Britney Spears + dairy = crazy? Okay, sure

February 13th, 2008 // 117 Comments

PETA sent Jamie and Lynne Spears a letter of concern about Britney. PETA believes that Britney’s consumption of meat and dairy products is making her batshit crazy and want to help. Their reason (Warning: Shameless plug coming.): “The letter suggests putting the suffering star on a vegan diet to help her get her emotional and physical health back to a place where it won’t be daily fodder for Perez and The Superficial.” Nice. Here’s an excerpt of the now-open letter from PETA’s website:

In addition, the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K. studied the relationship between mental disorders and the consumption of meat, dairy, and other animal products and concluded that “a higher national dietary intake of… dairy products predicted a worse two-year outcome of schizophrenia.” They also concluded that a higher consumption of meat was linked to a worsening of schizophrenia, while consumption of beans–a vegetarian protein source–was linked to improvements. In addition, the Mental Health Sanctuary in Washington advises people with bipolar disorder to avoid dairy products.

While the medical link between mental illness and meat and dairy consumption is still evolving, there is no doubt that eating animal products is a major factor in causing other diseases, including the top killers in the U.S. According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, specific types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity than meat-eaters. While switching to a vegan diet might very well benefit Britney’s mental health, it would undoubtedly benefit her physical health.

I love how at the end of this letter PETA basically says “Oh yeah, and also Britney’s kind of fat.” Is it really about the mental health, PETA, or do you just want Britney to drop a few pounds? Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only organization out there who feels the same way. I hear NASA is building an exercise machine that launches Britney into orbit if she doesn’t lose 10 pounds in a week.

P.S. Kudos again for the plug. With the increased site traffic I can buy that combination veal farm/fur coat factory I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, PETA!


  1. havoc

    I’m a member of PETA.


    So in their honor and in their name, I’m going to torture and kill an animal, grill it and share it with children telling them its the right thing to do….


  2. OH YES, SHE’S STILL A HEIFFER. ALL 110LBS OF HER. YUP. Obviously there’s no accounting for subjective logic.

  3. Grunion

    #102 Did someone say hieffer? I’m sure they meant pig.

  4. Britney’s mother looks like a old and cheap whore xD

  5. crazypants

    Her ass and legs look good in that last pix.

  6. Victoria

    Yeah, meat and dairy…. That’s the first thing I thought of too.

  7. Genius

    Do you know what we are the only species that drinks milk after infancy?
    Or, for that matter, the only one that drinks milk of another species?

    Creepy, huh.

  8. Igottabemeeee

    Yep, and we’ve been doing it for thousands of years. God even recommends cheese and milk and meat in the Bible. Gonna call God a liar? Uh oh, you’re going to hell!

  9. Chris

    Yeah, that’s right: in order to stop being crazy and being a danger to yourself, become a vegan faggot and annoy the living fuck out of everyone else with your “special needs” diet.

  10. dunkindognuts

    Hahaha, Chris, that’s funny, cuz its true.

  11. Dannie

    “I can buy that combination veal farm/fur coat factory I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, PETA!”


  12. Rachel D

    The ending of this might be the greatest thing I have ever read. Thank you for being awesome.

  13. Genius


    How are vegan’s faggots?
    And why do you use faggot in a derogatory manner?
    Carnivore’s are so Chris. Yeah. What now.

    And I just so happen to know no vegan’s who annoy anyone with their diets.
    Aside from some PETA people whom I wish that hell really does exist and if so they burn there.

  14. KV

    #108 That is pretty cruel of God to recommend that and then give us bodies which are not perfect for the consumption of meat and especially dairy.
    Btw – the Bible is a guide, you are NOT meant to follow it word for word.
    Oh, and how is it recommended by God himself, if he himself did not write it?

  15. El Chinko

    Golem drinks no milk though he’s a freak for sushi so the PETArd explanation carries no meat, err… weight.

  16. sily

    oh, GOD, so nice discussion , would you love enjoy something new…? it would be more interesting…sweet, hot….Wow writing words is not the same as catching my eyes and enjoying the hot video across the room and smiling

  17. Luvmyselves

    Re: tit droops: It’s a photo- it may just have been an unlucky bounce. Benefit of the doubt goes to BS.

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