Britney Spears might be hooked on drugs

December 8th, 2006 // 118 Comments

britney-spears.jpgIn Touch Weekly is claiming that Britney Spears has turn to medication to help with her split from Kevin Federline and has been spotted carrying several types of anti-depressants in her purse.

On November 27 Britney dined at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood – where she was also spotted carrying a glass of red wine out to her car before taking the wheel – and during a visit to the powder room a fellow diner caught a glimpse inside her handbag. The source told In Touch Weekly magazine: “It looked like a pharmacy in there – I have never seen so many pills. There was a bottle of Paxil, an antidepressant, and a bottle of Xanax, which treats anxiety, that she took out and put on the counter.” The directions for both these drugs state they should not be mixed with alcohol.

Wow, like a pharmacy, huh? That sure is a lot of pills. And I bet they’re not even exaggerating. Because if I know In Touch (and I’m pretty sure I do) they’re the most accurate reporters of truth since Abraham Lincoln. The only reason their writers don’t have more Pulitzers is because they’ve all been disqualified for being too honest.


  1. Thikzipr

    37 & 47 — friggin’ idiots — beware — TZ is coming

  2. Thikzipr

    and can’t leave you out 40

  3. Tracy

    Britney is hooked on bad fashion.

  4. Rachel

    OK lets think about this Britney spears just had a kid for her to be on anti-depressents is not a huge deal since a lot of women deal with depression after child birth and secondly a lot of people in general deal with depression-to be exact one in three people have it. And for her to be taking an anxiety pill as well is pretty much the same deal. The two pills mentioned can be mixed unlike what #37 said. I know a lot of people with both depression and anxiety and I happen to know someone who is on those two particular pills right now. In touch is made up of a bunch of morons, britney spears is not even close to a “pharmancy”-at least when you are just talking about thsoe pills

  5. annhedonia

    Britney set the pill bottles on the counter so she could get to the baggy of chrystal meth that she keeps under wraps next to her under wear. Thats what Star magazine reported anyway.

    Hey…don’t shoot the messenger.


  6. BarbadoSlim

    How FUCKED UP do you have to be to do such silly things. Let’s see here, she has financial security (for now), she got rid of Earl, she still has somewhat of an unconditional following and she has children.

    Stay the fuck home and live in peace with your fucking kids. Act like you have some fucking sense.

    But she won’t

  7. Solaera

    You’d have to be on drugs to think that that outfit looked good. WTF? That is an unflattering, hideous dress…and the knot…a knot? Fuck it. I give up.

  8. tsarinaamanda

    Well, as much as I hate Shitstain Spears, I have to say that I myself have anxiety and depression, and I have been prescribed Paxil in the past (I have been on Xanax for the past 5 years). While Paxil didn’t do SHIT for me except make me sleep for 3 days straight, it isn’t impossible to be prescribed those two drugs together, especially if you are someone like me who has been through every goddamn drug they make for depression/anxiety. They have to kinda experiment to find the best combo for your problem, so it isn’t too farfetched. I will say that if she IS drinking while on them, she will get SERIOUSLY fucked up. I have drank ONE glass of wine with Paxil AND Xanax, and I had to be CARRIED out of the restaurant by my ex. So if she’s stupid enough to drink while on these medications, then I can almost understand the whole trashy look, the vag flashing, and all the other problems this trailer park trash has. It’s still not an excuse though, the fucking pill bottle SAYS RIGHT ON IT…”DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION”. I was stupid and thought I could have one glass of wine because it wasn’t like i was really drinking to get drunk, but it DID fuck me up. But Shitstain seems to be going out to BARS and pounding back the drinks, which is just stupid. It’s like she hasn’t learned anything from the crotch flashing, so if she’s stupid enough to keep on doing it…I’m gonna keep on laughing at the Beverly Hillbilly.

  9. BoognishRising

    Anxiety? Depression??? Brit, you can screw any witless loser you wish and have money coming out the ass. What the FUCK do have to be depressed about?

  10. Grope For Luna

    58. I knew I had you pegged from that meltdown in the other thread. You are a fucking train wreck!

    That myspace page looks like a suicide note. Nothing like an old skin-popping gutter slut to be doling out parental advice.

