Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus & Heidi Montag make Baby Jesus cry. Support gay marriage.

April 22nd, 2009 // 171 Comments

In a surprising move considering their open faith in Christianity, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag all took to their Twitter accounts to support gay marriage after the brouhaha caused by Miss California’s (above) Miss USA “biblically correct” pageant speech. Here’s what they had to say via Us Magazine:

Britney Spears:
“Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!”

Miley Cyrus:
“Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much He cares! Like I said, everyone deserves to be happy.”

Heidi Montag:
“God says in the Bible that we should love our neighbor and He created us all as equals. I know in my heart that gays and lesbians should have the same government rights that Spencer and I will when we get married. So, yes, this blonde Christian believes in gay marriage.”

The Superficial:
“And I’m switching sides. Sorry, gay marriage. To the Prop 8′er who pulled off this little coup, seriously, well played. You guys really are organized. See you at the bake sale!”

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  1. Que

    Que triple threat.


  3. Damm You Que!!!! LOL

  4. billy bob thorton

    when heidi and spencer get married we will have a “gay” marriage.

  5. Venom

    Heidi, the Republican party will not be very happy with you…

  6. sonny

    Third! Which one would you most like to bang or punch in the face?

  7. dethbyrd

    getting tired of this topic. and who gives a shit what perez hilton thinks.

  8. justifiable

    Gaah, could Montag be any more self serving and self-referential? Love that free wedding plug, Heidi – you’re like a blonde Star Jones, only more annoying. Talk about the toxic kiss of death – you know Obama called when they switched teams and told her and douchebag Spencer to go back to supporting McCain.

  9. Que

    Que play Marry, Bang, and Kill.

    Que start.

    Kill: Heidi
    Bag: Britney
    Marry: Miley (only option left…when old enough, que no molester)

    Mi amigos give it a turn!

  10. WP

    Heidi looks as stupid as she sounds in that pic. That’s really sayin’ something.

  11. sin

    Put them all together and you still have an IQ of under 100. None of these people live in the real world so their ideas and thoughts are useless.

  12. Tanner

    Yet no one is commenting on Perez Hilton’s highly inappropriate question. I mean, seriously, did he think that asking a politcally-charged, highly emotional question like that would have a good result? She states her opinion in a fairly respectful way, and the Hollywood B-list is up in arms.

    Besides, I thought someone said that CELEBRITIES were upset. I haven’t seen any yet.

  13. Turd Ferguson

    @4, LOL!
    You beat me to it.

  14. Pilatunes

    Heidi’s legs look great in that picture. God, it pains me to say nice shit about her.

  15. Randal

    It’s refreshing to know that in today’s day and age, celebrities are in touch with what’s happening in the world and the events that change people to be the great individuals they are. Step out of the dark ages and into the light. The Lord loves all.


  16. Internet Awesome

    To 11, Sin:

    “None of these people live in the real world so their ideas and thoughts are useless.”

    And Miss California does? Tell me what’s happening in this “real world.” Are The Gays looting and pillaging? Stealing our women?

    I love that bullshit excuse for when a celeb doesn’t agree with you. “Oh, what do they know?” Although, in this instance, it involves Heidi Montag, so you get partial credit.

  17. Shame on you fools who spend your time on negro loving gossip sites.
    The only reason why these exist is to further the reptilian agenda of their handlers who know of their savage ways. Keep in mind no matter how
    civil they might behave, in the end the ape lies within their primitive cortex.

    Prepare for the coming years as Obama will have to make a decision between the American people and the apes that voted him in for the
    almighty handout. For the sympathizers, I’d like to see you walk/live
    in a black area and then make your decision before you deride my words.

    To hell with the apes that respond, you were only trained to utter the
    words that YT taught you and think with the program that was fed you.
    You are irrelevant. You already know the truth.

  18. shalalala

    love the gays! yayayay

  19. b

    Wow, Gay marriage will make serious headway with all these intelligent people backing it!!! Perez hilton needs to die of aids. Fags need waterboarding, not marriage.

  20. justifiable

    Oh, fuck off, you sad silly attention whore.

  21. justifiable edited

    #18 Oh, fuck off, you sad silly attention whore.

