Britney Spears missed 8 out of 14 drug tests


Lawyers for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met in court today to discuss Britney’s inability to be available for randomized drug tests. She failed to respond to 8 out of 14 requests. Kevin’s lawyer claims Britney lives in a “parallel universe” and reminded the judge that she has already been reprimanded three times for not providing an accurate phone number, according to People:

Spears’s lawyer, Anne Kiley, called the current drug testing procedure “unconstitutional,” adding that just because the singer may fail to respond to testing calls doesn’t mean she’s using drugs. Kiley also pointed out that Spears has passed multiple tests successfully.

Explaining why Spears frequently changes her phone number, Kiley said the singer’s number often falls into the wrong hands.
When Commissioner Gordon stated that responding to a morning call wasn’t an extreme request, Kiley shot back: “But you’re not a pop star with a No. 1 album to promote.”

You mean the No. 2 album on Billboard? The one Britney Spears label can’t even trust her to promote? I believe the day it came out she sat around eating fried chicken and watching movies. But, yeah, you’re right that’s some back-breaking labor. Britney should get a night’s rest. She also needs her energy to single-handedly keep the Malibu fast food business in the black. It’s tough work, but, God love her, she’s a fighter.

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