  11. MoveLikeaJellyfish

    Wasn’t it George Washington- not Abe Lincoln?

  12. Ugly dress…

  13. ugly dress…

  14. EJ


    Grope for Luna, given that you are such a Brit fan, you now have to either:

    a) Admit that Brit is “a fucking train wreck” because SHE is on the same anti-depressants as 58, or

    b) You can apologize to 58 for being a worthless piece of cunt gum.

    We eargerly await your head exploding as you grapple with logic for the first (and last) time. :)

  15. happy_bunny

    Like the woman in the bathroom could really read the labels on some pill bottles by glancing into a purse.

    BTW, WTF is Brit wearing? I thought she was supposed to be hot again.

  16. somechick

    why does she always have to pull up her skirts and this dumb twist-ball thing looks dumb. Also she should have worn boots with heels.

  17. schadenfreudelicious

    A day without Clitney’s cooter is like a day without sunshine……nope actually it’s more like a day where I dont throw up in my mouth a little bit…..

  18. happy_bunny

    Posted by schadenfreudelicious on December 9, 2006 6:01 PM

    … throw up in my mouth a little bit…..

    *Places stock pot over head. Clangs stock pot with metal spoon*

  19. It may be obvious, but someone needs to say it, and Christopher Walken may have said it best.

    Go, girl! You’re saying, “I may be a huge, steaming hunk of fat hog, but that’s me, take it or leave it, buddy!” Right?

  20. HollyJ

    I thought you had to have a brain with legitimate thought processes to have depression and anxiety. I mean, fucking rats and worms don’t have that shit. And she’s equivalent to a fucking worm, fo sho

  21. Grope For Luna

    #64 – I’m not a BS fan at all. However, when I see vicious, self-righteous sermonizing about social grace and parenting from an antisocial, ex-smack addict who hates children, I can’t help but call them out. The bile in some of these posts is pathetic and borders on pathological.

    >a) Admit that Brit is “a fucking train wreck” because SHE is on the
    >same anti-depressants as 58. We eargerly await your head exploding
    >as you grapple with logic for the first (and last) time. :)

    Let’s see… 58 is on meds because she’s a train wreck. Brit is on the same meds so therefore she’s a train wreck. Nope, sounds like a typical post-hoc fallacy. Logic 101 was tough, huh? Brit may be a little depressed but she generally appears to be social and mentally sound, unlike our little oompa loompa.

  22. becca11

    i think candy spelling is the worst mother ever.

  23. MrSemprini

    umm, baby fat, right?

  24. libtard

    I take antidepressants and Xanax to cope with Britney Spears.

  25. BarbadoSlim

    “Brit may be a little depressed but she generally appears to be social and mentally sound”

    “Nope, sounds like a typical post-hoc fallacy.”

    Like shooting fish in a barrel…with a bazooka.

  26. she must be pounding something to explain the 80s style tie of the dress… who does that??

  27. EJ

    Forgetting to wear panties and partying with Paris for weeks on end is “mentally sound” but having the audacity to not agree with you on everything is NOT “mentally sound”?

    Gosh, I wish you were my shrink. I mean, you can magically diagnose people you’ve never met and who have only spoken to you online for two or three posts, tops. It would save everyone thousands of dollars worth of office visits if they switched to you, Dr. Cunt Gum. :D

    And I love your name, BarbadoSlim. I keep hearing Labarbara in my head saying “If I’d wanted a human Adonis for a husband, I’d have stayed married to BarbadoSlim.” Heh. :)

  28. My ex boyfriend has been taking Paxil for a long, long time and he drinks more beer than anyone I know. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

  29. andrewthezeppo

    It just kinda sad, K. Fed is going to get custody now and those kids will be raised in wife-beaters and crumpled cheeto bags

  30. EJ

    Is it just me or is it odd that there have been no updates for, what?, two days now?

    C’mon, Fish, get off those lingerie models long enough to update the site. Besides, they probably need a breather every once and again!

  31. pagebetty

    ===She’s a whore! Next.

  32. Earl-free, millions in the bank, enough marketability to salvage her train wreck of a career, and she is depressed, panty-less, and having sex with Paris Hilton.

    You can take the trash out of the trailer, but, …

  33. 72. When you say, “sounds like a typical post-hoc fallacy”, what your saying is, “sounds like I need some post-haste phallus.” Am I right?

