sketchers comments. At least she’s WEARING shoes….covering up those hideous hooves she calls feet.

  45. HughJorganthethird

    The hills have eyes, Fatney, the hills have eyes…

  46. DancingQueen

    Well look at that. Now that K-Fag’s out of the picture the kid actually has his hat on straight. Way to go Brit.

  47. I have to say, it would be great if after she dumped him she became hot and had a hit CD.

    I would love to see them interviewing him while he’s shacked up with some outta work stripper in a Motel 6 trying to sell his fingernails for rent money.

  48. herbiefrog

    hi there
    do let me know how that works out for you:)
    lol bitch :))

    oops, wrong thread…

    14. Posted by Feed_Me_Chocolate on May 22, 2006 02:00 PM

    Okay, everyone, I’ve asked the admin to ban herbiefrog. He’s really getting out of hand. Check out the long string of posts in the Elton John thread. Please ask them to ban him too.

  49. IHateAllofYou

    I happen to love Britney Spears. her baby is adorable and screw you to everyone who is talking shit about the baby. That is just beyond wrong. The baby should not be slandered because you don’t like Britney. And why is everyone always busting on the way she looks. Hello? She is a mom now. At least she’s worrying about something that matters like her child and not how well her hair and make-up can look today. get a clue people.

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