Britney Spears + dairy = crazy? Okay, sure

February 13th, 2008 // 117 Comments

PETA sent Jamie and Lynne Spears a letter of concern about Britney. PETA believes that Britney’s consumption of meat and dairy products is making her batshit crazy and want to help. Their reason (Warning: Shameless plug coming.): “The letter suggests putting the suffering star on a vegan diet to help her get her emotional and physical health back to a place where it won’t be daily fodder for Perez and The Superficial.” Nice. Here’s an excerpt of the now-open letter from PETA’s website:

In addition, the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K. studied the relationship between mental disorders and the consumption of meat, dairy, and other animal products and concluded that “a higher national dietary intake of… dairy products predicted a worse two-year outcome of schizophrenia.” They also concluded that a higher consumption of meat was linked to a worsening of schizophrenia, while consumption of beans–a vegetarian protein source–was linked to improvements. In addition, the Mental Health Sanctuary in Washington advises people with bipolar disorder to avoid dairy products.

While the medical link between mental illness and meat and dairy consumption is still evolving, there is no doubt that eating animal products is a major factor in causing other diseases, including the top killers in the U.S. According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians are less prone to heart disease, specific types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity than meat-eaters. While switching to a vegan diet might very well benefit Britney’s mental health, it would undoubtedly benefit her physical health.

I love how at the end of this letter PETA basically says “Oh yeah, and also Britney’s kind of fat.” Is it really about the mental health, PETA, or do you just want Britney to drop a few pounds? Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only organization out there who feels the same way. I hear NASA is building an exercise machine that launches Britney into orbit if she doesn’t lose 10 pounds in a week.

P.S. Kudos again for the plug. With the increased site traffic I can buy that combination veal farm/fur coat factory I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, PETA!


  1. Kisha

    check her out on

  2. TS

    FIRST you meatless cunts

  3. Pete

    It’s true, it’s all diet related. She’s crazy because of a childhood menu that was way too heavy on the Jamie sausage with salted tapioca.

  4. Kisha

    check her out on

  5. Grunion

    Would Britney tossing my salad count as a veggie meal?

  6. Lisa

    Her shoes FINELY look good, and the clothes are ok too. Maybe she’s working on this dairy diet thing..?

  7. mememe

    i don’t understand why the first step her dad took wasn’t to make her wash her hair…not being a nappy headed ho is a very basic step on the road to recovery

  8. The White Urkle

    I’ll give her all my “non-dairy creamer” every morning in her mouth. Well, maybe a little on her chin.

  9. mememe

    i don’t understand why the first power her dad exerted wasn’t to make her wash her hair…not being a nappy headed ho is a very basic step on the road to recovery

  10. FloorScrapers

    Those saggy ass tits are going to be around her ankles soon.

  11. Jumpin_J

    Here’s a novel idea, dance a little more and cut the Frappacinos. Duh.

  12. Sara

    Haha PETA mentioned you!! Congrats, you’re as popular as Perez now.

  13. tracy sanders

    a vegan diet prevents cancer? Tell that to Linda McCartney…PETA is full of shit….leafy, fiberous shit…..

  14. tracy sanders

    a vegan diet prevents cancer? Tell that to Linda McCartney…PETA is full of shit….leafy, fiberous shit…..

  15. petas propaganda

    talk about batshit crazy!!!! and i guess not getting enough amino acids and other essential minerals makes you sane.

  16. Magoo

    im a member of peta damm it you know People that Eat Tasty Animals hell yea bbq chicken and ribs for all

  17. Magoo

    im a member of peta damm it you know People that Eat Tasty Animals hell yea bbq chicken and ribs for all

  18. Anonymous


    “FINELY” look good???

    Please, just fuck off.

  19. karen

    16 and 17. old man. really old.

  20. trident

    all she needs is a strapless bra with a tight tank top underneath the shirt she is wearing, maybe put her hair in a low pony tail.. she wouldn’t look too crazy.

    she should start wearing bras, and fix her hair i think. no more red lipstick

  21. TS

    Primarily, let me just say that I never have, nor will I ever do something as retarded as to claim “FIRST” you can take your unoriginality and go fuck your mother. I just did and I must admit she was surprisingly good for a 400 lb. skank.

    And did anyone notice Britney’s Bologna tits in the last picture? Very below average for a 26 year old woman.

  22. The Office Whore

    they should have offered her a faux fur piece for her fivehead..

  23. gerog

    OMFG, will someone do something with Britney’s hair!?!?! It’s is the nastiest nest of grossness I’ve ever seen. Like, please? Someone get a weed-whacker and cut the nasty hair off!!

