Britney Spears’ most pivotal career move yet: Not getting a traffic ticket

Britney Spears’ traffic case that ended in a mistrial is being trumpeted by her lawyer Michael Flanagan as a monumental triumph of the human spirit, according to People:

“It marks a turnaround for her. This case was a thorn in her side for more than a year, a reminder of the bad old days,” he said. “She’s thrilled the court system, for once, worked in her favor.”
The trial – which heard only one day of witness testimony – failed to convince a jury that Spears broke the law by driving without a California license, stemming from a 2007 fender-bender. It ended Tuesday in a hung jury, 10-2 in favor of her innocence, and a dismissal of the case.

While I’m sure Britney’s lawyers is trying to make himself feel better for not doing his job and actually winning this thing, I can think of some bigger milestones in Britney’s “comeback” that have a bit more gravitas. Like learning how to wear undergarments and not using a toddler’s head as an ashtray. I don’t know how they did it, but I can only assume it involved a secluded cabin in the woods and intense hypnotherapy. Or, I dunno, they promised her a cookie. Either one.

Photos: Splash News