Britney Spears + dairy = crazy? Okay, sure

February 13th, 2008 // 117 Comments

PETA sent Jamie and Lynne Spears a letter of concern about Britney. PETA believes that Britney’s consumption of meat and dairy products is making her batshit crazy and want to help. Their reason (Warning: Shameless plug coming.): “The letter suggests putting the suffering star on a vegan diet to help her get her emotional and physical health back to a place where it won’t be daily fodder for Perez and The Superficial.” Nice. Here’s an excerpt of the now-open letter from PETA’s website:

In addition, the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K. studied the relationship between mental disorders and the consumption of meat, dairy, and other animal products and concluded that “a higher national dietary intake of… dairy products predicted a worse two-year outcome of schizophrenia.” They also concluded that a higher consumption of meat was linked to a worsening of schizophrenia, while consumption of beans–a vegetarian protein source–was linked to improvements. In addition, the Mental Health Sanctuary in Washington advises people with bipolar disorder to avoid dairy products.

While the medical link between mental illness and meat and dairy consumption is still evolving, there is no doubt that eating animal products is a major factor in causing other diseases, including the top killers in the U.S. According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, specific types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity than meat-eaters. While switching to a vegan diet might very well benefit Britney’s mental health, it would undoubtedly benefit her physical health.

I love how at the end of this letter PETA basically says “Oh yeah, and also Britney’s kind of fat.” Is it really about the mental health, PETA, or do you just want Britney to drop a few pounds? Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only organization out there who feels the same way. I hear NASA is building an exercise machine that launches Britney into orbit if she doesn’t lose 10 pounds in a week.

P.S. Kudos again for the plug. With the increased site traffic I can buy that combination veal farm/fur coat factory I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, PETA!


  1. ana

    BRITNEY UR HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Auntie Kryst

    Shopping, that’s the good ol’ American way to handle “depression”. Funny, I don’t see momma and nana shopping for any childrens clothes. Hmmm, didn’t expect that. Oh and #51 shut the fuck up and go back to class you dumb twat.

  3. kl

    Margot Kidder went batshit remember? Well I’ve hung out with her, and she’s no longer batshit, in fact, she’s super not crazy and very cool. It turns out she had an allergery to wheat and dairy and her body couldn’t absorb vitamin B, which is partly what covers the nuerons in the brain. without it, she was misfiring really bad and lost her shit, but with a dairy and wheat free diet supplemented with B shots, she’s awesome.

  4. whatever

    @28 – That explains why chicks that eat too many dairy products have cankles. (rim shot)

  5. EuroNeckPain

    Please help me: how do you pronounce “veggie” in “veggie burger” ? Is it “g” as in “gas” or “g” as in “gee” ? A girl corrected me rudely and I am not sure she is right.


    I’m not even gonna mention that PETA is full of bullshit and hypocrisy, claiming to fight for the animal rights and supporting the euthanasia just because they think dogs and cats are a pest, not to mention they kill thousands of adoptable pets a year.
    (Off the topic, I know… can’t help to show my hate to PETA)

    So now they need to mention Britney Spears to get supporters? What a sorry organization.
    I can’t wait to hear their new smart theory: “Paris Hilton is such a dumbtard because of Tinkerbell. Kill the chihuahua and she’ll be smart.”

  7. carly

    awe Britney’s looking cuter here

  8. veroonica

    56. Couldn’t agree more. PETA MURDERS ANIMALS! They were once featured on that dipshit Janice Dickinson modeling show. All the other models got on this one girl for not participating in a protest. None of these other dumb model fucks bothered even investigating Peta before stripping down to thier underwear for the organization. One tool even stripped naked, all proud of himself. This was all based on watching ONE video. Fucking hollywood idiots making Peta famous. Don’t even get me started on that hep whore Pam Anderson.


    I can see Britney showing off her saggy boobs on the new “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” ads really soon…
    Because that’s all this shit about, PETA doesn’t give a fuck about anyone’s mental problems, they just want some media coverage and maybe more brainless Hollywood supporters.