  22. Harry Doyle

    Britney Spears:
    “Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!”

    Miley Cyrus:
    “Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much He cares! Like I said, everyone deserves to be happy.”

    Well, I want to marry a 12 year old, why is that not ok? How about a pig, or a goat, or dog? If that is what I am in love with, why can’t I? Where does it stop?

  23. saw it, called it

    @20 you need a lobotomy, not a computer.

  24. Jaron

    I’m not sure Britney, Miley, or Heidi are the best people to base your opinions after but whatever floats your boat! I’d stick with Carrie before any of those attention whores/media puppets!

  25. Objection sustained

    LOL @ 23

    If you’re being ironic, that was funny. If you’re being serious, I feel bad for you.

  26. Perez

    Hooray people are talking about me and my bullshit agenda! Yay!

  27. justifiable

    #23 Harry, you moron, it’s not legal for anyone to marry a 12 year old, be they hetero or otherwise, because they’re below the age of consent, which is 17-18 years old in most states. And no animal can enter into a civil contract, which is what marriage is. When your dog is a citizen and can vote and pay taxes, then get back to us. You can’t enter into a civil contract like marriage if you’re a minor/below the age of consent, mentally impaired (this one’s for you), an illegal resident, or there’s an existing contract that prevents it.

    Try confining your love to your own species and someone who is a lot more intelligent that you are – that way any kids yoiu have will only be dull-normal.

  28. Dave Dieckmann

    This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard, and it is certainly NOT newsworthy. People are entitled to thier opinion. If Miss CA doesn’t believe in same sex marriage, fine. If someone else does believe in it, fine also. It’s an opinion, Period.

    To flood the news channels with this absolutely worthless story is a waste of everyone’s time. Grow up, people. Find something important to worry about. There are plenty of issues that qualify.

  29. Objection sustained

    Uhhh 29, this isn’t a news site. It’s custom designed for worthless stories.

  30. frank

    I don’t think Heidi or Miley have read the Bible a day in their life. Can Britney read, at all?

  31. Hilarious

    Since she knew it was going to be over, she should have just said “I’m sorry Perez, but God hates fags”. Now THAT would have been newsworthy!

  32. Harry Doyle


    I guess you didn’t get the sarcasm out of it. Marriage is designed for a man and a woman to be together to further life. Faggots can not make babies. Don’t get into an argument about “raising” children. I am not talking about that, so I will stop you there. I’m also not arguing about divorces and that there are some bad parents out there, that is off topic. It is UN-NATURAL to be gay, PERIOD. Don’t bring in science for lesbo’s either, artificial insemination is UN-NATURAL as well, just because we have the technology to do something does not mean we should use it.

  33. JPRichardson

    None of them are addressing the issue, actually.

    Same sex couples SHOULD INDEED have the right to legalize their union so that they feel protected by law, but I don’t see the need of this union having the same quality as regular, opposite sex marriages. Family is the foundation of society; marriage, in principle, is an institution in which the state acknowledges the committment of two persons to establish a new family. Whether you like it or not, same sex couples cannot be considered a family, since they can’t procreate, and even their ability to raise healthy children is matter of debate up to this date.

    So, should there exist a legal way by which the State acknowledges the union of same sex couples, yes. Should legally bond same sex couples have rights as a couple, yes. Should same sex couples be allowed to marry, or should their marriage be equal to that of opposite sex couples, or should their union be called marriage at all, a big NO.

    By the way, this legal union among two persons that live together, no matter their genre and or personal relation, exists in other countries and is called cohabitation or coexistence society.

  34. Awesome

    #32 – AND Hilarious. That would have been killer.

    I understand that Alicia Silverstone and other A-Listers also joined Britney and her pals in supporting Perez.

    Now tell me, what do Paris and Kim and Lindsay and Amy think about this? Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned here at the Superficial, these people are the folks we should be listening to…

    Somebody tell Perez to climb back into his hole.

  35. case

    Let’s be honest. The majority of the so called stars that are speaking out here are either gay and angry or shallow twits who have fading stars. This puts them back in the camera for a brief moment but also shows exactly why they are fading. I find all of the anger and insults that are coming out of her answer to be quite telling about these so called role models. They are angry, shallow, and have no class at all and are acting like children in grade school with the names. It’s laughable.