  34. Grope For Luna

    78. >Forgetting to wear panties

    I still haven’t seen any cunt lips in any of the pictures, so I’m assuming they’re flesh-toned panties. You fucking old heifer. You’ve never went commando?

    >having the audacity to not agree with you on
    >everything is NOT “mentally sound”?

    Do a google search for your buddy oompa-loompa and check her myspace page. She’s a lunatic. A textbook angry loser.

    76. Not a post-hoc fallacy? Fire away, if you can.

  35. Grope For Luna

    84. No

  36. debisis

    this girl is doing all of this deliberately. the horrid fashion statement speaks for itself. she’s been doing this since she was pregnant with baby number one.

  37. You can’t be serial about this.

  38. Bahh! What ever happened to self-confidence? Self-belief? The entire planet is addicted to convenient drugs, whether it be pharmaceutical or not — flooding the brain with dopamine or selective reuptake of serotonin, they all have the same psychological reason — happiness.

    Still to this very day, this planet contains the naive and obtuse individuals like the so-called Britney Spears, who contribute nothing to society, hold back society, if not regress society!

    Grrr makes me despair sometimes.

    Weew, go Britney we love you, your songs are amazing, you are so sexy, pretty, lovely, err…ummm? *Sleeps*

    Do you ever think for yourself at all?

  39. sexybitch

    #89 This is why Paxil, Xanax and alcohol don’t mix.

    #72 Luna, your concept of what constitutes a post hoc fallacy is about as accurate as that tiresome troll Ass Ferret’s, so don’t encourage target practice. If you passed Logic 101 it had to be because your teacher couldn’t stand the idea of having you repeat it.

  40. tsarinaamanda


    You don’t know the first fucking thing about me OR my life, so just STFU. I may have been an addict, and I am NOT ashamed of it in the least, but at least I am not YOU. I’d rather be a fat…what was it you called me…”skin-popping skank”, than a hypocritical, ignorant, judgemental asshole like you. I may have been on anti-depressants, but I managed to keep my fucking vagina under wraps, and I didn’t marry a deadbeat wigger and pop out 2 kids that I dump off on my momma so I can go out and party with the town bicycle. I never said I was perfect, but I DO have pride, and UNLIKE Shitstain Spears, I’m trying to get my life together. I’m married to a good, smart, hard-working man, I have a good job, a nice house, and I’m happy. You, on the other hand, seem to be a miserable, sad excuse for a person, and a pitifully BAD troll. AND you’re a stalker too…why are you looking up my Myspace? Are you REALLY that concerned with my life that you need to search me out? That’s just pitiful. I don’t give a shit WHO you are in “real life”, if I passed you on the street, I’d probably throw a dollar at your feet, thinking you were a homeless person or something. And, also unlike Brit-Brit, I didn’t bring children into this world to dump them off on other people or to use them as a fashion accessory…I know better, which is why I am not, nor will I ever be, a parent. It’s just not my thing, and I am smart enough to realize it and not bring a child into this world that I do not want to raise, also unlike Britney. It’s funny how you defend Britney when she’s obviously a wreck, but you judge me when I’m getting my shit together. Like I said, i am not ashamed of ANYTHING I have done, and NOTHING you can POSSIBLY say about me could make me ashamed about myself or my life. I think that you are just a sad, pathetic, hateful, lonely, twisted reject who cannot relate to anyone, so you feel the need to talk shit on the Internet. That’s fine, you can go ahead and say whatever you want about me, I doubt that anyone would believe you over me, because it seems like YOU aren’t very popular here at all…probably because you are a fucking lame ass troll, and a BAD ONE at that. Go fuck yourself, I don’t HAVE to like children to want them to have a good life and upbringing simply because I don’t want MY tax dollars to go to fixing Shitstain’s bad parenting. I also find it HYSTERICAL that YOU can call ME “anti-social”, “self-righteous” and “sermonizing”. It’s been said a BILLION TIMES, but this site is called THE FUCKING SUPERFICIAL, not “happy heart sunshine flower love time”. If you cannot take a little negative commentary, this is NOT the place for you. So STFU, stop talking to me, about me, and I will afford you the same courtesy because frankly, you’re boring, judgemental, and self-righteous…just like me, and it’s not like you’re saying anything i haven’t heard from ignorant assholes before, so let’s just cut the shit already. You can think what you want about me and I will think what I want about you. So STFU already, and leave me alone, troll.