  10. Cap'n Pickles

    First of all, there is no scientific way you can link meat consumption to schizophrenia.

    Are they talking about “cancer?” Are you sure that isn’t “heart disease?” Cancer is either coded in your DNA or caused by carcinogens in the environment..

    That dude that hangs out with Amy Ho-house and Linda Blair are vegans. Not to mention the used-to-be-hot Alicia Silverstone. All three look like shit. In fact, I have never seen a vegan OR vegetarian that looked healthy. Ghost white and skinny.

    Peta. You really will say anything. That shit might work on stupid little sluts like Brit and Pam. Some of us are a little smarter.

    Go kill your puppies and leave Brit alone. She’s OUR territory.

  11. Igottabemeeee

    #55 – That is “gee” as in vegetable, like a “j”. Got it? If she said it should be a hard “g” then slap her really hard and walk away.

    I think they have to wear sunglasses all the time because stupid paps are flashing cameras in their faces every second of their lives. They probably get a sunburn from so much flashbulb light.

    I think that Jack-in-the-Box should now make a Britney Burger with extra cheese and a side of milk. It’s a Britney Burger Bitch!

  12. Cap'n Pickles

    First of all, there is no scientific way you can link meat consumption to schizophrenia.

    Are they talking about “cancer?” Are you sure that isn’t “heart disease?” Cancer is either coded in your DNA or caused by carcinogens in the environment..

    That dude that hangs out with Amy Ho-house and Linda Blair are vegans. Not to mention the used-to-be-hot Alicia Silverstone. All three look like shit. In fact, I have never seen a vegan OR vegetarian that looked healthy. Ghost white and skinny.

    Peta. You really will say anything. That shit might work on stupid little sluts like Brit and Pam. Some of us are a little smarter.

    Go kill your puppies and leave Brit alone. She’s OUR territory.

  13. Erin

    Maybe PETA’s PR department could learn a lesson or two, but I think their message is still important if you can get past it. Most of the naysayers here are just too lazy and defensive of their current lifestyle to be more open-minded to a different philosophy — that it’s NOT normal for a species to subsist on another species’ milk, that it’s NOT normal for a species to continue to subsist on another species’ milk past infancy, and that if any of us personally witnessed 99% of the way meat/dairy is produced, we would not buy it nor be able to stomach it — literally and figuratively. I drink soy milk with my cereal. Tastes better anyways. Seriously. The vanilla kind is effing good.

  14. Celebrity Name Dropper

    I used to hang out with Jeffrey Dahmer before he started eating meat, and he was really awesome and cool, so not batshit. He only started acting crazy, killing people and eating them after he started eating meat, the consumption of which made him schizophrenic. If he’d stuck to beans, he never would’ve killed anyone and turned cannibal.

  15. James

    I love how the PETA letter leaves out the part of the RC study that said Seafood helps against depression. Or the part about refined sugars being as bad for schizophrenia as dairy.
    So basically she doesn’t need to be vegan she just needs to go on a damn diet.

  16. EuroNeckPain

    #61, thanks a lot ! I was hoping to find an excuse to slap her anyway.

  17. lys

    me + dairy = wet farts

  18. Kathleen

    @28 – only in the U.S. Muah ha ha ha ha!

  19. BunnyButt

    Eating meat and animal byproducts makes people crazy. PETA people are vegan. How, then, do they account for their behavior?

  20. Igottabemeeee

    Never need to look too hard for a reason to slap a stupid person, I always say. The world would be a better place.

    Notice how Britney walks ten paces in front of her mother? If I was her mother I’d slap her too. Someone obviously needs to. She has no respect for others, herself, or us the public.

  21. lys

    I like hunting, killing, and eating PETA people. Anybody want to swap recipes? MEAT IS MURDER AND MURDER IS GOOD

  22. FFSWTF


    1. PETA is bullshit, and
    2. Britney is crazy, no matter what she eats/drinks.

  23. @63

    Erin. I don’t think we’re lazy, just the kind of people that choose not to believe every biased film or publication put out by an organization to benefit thier own self interest. Nazi Germany produced Passion Plays. I guess that made the jew killing O.K.? I geuss watching that Iranian T.V. show about women submitting makes it O.K. to slap my wife around?