    Can someone tell me when exactly Perez got enough star power to be at the pageant? A gay man at a female pageant! That is so damn funny and after this pretty much will taint the thing for years to come. They pageant has been a joke for years and this event cements that.

    Did you see Perez in his tirade online. That’s one angry lil gay guy. Wouldn’t be surprised if we all wake up one day and see he is crippled from a stroke due to high blood pressure.

  36. Matthew

    Oh no, Hollywood twits say gay marriage is right so it must be so!

    Superficial writer- you don’t have to support the fag Perez because he’s another celebrity blogger. This site is very hetero- let’s keep it that way.

  37. blazing heart rate

    #19 i am horrified at your existense, you make the bile rise in my stomach, why did you come here to this silly guilty pleasure-esque website if only to bash it? you have not heart, no soul, no blood running through your body, you are worse then a piece of shit covered in flies, please have a head injury so you can wake up with amnesia

  38. PJM

    –Britney Spears:
    “Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!”–

    REPOST from:

    “Britney Explains why Pure Columbian Uncut Blow is path to enlightenment”

  39. joe m

    If these people want to engage in sex with their parents or siblings
    or dogs and horses,they should do it.
    They should not force perversion on the rest of us.
    I still support Britney. She needs our prayers.

  40. blazing heart rate

    #18 i am horrified at your existense, you make the bile rise in my stomach, why did you come here to this silly guilty pleasure-esque website if only to bash it? you have not heart, no soul, no blood running through your body, you are worse then a piece of shit covered in flies, please have a head injury so you can wake up with amnesia

    NOT 19, you rock 19, i apologize for the mix up!

  41. testington

    Ms. California only hates gays because some homo tricked her into wearing that hideous dress

  42. Joe Melnick

    All she did was agree with the President, the Vice President and the majority of California voters. Is that a crime now?

  43. Why

    Why the fuck would anyone WANT to get married? Gay’s should be glad its not allowed, think of all the money and grief you save!

  44. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I could have expected it from these.Low IQ and having a great desire to be popular.

  45. Armando

    People reproduce – gays need to recruit. That Miss Cali only said what most of America including Brack “Jesus” Obama believes is not insulting. What is insulting is all the pandering to to that ugly queen Perez, that thing can’t get laid by either sex. If gays don’t like the fact that VOTERS keep dissing their right to marry, then can always go back to their usual routine – smoking pole in park bathrooms or bath houses.

  46. sadie ann

    I need to never EVER read these kinds of comments (exluding the nice ones which are few and far between) or post them – this will be the last time – poeple are so incredibly fucked, why on earth do we take the time to invest negative emotion in something that has nothing to do with us – marriage has nothing to do with anyone but the two poeple involved, we are at war right now and this is what we are taking the time to debate over?!?!?!? this is a war on love and poeple being poeple, who gives a SHIT about who wants to marry who, its none of our business you ASSHOLES!

  47. justifiable

    #33 People who can’t have kids marry every day and no one stops them. If they’re sterile that’s not natural, either. Just as birth control outside of the rhythm method isn’t “natural”. But if they’re childless they get the same LEGAL benefits as people who have kids. So by your argument, that shouldn’t be allowed if they can’t reproduce.

    #34 The “legal union” you refer to in other societies is called “marriage”. I also think you mean “gender” not “genre”. Unmarried co-habitation already exists in this country, and it doesn’t have the same legal benfits of licensed marriage – one’s legal status doesn’t change as there’s no legal contract.

    In Europe, you have to have a civil ceremony of marriage and sign the contract before you can have any religious ceremony. The government is quite clear that it administers the legal and civil contract, the church or whatever religious body you wish is the one that sanctifies the marriage in a separate event. If you don’t ever have a religious ceremony, you’re still married. Just as you are if you get married before a judge or justice of the peace in this country.

  48. Nero

    What’s next? Gays want to be prom queen as well?

  49. puzzled

    #33 I’m not married and I had a kid. How the hell did that happen?

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