Britney Spears still getting work done

April 18th, 2007 // 107 Comments

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  1. HollyJ


  2. HollyJ

    She’s still BALD and STUPID, no matter how great her thighs look. And she’s had K-Fed ejaculate all over/on/in her, which may possibly be THE grossest fluids history on earth

  3. Philip Ramirez

    That sign in thing is retarded…. If you don’t have javascript enabled it tells you that validation failed even though it really didn’t. To make matters worse, when you try to view the comments the same stupid message shows instead of the comments. I don’t see why you need javascript for a simple user login.

    Anyways, she’ll always be a bald fatty in my eyes.

  4. Troller

    Leg warmers over cowboy boots.
    I thought leg-warmers couldn’t get any worse.
    and another thing….
    Why would someone wearing a wig – put the fake hair into a pony-tail? Why not just take the damn wig off?

    I hate her.

  5. chaunceygardner

    It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you’re not working.

    Also, she doesn’t know this, but while she’s getting all this work done, her babysitter is putting her baby in the MICROWAVE. But, the babysitter doesn’t turn it on – it’s just the excitement of knowing that it can be done.

  6. LilRach

    Ha ha you can see her real hair under the wig! Hasn’t grown much.

    And i was just wondering – where are her kids? Does she even have anything to do with them anymore? They must be “so last month ya’ll!” It seems like all she cares about is getting her career back on track. Selfish fucking bitch.

  7. Luly

    Wow, she looks great! Britney’s coming back!!

  8. cm

    Hooker dress, a fedora and fishnets. Looks like she’ll be hitting the streets, looking for action. Who cares about her singing? That is so old news. What a loser.

  9. HappyFunBalls

    You can still show a film on that ass.

  10. She must have the worst sinuses ever–she really can’t close her mouth.

    Lipo and white teeth, good. Now get a stylist pronto, and she might actually lose the crack-whore look altogether. Courtney Love will be pleased to reassume the throne.

  11. HappyFunBalls

    People don’t eat out her vagina, her vagina eats people.

  12. endometriorama

    she’s a piece of shit, pure and simple. the worst part is i know her bullshit career will be revived. unless one of her kids dies, the retarded masses will learn to love her again and buy whatever bile comes shooting out of her mouth. and since she’s been “famous” for about 8 years she’ll be applauded for sticking in tha biz and compared to madonna once again.


  13. King Ray

    That’s totally Darren from Darrens Dance Moves dancing with her.


  14. Gerald Tarrant

    She lost weight? I think I found it. Arms, chin, ass, back, legs. She must have just had cheeto powder in her eyes when she thought she got a miracle weight loss shot.

  15. TJH

    Is it me or has this site sold out to commercials? Now, you can’t move your cursor unless it hits a “trap” word that exposes an ad, the entire sides of the page are ads…Gawd Dayum!!!


  16. Pikachelsea

    She looks like a prostitute. No surprises here, folks. Fishnet stockings and a slutty skirt that barely covers her arse-flaps… real classy look for a mother of two.

  17. 1MILFhunter

    She probably is getting back to normal. Her bush is back to full growth status and the teeth in her vajayjay are back in place.

  18. woodhorse

    Keep it up BritBrit!! The only ones I can bring myself to hate are Avril Lavigne and Paris, not necessarily in that order.

  19. HoboChic

    Is that Djimon Hounsou with her?

  20. islandgirl

    OOPS! she did it again… oh pl she’ll never be the queen of pop again……but she might breed agian and pop somthing else out in the future.

  21. NicotineEyePatch

    That hat she’s wearing or those sunglasses each might pay my rent for a goddamned month, and she slaps them on with a cheap ponytailed wig. Not only that, but look at the elastic on that ponytail. She’s been surrounded by the best things in life for how long? And she still doesn’t know how to appreciate anything?

    She does not know how to be a refined person. No amount of rehab will ever, ever change that. She is a goddamned hillbilly, and her lack of impulse control is regularly indulged. Her public insanity was her way of saying she absolutely cannot be trusted to handle fame. Why is she on a comeback trail? Who are the support system whose care she should have been released into, and why are they advocating this?
    Her public denial is getting rather painful to watch. Of course she has to be fucked up to pretend she’s Britney Spears Big Star. Because she’s not as good at it as other people, or she grew out of it.
    Either way, it needs to be stopped.

    When I start feeling compassionate, they’ve gone too far, dammit.

  22. Conky

    Her choice of hats is getting worse every day.

  23. LadyJane

    You know, a while ago, SuperFish was awesome, it intro’d a LOT of people into online fame….I’ll not mention any names, since I’m fucking most of them now, but a year ago, this site was so fucking cool…. now, not so much. Who is this new ‘Fish dude? You SUCK!!!!! God….

  24. dirk691

    Brit looks awesome. don’t think she had surgery…possibly a tummy tuck after the babies, but that leaves a HUGE scar…so i dunno. She looks like she might have lost 15 lbs or so. can’t wait for her come-back. America is in need of a trashy yet awesome pop-tart ! love u brit

  25. iamsosmrt

    1. In a world where young people die because they are trying to get an education, this mentally challenged designer clothes wearing, mansion owning multi millionaire blessed with two healthy children feels sorry for HER FUCKING SELF

    2.She’s still fat and bald

    3. She needs about 300 more fat melting injections( and ya that sounds damn safe and healthy)

    4. Her neck scares me and is gross

    5. She has incredibly short stumpy fat legs.

    6. She ALWAYS looks like she picked her clothes out in the dark from the reject bin at the Salvation Army.

    7. She is a mentally challenged spoiled little retard with absolutely no class who speaks like the uneducated hick she will always be.