    By that letter, Peta just proved that they tweek the truth about mental health and food.

    Oh. I’m sorry. Investigation and getting other points of view is “lazy”. Believing everything somebody tells you is “open minded”. Have you ever been on a dairy farm, by the way? I have. They don’t work the way you’re saying. At least not the ones I was on.

    Just asking.

  24. Salesman Terry

    Hey, where can I get one of those “rape racks” to use at home on the wife?

  25. Erin

    @ @63 – Not sure if you read my post at all. I don’t see what the Nazi/Iranian TV example has to do with anything. True, a lot of news is self-serving and propaganda by nature. All those milk ads citing all those really reliable studies that say milk is essential for bone growth — that’s paid for by US dairy farmers. The Atkins Diet — someone was obviously in big beef’s pocket on that one. This is an obvious point that isn’t relevant.

    I’m not saying that you should listen to PETA or anyone at all for that matter, otherwise I’d be flipping back and forth from what dairy farmers are telling me and what PETA tells me. I’m saying that you should think about it from an unbiased perspective, and I’m agreeing with you in saying that you SHOULD get other points of view, do some research on your own, etc. My point simply was that you should look at the bare-bone facts and ask yourself, “Do I think that this is right? Then have your actions support your beliefs. Have some convictions. That’s all.

    I’ve been on a dairy farm too, and you’re right — it wasn’t that bad. It was in Vermont where people have some respect for the environment and for other beings apart from themselves. But have you been on the dairy farms that produce your food is the question. Probably not because most industrially-produced food suppliers will not open their doors to you because of what you’ll see there. If you have, though, bravo. You’re an exception.

    *Note that I said “99% of the way meat/dairy is produced”. I realize that there are some good farmers out there, ok. Don’t give yourself an ulcer.

  26. FFSWTF

    Let her be, you would be surprised to see how many tree-huggers-wannabe fall for PETA just because they stand for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”
    They are, indeed, too lazy to do their homework and read a little about this shit organization. Thinking drinking soy milk will save the planet… so cheesy.

  27. my comment

    Ever see two more miserable looking shoppers?

  28. hairdressertothestars

    The wheat and corn industries are just as self serving and lie about the benefits of all the bullshit processed crap they mass produce too. Just stop eating, people. That way you won’t be fat like Britney and you won’t crap your pants like Tyra.

  29. redsonja1313

    well she looks, and I use this term loosley…… She looks good …for her !!

  30. feg

    wasn’t it a week ago that Britney was screaming thru the halls of a psych ward that her mother had fucked her exhusband and was currently diddling her papparazzi boyfriend? how do we get to shopping together this week?
    I tell you what happened, Britney insisted she needed to get out & shop. Look at the mother, she looks irritated in every picture. She drew the short straw on babysitting Brit for the trip. Clearly.

  31. Definately the milk. That’s what makes Britney act like a bi-polar drunken attention whore. Milk should have some sort of warning label. Where is the surgeon general when you need them?!

  32. Nikk

    Oh, I dig her shoes.

  33. AMG

    I’m not a scientist so I could be way off, but the study PETA cites says, under “Clinical Implications and Limitations”, that diet could predict mental health outcomes because it’s linked with “sociocultural variables”, i.e. living situation, not necessarily because diet causes better outcomes. It also says “association does not prove causation” and “Further dietary intervention studies are required to test the hypothesis”. Also, as far as I can tell the study made no distinction between diets with extreme amounts of dairy/meat and diets with regular portions. To me that says PETA is being dishonest with words like “link” and “predict”. The study uses correlation to ask another hypothesis which it does not challenge. Anyway, if there is a causal link insulin could be involved.

  34. Uncle Eccoli

    Save a cow – eat a vegan.

