Britney Spears moving forward with divorce

June 5th, 2006 // 175 Comments


  1. aivilo

    She is a pathetic lump of a human being. She isn’t worth the oxygen she pumps out of her lungs.

    she has like a bajillion dollars!

  2. o-n

    Hmm.. I think she learned her lesson a little too late to save her.

  3. I watched E! News tonight and they said that information is speculation only and is a RUMOR!!

  4. aivilo



  5. hotintempe

    Its about time. I wonder how much he’ll get. Her body doesnt look too bad, she definately needs to take the rollers out. Those Sketchers are ugly.

  6. blueballs

    Jesus, it’s about time (if true).

    Chalk another bimbo dingbat that K-FED has knocked up twice and gotten dumped by.

    Also not mentioned is the new manny is popping her in the hershey highway.

  7. god help us all

  8. RichPort

    So K Fed and OverFed are splitting up… he has half her loot, so I guess he is gangsta… someone better call child services, she may eat her kids in a moment of distress

  9. Iambananas

    No way! She’s preggers! This isn’t possible. I’m sincerely sympathetic. That’s jsut sad what happened to her. I blame k-mooch.

  10. If she were SMART she would divorce him, but I don’t think she has that many brain cells left….

    I will be happy for her when she finally does divorce him. We all know it HAS to happen sooner or later.

    That is one marriage that won’t be going to till death do them part, I’ll tell you that right now!!

  11. somedayshine

    britney it’s such hick, but i’m glad she’s opening her eyes. believe or not women get stuck with assholes like k-fed.
    p.s: i think her baby is soo cute!
    i hope he grows to be 5yrs. and not addicted to crack.

  12. Iambananas

    Baby has the same dumb look as she does in that picture.

  13. Iambananas

    I love sketchers, you guys!

  14. Iambananas

    When one is preggers, one wears the kind of shoes one doesn’t have to bend down to tie and don’t hurt. Do you want her wearing stilettos?

  15. Giggles

    Thank God — The day is coming when we will never hear “K-FED” again. He will soon only be a bad memory…..

  16. BoardBetty

    You go, Britney! Dump that sack of pathetic white-trash shit and go find yourself a REAL man. Might I suggest some upstanding white-trash tow truck driver named JoeBob.

  17. Iambananas

    The manny shaved his ‘stache.

    He still looks like Colin Ferrell.

    Maybe Britney had an affair with the manny and that why they got a d-i-v-o-r-c-e… hmmm… let the roumers begin.

  18. Doxes

    For her kids’ sake I hope she’s had those treacly romantic notions of marriage and child rearing knocked out of her. Both require actual work, never go quite as you’d planned, and don’t make you some kind of fairy princess with a perfect life.

  19. Iambananas

    Wait… Us Weekly is like the National Enquirer. Don’t think this story is credible. Fun nonetheless.

  20. Unfortunately, you are right.

    It’s SUCH a shame it probably isn’t true.

  21. Iambananas

    You guys are going to have a conniption fit… but I like Britney Spears. I think she’s pretty cool, although this whole k-fed thing was kind of not good for her. But she still got her babies out of it, so there’s something good. I can’t wait until her comeback. Remember Elvis’ comeback?

    OK… It’s not anything like Elvis. Comparing Elvis and Britney Spears is like comparing The Sistine Chapel and Gigli. Both are “art”… but not quite the same twinkle.

  22. Iambananas

    Then, I guess K-fed’s career is going to take off now…

  23. herbiefrog

    …we think she looks
    …really sweet :)

    …got a beautiful baby

    and another on the way

    dont need a man

    [although the manny is handy :) ]

  24. I think this is all RUMOR.

    But who thinks she’ll do it and run off with the manny? I mean, if she went for K-Fed, she’ll go for anyone, right?

  25. herbiefrog


    i could se you struggling there

    it’s art jim…

    but not as we know it :)

    does that help :))

  26. Dumplin6

    Is that really the moustache guy? He looked like a big dork before but now is fairly stylin.

    But then I also think there’s nothing wrong with Skechers. I even spelled it right.

  27. Mac An Ghaill

    curlers in her hair, black bra white shirt…did they photoshop out the cigarette dangling from her lips and the Schlitz can in her hand?

