Britney Spears & Mel Gibson: Dinner for two

March 17th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson had dinner together Saturday evening. And yet, somehow, during this meeting of the minds cancer wasn’t cured. Stunning. TMZ reports:

The two were at Romanov Restaurant and Lounge in L.A. last night and according to one report they broke bread together. Our sources say Gibson, his wife Robin and their kids reached out to Britney during her darkest days and began seeing her.
We’re told Mel and Robin feel like they know how tough it is to live in a fishbowl and they think they can help the Britster. There have been private dinners in which Mel, Robin and their brood have hooked up with Brit to give her support.

Oh, what I would’ve given to have been a fly on that wall. Mostly to hear Mel tell Britney the Holocaust isn’t real to which she responds by eating a coaster. She would’ve known it was glass had she not covered it in ranch dressing from the bottle in her purse. That’s our Britney! Wa wa diddle dee doo!


  1. linda D

    They gave fish a free set of Pipedream dolls in exchange for this post.

    Holes of love LOL

  2. shanipie

    Is she pregnant or what?

  3. djdawg

    oh wow, two crazy people having dinner. or…how about giving people credit where credit is due, and stop judging you hypocrites.

  4. Sonder

    “The Britster”? Seriously?

    So Mel Gibson beat Tom Cruise in the race of whichever-batshit-celeb-gets-to-make-Britney-his-new-intern. Ah, the wonders of religion.

  5. kathy

    If you like this, you have to check out POW on celebrity prayer list about brit and mel’s dinner!

  6. BishOP


    Oh, I can see her doing a “position” alright. It involves lying on her back , a video camera and a porn studio. The real question is if she’ll do DVDA or A2M.

  7. Jizzer

    I reckon clitney let gibson have a go on her slot machine, with that anus fukface hitting the jackpot after yanking on titneys knob. He will get his prize in 9 months time.

  8. OMG2

    Britney will still rock the year 2008. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m “last week. It is said she is dating a young handsome guy on that site now.

  9. I’d hit that.
    wait a minute…

  10. Choocher

    Mel was actually laying groundwork for “A-porky-Brit-hoe”, in which the bloated heroine is kidnapped from her tribe of primal trailer dwellers by predatory Hollywood Jews, fattened and drugged for ritual sacrifice, then escapes, waddling back home to her tribal trailer-land with the aid of a devoted pap, who throws the pursuing yids off the scent with his nauseating aroma of Aramis and Tabouleh.

  11. America is nuts

    The world needs help, the economy is crashing ,and people STILL want to know what a psycotic no talent fat ass Britney is doing.
    Give me another beer and turn on Big brother as life passes me by.
    No wonder Europe hates Hollywood.

  12. angie10996

    She looks cute! I like her top!

  13. minou

    Mel: Hey sugar tits.

  14. Martin

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.

  15. alex

    is that man looking woman brits nanny ?

  16. gotmilk?

    who’s that leather faced bitch in the puma jacket? jesus, please tell me that’s just a rent-a-cop and Brit isn’t using up tax payers money just so she can go to Clair’s?

  17. gotmilk?

    36, she got it at Lane Bryant.

  18. Yikes

    Um, this is the first time in the history of Britney’s career that I’ve ever looked at her and thought, “Oooh, I love that outfit!” I need to go shred my credit cards and weep in the corner.

  19. The Dude

    I think it’s nice to see some compassion in that world. I liked the ‘The Passion’ for it’s accuracy, not it’s violence (the attention to detail and language) and in my opinion a true christian (which I am not, I’m agnostic) can’t be an anti-semite since Christ was and never stopped being Jewish. But ‘The Passion’ wasn’t great as the religious right makes it out to be. ‘Apocalypto’ was way better.

    Here’s what’s wrong with Mel a. he’s an alcoholic and can’t control himself when he’s on the juice b. he chose a to base his movie on a the Passion Play, of which one of the dozens of versions (The Oberammergau Passion Play) is considered to be anti-semitic, and c. his father made a statement that could be construed as anti-semitic, but was probably more anti-zionist in nature (if it was anti anything).

    What Mel’s father actually did was question the numbers that are being reported about the Holocaust but he didn’t deny it happened. It’s not unreasonable to assume that some Jewish organizations might fudge the numbers to gain sympathy for their cause. It’s what all organizations do, but anyone denies the Holocaust happened is an idiot. In other words, what I am saying from what was said is that it seems that; Mel’s father believes it was 6 million Jews in that died in the Holocaust, and doesn’t need to believe that there was more in order to be convinced it happened. Whether Mel’s father feels sympathy about it is no one else’s business; and I don’t see why anyone should be required to feel bad about what they did not participate in. Some people just don’t care about that sort of thing. So what!

    Incidentally the ‘The Passion’ is NOT based on the Oberammergau Passion Play. I can’t say it any differently than this; I think that the Jews are an incredible people, and their existence enriches humanity, but Zionists are the Jewish Al-Qaeda, and they don’t believe in the separation of Church and
    State. The problem is that Zionists (not all Jews) want everybody not only to tolerate them, but everybody has to act like that Jews are good people just because they are Jews (not to mention support Israel’s militant agenda). Nobody should be given the benefit of the doubt, or be suspect based on their race or religion; it’s prejudice either way.

    Personally, I don’t think Mel Gibson hates Jews, not unless he hates Italians more (I mean did you see the way he demonized the Romans in the ‘The Passion’). Oh wait a second… that stuff was already in the history books and the Bible which Mel Gibson didn’t make up on his own

    Now that’s the way it is; you can call me an anti-semite all you want but I’m definitly not, one of my best friends is a nephew of the late genius Mordecai Richler. Dean Devin, a Jewish writer said, “If Mel is an anti-Semite, then he spends a lot of time with us, which makes no sense.” in reference to himself and his wife’s relationship with Gibson since the DUI incident.

    But please go ahead and bash Britney all you want, because she is white trash!

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