    8. Anyone who disagrees obviously looks as bad or worse so it’s really like insulting yourself if you defend her still fat ass.

    9. This selfish bitch needs to take a fucking look around and grow the fuck up.

  26. iamsosmrt

    10. Britney Spears is the definition of celebrity and there are few things on earth more filthy and worthless than celebrities.

  27. ptprez


    …i feel the same…

    …i think i love you…

  28. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Damn, she’s getting all this work done and she’s still in her early 20′s. By the time she’s 30, she probably gonna end up looking like jenna jameson.

  29. He looks younger and healthier – seems to have that healthy glow again like she had years ago.

  30. shittylips

    #28 hahahahahahaha Jenna hahahahahahaha!!!
    U Shitme Spears, get over your stupid self.

  31. crystalljackson

    Her neck is Macho Man Randy Savage thick.

  32. Do Freebird

    What-ever happened to the two children that she HAD to have primary custody of? Did she microwave them and eat them with grits? Did she get come home from a drunken lesbo orgy with a couple of slut dancers that she found in a club, then come home and crush thier skulls with he stiletto heels? Or did she do it the old fashion Louisiana way and shove their head down an unflushed toilet, until they drowned in their own piss and shit?

  33. How is this pop tart walking around dressed like a hooker in the street w/out a bodyguard? I can’t walk around in public alone dressed like a stripper (or in her case hooker)w/out getting attacked and I’m not famous! And I find it most annoying when random guys try to talk to me in the street, like they are her, and she seems thrilled by it. I guess she really is a hooker at heart. But she does all the paying so she is a backwards ass ho!

  34. krbcan

    Well — she might have lost some weight. But she will still be a tacky, stupid, hygiene-challenged, immature bad mother. No matter how much weight she loses, her image is irreparably damaged (by her own actions).

  35. Hurry Britney before you use up all your fame!

  36. Hemlock Queen

    fishdoode must have been retarded when he said Britney looked good. She still looks flabby and out of shape. Those druggin, boozy days took their toll. I can’t even mention the horrid outfit. Okay I can. One word. Trailer-trash! (or is that two words? whatever)

  37. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Her legs may be in shape, but by God she still has jowls. And I don’t give a fuck what happens to her career, her #1 job is being a mother and she is clearly not interested. Makes me fucking SICK. I know this is the Superficial & all but in reality her boys are what matter most. She has money for every medical & mental resource in the world, yet she refuses to get medicated and start acting normally. The longer she ignores those babies the more I hate her. Lohan is even looking good at this point. At least that dumb ho isn’t procreating.

  38. You never see her with her babies anymore :-(

  39. FRIST!!!

    What? She has babies???

  40. Ok, alright, I NEVER was a Britney fan. I like bands like Korn, and Tool….but when she attacked that photographer with that green umbrella, I thought, maybe just maybe she was somebody I could relate to. But then she did that sarcasm “the world is so NICE” thing, and I lost what little respect for her that I had. But even still, she LOOKS way better than I do!
    So, we are all a little superficial, right?

  41. DangerR

    This women has never had style, im not so sure why everyones shocked. I mean, she wore a red catsuite once and a flight attendant outfit that basically had puffy pirate sleeves. Also she showed up once in a biker outfit. Her srunchie, her fishnets with the tacky cowboy hat and boots and 80′s flash dance leg warmers come to no shock. Brittany is slowly loosing her shock factor, unfortunately for her because we all know she just loved it.

  42. AngryD

    Why is she even wearing a wig? we all know she’s bald!

    have some balls Britney and embrace what you’ve done to yourself you mangey slap heed!

  43. kamihi

    Er – so this is looking good? I think she looks damned stupid, the hats, the wig, the fishnets, the leg warmers, her figure is OK I never thought it wasn’t (even in her beating cars with umbrellas days) but she looks damned ridiculous and am surrpised anyone would think different, its like saying “Michael Jackson is not a paedophile” – LUDICROUS.

  44. AngryD

    oh, and she’s the next Michael Jackson

    except at least he lost his hair cos it went on feer, jeez!

  45. Liverpool FC


  46. A

    I think she’s getting that booty back!

  47. kacsing

    Shots that melt fat? How do I get me some of that????? OH yeah, gotta have a zillion dollars,right?

  48. She’s looking fuckable again.

    How long before she shows up in Penthouse?

  49. Paris_is_a_piece_of_shit

    sigh…..brittney spears…..ehhhh…yawn.

    seriously……enough already.

    i can understand making fun of her for her boozing, the k-fed debacle, shaving her head, etc., but you know you guys must be hard up for stories when you are still knocking her when it appears she’s trying to pull herself back together.

    c’mon, didn’t rosie o’donnel eat someone today? didn’t pete doherty snort drugs off of lohan’s snatch? gotta be something better out there…..go find me some nipples bitches.

  50. jaffo

    Maybe it’s just me, but in order to stage a ‘comeback’ don’t people have to actually want to see or hear you? I mean, i’m no ‘scientician’, but I get the strong feeling that K-Fed jizz acts like mosquito repellent for the general public. ‘Tired of all those annoying “friends” and “admirers”? Well now with just ONE SHOT of Dr. K-Fed’s patented man chowder, you too can be less sexually desirable than Liza Minelli and more of a social pariah than O.J. Simpson! Remember–Dr. K-Fed’s man chowder, a little dab’ll do ya!’

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