  24. Peta papa

    She’s been looking better ever since her Dad started feeding her his special protein drink. Again.

  25. The Office Whore

    ooOOOooo, I knew TS would come back with something…. oh, how he hates first callers!!!!!!

  26. socialcommentary

    There’s no better way to completely invalidate your cause than by attaching yourself to a whirlwind of media vomit like Britney spears.

    Funny, in the past I never really made fun of them for their convictions. I see I was mistaken in doing that.

  27. Johnny Fucktard

    haha! Read it and weep 28, I’m 27th!

    Poop shits and die suckers!

  28. Tracy

    Putting Britney and Peta aside for a moment, I think it’s important for any milk drinker to know how the beverage is processed.

    Cows are artificially inseminated while strapped to what the dairy industry calls a “rape rack.” Dairy cows are milked even when suffering from mastitis, a bacterial infection in their udders. Blood, pus and bacteria are pumped out along with the milk.

    Cow’s milk was intended for calves to grow large in a short time. It wasn’t intended for people.

  29. lipper

    Those jeans are hot. And really digging those heels. *drools*

    Beyond that, just don’t look up and all is fine. Jesus, I know others have stated this but will someone wash her nappy hair? PPFFFFT! Can you imagine what it smells like? Spunk and cigarettes. MMM!!!!

  30. Ted from LA

    If God didn’t want us to eat cows he would not have made them taste so good.

  31. Fuck PETA and Tracy too

    #28 – shut the fuck up, you mut have had hippy parents that fed you bean curd instead of milk so your brain didn’t develop in the 1st two years of your life.

  32. The Office Whore

    28- That’s why I stick to beer. There’s even bacteria in water! gasp!! plus beer makes me smrt..

  33. lipper

    Beer does the body good.

    *gulps gulps*

    .. and I love to chase it with some milk that has pus and blood in it! *insert milk mustache*

  34. brookelynn

    “With the increased site traffic I can buy that combination veal farm/fur coat factory I’ve had my eye on. Thanks, PETA!”


  35. old yeller


  36. nipolian

    I’m not so sure that Brit is the craziest one in these pics. Why in the fuck is mama Spears dressed exactly like Brit and wearing sunglasses inside? Is she so delusional that she thinks she is a star because people are taking pictures of her? What a complete fucktard, I almost feel sorry for Bri………..Nah, she’s a crazy, hillbilly skank.

  37. no brainer

    If we aren’t suppose to eat animals, why are they made of neat?

  38. tight lipped smiler

    Sounds like PETA is trying to exploit Brit for their own agenda same as everybody else.

  39. @32, Hey Office Whore, Don’t you know where beer comes from? They take hops and barley and force them in to a “rape tank” where the lock them in the dark for 60 days (30 if you are the cheep beer like Coors) with lots of water until they are spewing alcohol. They are then disposed of like trash..

  40. no brainer


  41. The Bor

    As my man Sir Charles Barkley says “Animals are only good for two things, eatin and wearin”. F off Peta F off.

    PS I didn’t know there is meat in Cheetos, go figure.

  42. Jen

    Look at how much fast food she eats. All that crap causes problems.

  43. idl3mind

    eating meat and dairy doesn’t make you crazy. living in LA will make you crazy though

  44. aeuwave

    it is a shame that britney’s mom has better tits than her…………

  45. capital markets

    39 – that made me laugh. thank you.

  46. S

    I can’t believe the PETA idiots beat the Scientology idiots in the milking free publicity department. Scientology needs to hook up with Dr. Phil.

    /I am going to submit this ONLY once; if it shows up twice, then the problem is TS’s fault.

  47. Ike

    The people of PETA have TOO much time on their hands.
    I thought I saw a lady from PETA with a mini-stallion in a video once. No?

  48. Costco:It's What's For Dinner

    If PETA takes the Frap out of Britney’s Frapaccinos, Britney will eat them.

  49. D. Richards (Sadist.)

    Who does PETA they think they are telling people that a person can’t abuse an animal to death? How Un-American. Next to baseball, and drug abuse, killing animals for no reason at all is America’s most favorite activity.

    If America stops harvesting fur from the mother’s of beautiful baby minks and foxes, the terrorists win.

    Seriously: That’s some shit taste to send Britney a letter explaining that her mental illnesses are due to drinking milk, and eating meat. You know you’ve hit the bottom of the human food-chain when PETA takes a shot at your degradation.

  50. gotmilk?

    hey 31, i don’t think you’re suppose to give babies cow’s milk. nice try though.

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