  35. Because Satan told me so.

    I’m just throwing this out there for the hell of it….but…Peta is full of shit. That’s coming from a biologist that spends a mammoth amount of her time studying chemistry.
    Now, there is a link between annoying, smelly, emo vegans and lack of meat. Perhaps, had they received more sausage in their teens then they wouldn’t feel the need to annoy the rest of humanity.


    PETA is just another terrorist group, accept they wear leather and want to kill anyone that eats meat. Don’t they get it — leather and meat are all dead things from the same cow.

    Why is that Cross around Britney’s Mama’s neck so big. It’s got to be a fashion statement because I’m sure God doesn’t want to hear anymore of her whining.

    Britney looks knocked up and so does her Mom. They’ve got to stop sleeping with the same guys it is just gross.

  37. Celebutard Hater

    Milk has germs – True. Everything has germs (yes, even your expensive, imported bottled water has some).
    Milk was ment for calves -True, but we’re *also* milk drinking mammals and cow milk is a close enough match for us to drink it safely. Some even drink goat, sheep and even camel milk.

    Diary products make you psycho – Totally bogus. People from all over the world have the classic “two eggs w/ bread n’ butter” breakfast everyday. There’s still millions who consider yogurth a healthy product. Cheese is still pretty popular, I’m told. If diary products were the cause of even a one in a million case of maniac behaviour, people would inmediately notice.

    P.S. For all vegans out there:

    Tell you what: I will stop eating animals if people stops using them for all other purposes (clothes, glues, etc.)

  38. Dozer

    Personally I support People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals

  39. FFSWTF

    Ahwww noone gets your joke? He supports PUTA people, rofl!

    (For the clueless: puta means whore in spanish, thank you, no prob)

  40. face

    I love her songs and good face. She’s adorable. But is she lonely? I seem to see her profile on a celebrity dating site called She has a great profile with attractive photos there. What is she looking for there? Date, love, or friends…? Good luck!

  41. blaza

    hello why is her mother walking behind her look like crazy brit needs a baby sitter while she is shpoing hahaha sad very sad

  42. BallsNYC


  43. Ript1&0

    See, this is EXACTLY why I love you Fish, and hang out here.


    Or at least, PETA, please, we have a chance here to stop the hate. That’s right. Reading the Superficial is good for you. You just admitted you read it. Isn’t laughter more entertaining than fucking with people about what they eat? It’s important PETA, to laugh, you know. And maybe a little chicken. Just give it a minute, it will all become clear.

  44. 23apples

    I like that PETA said The Superficial was FODDER. Like… farm animals eat fodder! Get it?! PETA, animals, fodder!?!!

  45. Whinnyhouse

    SHe looks like SHIT – those jeans, those shoes, that hair. She’d look better if someone strapped her in a non functioning parachute and threw her out of a plane, she would look GREAT then.

  46. Whinnyhouse

    @6 – her shoes look GOOD?? are you fucking nuts? well you might not be nuts but you are clearly fashion blind and retarded. She’s look good with those shoes definitely, if the heels were embedded in her eye sockets.

  47. How dare Peta do this?! Is no one else absolutely enraged by their audacity? Fucking terrorists. When is someone going to assassinate Nazi Newkirk?

  48. Jas

    Am hardly a Britney fan, but it’s nice seeing her looking relatively well.. all things considered and what with the insanity she’s been thru over the last few weeks.

    Oh, and love her shoes, btw. I dont care what Whinnyhouse says. He/she obviously has Britney issues. ;Op

  49. Ferg

    PETA always manages to deliver on looking like idiots and being socially irresponsible. I am a strict vegetarian and would not in 100 years support these ignorant terrorists. Do they actually think that people are gonna believe this crap?!

  50. Haley

    This is great, it’s about time someone made the connection between animal products pumped full of chemicals and hormones and women behaving like lunatics. Kudos to PETA–and nice of them to give the blog a shout out too, they have high traffic to their blog so we should see some new peeps here.

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