Britney Spears might be hooked on drugs

britney-spears.jpgIn Touch Weekly is claiming that Britney Spears has turn to medication to help with her split from Kevin Federline and has been spotted carrying several types of anti-depressants in her purse.

On November 27 Britney dined at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood – where she was also spotted carrying a glass of red wine out to her car before taking the wheel – and during a visit to the powder room a fellow diner caught a glimpse inside her handbag. The source told In Touch Weekly magazine: “It looked like a pharmacy in there – I have never seen so many pills. There was a bottle of Paxil, an antidepressant, and a bottle of Xanax, which treats anxiety, that she took out and put on the counter.” The directions for both these drugs state they should not be mixed with alcohol.

Wow, like a pharmacy, huh? That sure is a lot of pills. And I bet they’re not even exaggerating. Because if I know In Touch (and I’m pretty sure I do) they’re the most accurate reporters of truth since Abraham Lincoln. The only reason their writers don’t have more Pulitzers is because they’ve all been disqualified for being too honest.