Britney Spears’ motorcade necessary, police say

When Britney Spears was taken to the hospital early Thursday morning she had her own motorcade which included at least a dozen LAPD officers, a helicopter, and a special mental health unit. Some people consider this a tad excessive, but Ana Aguirre, a spokesperson for the LAPD, says that Britney’s house is practically a tourist attraction with over 100 people camped outside. E! Online reports:

Another reason for the law enforcement parade: history. The last time Britney had to go to the hospital–on Jan. 3–the scene got pretty nuts.
One photographer even attempted to jump on top of Spears’ ambulance, Aguirre tells me. “At that point we were out-resourced,” Aguirre explains, and the police didn’t want that to happen again.

However UCLA law professor Gary Blasi thinks that a few cops with guns could handle the unarmed paparazzi:

“In terms of equipment, repairs and possible overtime–and whether they had to do overtime–I would guess [the escort] cost well over $10,000,” Blasi says. “I wouldn’t second-guess the tactical needs of the police, but I hope if any of my friends need emergency transport they can get the same service.”

Seriously, the paparazzi aren’t that hard to deal with. I tangle with them every morning. Sure, some might say it’s just a bunch of stuffed animals I put in my yard with disposable cameras and I yell profanities at them until my neighbors call the cops. I fail to see the difference. Those Pound Puppies need to respect my privacy or else I’ll bring the thunder. And by thunder I mean the garden hose.