  41. tsarinaamanda


    Thanks, sweetie. It was a good try to get “it” to apologize, but people like that know EVERYTHING, and they cannot be shamed, reasoned with, talked to, or in any way treated with any respect or consideration. All they can understand is insults, lame comebacks, and name-calling. I bet it just WISHES it looked as good as a “skin-popping skank” like me. It must REALLY burn it up to see a former addict that isn’t haggard, ugly, or a walking corpse…especially when I’ve been through so much but STILL manage to get my shit together. I think it’s funny that it can talk so much shit about me, and how bad my Myspace is, but it cannot acknowledge that my stepfather died a few months back, which makes me understandably depressed and sad. My stepfather was my father and my best friend, and the one person on earth I was closest to, so I think I am justified to be a little depressed and angry. Oh well, assholes like that usually don’t know anything about caring for other people, so they cannot understand. A troll is a troll, and I do appreciate you backing me up. You’re fucking awesome….like 99% of the people on this site, which is why I post here. Thanks to everyone who backs me up :)

  42. AmberDextrose

    Ew, trolls. Pity them. They’re like ADHD toddlers, craving attention no matter how negative.

    Anyway #69 – thank you. Can I have a turn now?

  43. Grope For Luna

    90. Put up or shut the fuck up. EJ’s logic is as laughable as your screenname. Even a cleaning woman like yourself should be able to figure it out.

    91 – Oompa Loompa wrote:
    >than a hypocritical, ignorant, judgemental
    >asshole like you.

    Irony wrapped in hypocrisy. Hilarious. Now I know why I can’t get a decent ristretto at Starbucks with retards like you working there.

    > cannot acknowledge that my stepfather died
    > a few months back

    I thought he was your pimp. You must look like a pincushion after that shaky mongoloid trying to jam a fucking needle into your ass.

  44. Grope For Luna

    These quotes of Oompa Loompa are even funnier after her latest flameout:

    >now you have the NERVE to try and justify
    >your reprehensible behavior by playing
    >the “ohhh, poooor me, everybody look at how
    >HARD I have it” card?

    >you just want to keep whining and trying to
    >get sympathy for your “sooo hard” life

    >God DAMN, if you stopped wallowing in self-pity

    That is some funny shit!

  45. AmberDextrose

    Now remember the rules of the zoo, people:

    1. Don’t Feed The Trolls
    2. If you can’t keep it relevant, keep it sharp

  46. jrzmommy

    Paxil Schmaxil, bring on the Thorazine!!!

    Luna, tell Danielle we said hi.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    There’s many places I’d rather be than on Amanda’s shit list, like for example, Afghanistan or a Paris Hilton tampon. I truly believe she could kill a man, but we love her. So have fun there grab for ballsack.

  48. EJ

    Oh my. When the stalking troll tells me my logic is bad, it makes me feel sad inside. :(

    tsarinaamanda, I’m just sorry the trolls picked you out for saying what we’re all thinking – that Britney is a lazy, fat-ass, dope-head and a shit poor excuse for a mother. Don’t let the trolls get to you – remember that they are squatting in the Den of Solitude (aka Mother’s Basement) now grinding their teeth in anguish at the realization that your life will always be 100 times better than theirs. ;)

    Luna, your “responses” make so little sense, that I’ve decided to just get to the point and call you Dr. Cunt Gum again. And if you honestly thought those crotch shots last week were “flesh colored panties”, then you’ve never seen a vagina before.

    So maybe I should call you Dr. 40 Year Old Virgin instead.

    And jrz, good Danielle reference. Why do all the trolls sound like whiny moralistic babies? AH, THANK OF THA PEOPLE YA ARE HURTING WITH YOUR HATEFUL WARDS!!

  49. saltpeanuts

    Britney better check her credit cards, because if some fucked up bitch got close enough to read the labels on multiple bottles of prescriptions, then Brit’s wallet is probably missing. Some immigrant tomato picker’s wife is probably out now gaining employment under Brit’s social security number.

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