  28. nichole

    WOW, totally didn’t see that coming. ~sarcasm~

    I hope she’s screwing the manny.

  29. gogoboots

    Egads! She looks terrible…at least she’s gettin’ rid of the K-Fug…he was doing her reputation wonders, I’ll tell you that much…at least if you’re whitetrash you need to let it all hang out, including your hair rollers, honey!

  30. jane's eyre

    Too bad she didn’t have brains enough to pick a better father for her children. What do you expect from someone who would abandon his kids? Did she really think he was going to be DIFFERENT for her? Britney gets what she deserves. The only real victims here are the children.

  31. playahater101

    Good for her!!! Now hopefully he’ll fall into the poor house and his album will sell 100 copies and he’ll be forced to sell it on the street corners for $5 like that American Idol idiot Corey Clark or whatever his name is. At least she has sense enough to get a manny. Now instead of giving money to KFag for picking his ass she’s actually spending it on a man who will spend time with her kids.

  32. aivilo


    no, stilettos are definitely not what I would suggest for being pregnant. However, she can at least buy a decent pair of stylish shoes. Sketchers are crap. I wore them like 5 years ago..which would make me ELEVEN. And she shouldn’t walk around looking like Billy-Bob-Joe’s baby’s momma.

  33. fifi_butchymuscle

    You know, it pains me to say that there was a time when I wanted to be Britney Spears – hot body, rich, performing all over the world, claiming to be a virgin and everyone believing her – but alas, those days are long gone.
    SO glad I didn’t go ahead with that experimental cloning / single white female identity theft plan I came up with a few years back. I’d be knocked up, washed up, fucked up, up shit creek without a paddle, up myself, up to no good… yeah, ok I went too far. Still, lucky me.

  34. celebritywhore

    #17 and #26 –

    That is not the mustache man.

  35. shocktart

    i dunno, i kinda like her “i don’t give a f*ck” attitude…*shrugs*…yes, she doesn’t look like the hot britney of days of yore, but i’ve definately seen new moms that are a lot rougher looking than she is

  36. Johnny Be Good

    Why does Britney think it’s okay to waddle outside with rollers in her hair so often lately? Being pregnant with another white trash little baby only provides an 11 month excuse for being a fat whale, not for just letting yourself go entirely. Jesus Britney.

  37. Fa Cube Itches

    25: There’s k-fed off the starboard bow,

    Starboard bow,

    Starboard bow?

  38. Fa Cube Itches

    Why does everyone think K-Fed is doomed if she does divorce him?? He traded up from Shar to Brit despite offering no real upside, and given by how many ladies were claiming they’d bang him after his GQ (or whatever mag) pics, I’d say his chances of scoring another entertainment industry bimbo of some stature are pretty high….


  39. chelsea_423

    Pregnant with curlers in her hair in public…classy. She’s one step away from Hee-Haw.

  40. Sheva

    Let’s get a vote. Who do you want dead first K-fag or Lamda Lamda Lamda’s head of the anal obtuse chapter of NAMBLA: lameass?

    Today I’m in a compassionate mood. So K-fag lives.

    And Britney looks like a knocked up single mom in a trailer park.

  41. ellaminnowpea

    you go girl! only 32 minutes left till 6/6/6!

  42. ericisshort

    white trash.

  43. ellaminnowpea

    Blohan is on Dave tonight…

  44. Fa Cube Itches

    Ella: Define “on”? Given this girl’s past, I’ll assume you mean “mounting”. Or is “Dave” some new slang for a designer drug?

  45. thepretendpundit

    wish k-fed’s parents had been pro-choice. we know what choice they would’ve made.

    How Do You Want Your Abortion?

    Perhaps a side of fries?

  46. ellaminnowpea

    David Letterman! ;)
    She’ll be spreading her nasty herpes on Dave’s chair — God help the next person after her who has to sit there!! Hope they got a strong disinfectant!!

  47. Fa Cube Itches

    What’s the over/under on her either (1) passing out or (2) trying to brush off imaginary spiders during the interview?

  48. Iambananas

    I’m gay.

  49. Iambananas

    Just thought you’d like to know, ppl.

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