Britney Spears missed by the paps, perhaps a little too much

June 23rd, 2008 // 43 Comments

After flying to Kentwood for the birth of Jamie Lynn’s baby, Britney Spears returned home Friday and was completely bombarded by the paparazzi at LAX. The situation escalated when one of Britney’s entourage start throwing punches with a pap, according to Us Magazine:

“Britney’s security was not equipped to handle the situation,” an eyewitness told “It was mass chaos with photographers standing on the escalator with Britney and she literally had nowhere to go. Her bodyguards had no idea what to do.”

Even Britney Spears, of all people, was surprised by the onslaught of paparazzi. So, judging by her face, there was really that many of them, or someone unwrapped a McRib within earshot.


  1. AllieCat

    she’s got that crazy look again

  2. Now this is breaking news!!

  3. Now this is breaking news!!

  4. Were they expecting her to hike up her skirt and lay a brick right there in the terminal?

  5. mimi


  6. Tits McGee

    If that bitch hikes up her skirt either a baby will fall out or a Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken will.

  7. Tits McGee

    If that bitch hikes up her skirt either a baby will fall out or a Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken will.

  8. zegabe

    she’s going to miss all of this so much sometime in the future.. hopefully soon but she’s too profitable for the press right now… wouldn’t it be cool though if at least on the next april 1st the paps don’t show up anywhere around her and someone secretly films her going ballistic for the lack of interest?

  9. havoc


    People are starting to beat the shit out of the paparazzi.


  10. joe moma

    The boots are stained with chicken jism

  11. Tommy Sneakers

    Oh no, not those NASTY boots again!!!

  12. Shoe Man

    I didn’t know that it snows in LA at this time of year.

  13. Cokeasian

    Midget bodyguard! Who’s protecting who?

  14. Que

    Que sad!

  15. Auntie Kryst

    Britard sure didn’t stay long on her family visit. Does she really miss Carl Jr.’s that much?? This of course is a rhetorical question.

  16. Em

    George Carlin died yesterday and all we have to talk about is Britney Spears and Matthew freakin’ McConaughey?


  17. Deacon Jones

    “This is an uncashed check for $70,000 dollars!”

    “Keep it”

  18. wet newspaper

    Who’s Britney Spears?

  19. Your Mom

    I’m baffled as to why the very first post this morning wasn’t about George Carlin dying. Who gives a shit about Britney Spears being missed by the paps?

  20. gotmilk?

    what’s with her & her bff wearing the same watch? was there an extra one in the bottom of the box of Lucky Charms?

    and nice maternity dress. is that a hand-me-down from Jamie Lynn?

  21. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    They should have just taken off one of her boots and started waiving it around. The stench would have cleared the whole terminal.

    Wasn’t it like 110 degrees in LA this weekend?

  22. Britney Again!!

  23. qwertygirl

    “there was really that many of them”–there were really that many of them.

  24. I think you’ve been wrongly informed.
    LOUISIANA is her “NEW” home.
    She was just visiting some some FAKING-FRIENDS folks.

  25. Candy

    Your blog is starting to seriously suck! Can’t you come up with some better stories? C’mon people want real dirt. You started great and it’s starting to go downhill…better up the anty.

  26. Did you ever see that show What Not To Wear????

  27. Mr. Sleepyhead

    Please Lord, let her 15 minutes of supposed fame be over with.

  28. c sterner

    Please women, don’t wear these stupid-looking shoe/boots that Britney’s wearing here. I can’t imagine what made them so popular.

  29. Who cares about George Carlin? Im hoping K-FED does the Playgirl spread in September like theyve said he might. Talk about talent and a hot ass!!

  30. cate

    kids, please. Take a good look at her chest right now… THAT is what tanning will do to you. leathery skin covered in freckles. yum.

  31. adeliza

    What’s up with those boots?

  32. dude_on

    Britney is over – You can tell by the number of comments on this post that her act is tired. No matter how sane she may aspire, her future holds a lifelong legacy of public snatch views, hair buzzing, and child neglect, that will follow her like a small town slut with a bad reputation. It isn’t sad… it was self-made… she has earned it – but no longer is it worthwhile to take a peek or talk about.

  33. PunkA

    So Brit leaves LA, and has more peace. Then returns to Hell-A, and gets Pap Smeared. Nice. And lucky us, she wore those boots again. The girl must either really hate the look of her calves, or has horrible taste in footwear or both. Someone get the girl some attractive sandals and a pedicure.

  34. Chelsea

    whats on her wrist in the first row fourth picture across looks like a burn or old cut.

  35. Kate

    She is a fat matron.

  36. Grunion

    Get the straight jacket ready, I think some one may start hurting herself agin…

  37. BetterThanJamie

    At least Britney isn’t her sister, and waited into her 20′s to pop out the puppies. Little Jamie Lynn needs to watch the Baby Borrowers on NBC.

  38. FCS

    The caption for the 4th pic should be

    “WTF, I ordered an Asian hooker, get he fuck out of my car fattie”

  39. momo

    what a nice house dress ma!

  40. Alys

    I can’t believe she doesn’t have somebody (manager, assistatnt, FAMILY!!) to tell her how to dress up, man!.. those trashy boots, she is too fat to wear that kind of prints………… and she should wear underwear, at least a bra… her boobs are falling down she needs new implants!!..

  41. Jessica

    It just like you can’t clean up crazy….poor girl.

  42. AlanToes

    BetterThanJamie, I think what happened is the Spears slut gene mutated for Jamie and caused her hormonal sluttiness to come out at an earlier age. But I do agree, maybe the baby borrowers could have suppressed the gene.

  43. gary

    Is Britney missing b/c she is helping her sister prepare for raising kids in a healthy and mature fashion? Perhaps the two of them are going to watch Baby Borrowers tonight…they could both use a lesson in what NOT to do with little children around.

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