Britney Spears & Mel Gibson: Dinner for two

March 17th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Britney Spears and Mel Gibson had dinner together Saturday evening. And yet, somehow, during this meeting of the minds cancer wasn’t cured. Stunning. TMZ reports:

The two were at Romanov Restaurant and Lounge in L.A. last night and according to one report they broke bread together. Our sources say Gibson, his wife Robin and their kids reached out to Britney during her darkest days and began seeing her.
We’re told Mel and Robin feel like they know how tough it is to live in a fishbowl and they think they can help the Britster. There have been private dinners in which Mel, Robin and their brood have hooked up with Brit to give her support.

Oh, what I would’ve given to have been a fly on that wall. Mostly to hear Mel tell Britney the Holocaust isn’t real to which she responds by eating a coaster. She would’ve known it was glass had she not covered it in ranch dressing from the bottle in her purse. That’s our Britney! Wa wa diddle dee doo!


  1. Dude


  2. Ang

    Hopefully Mel was honest enough to call her “walleye tits” when he got drunk.

  3. JagedNS

    I can’t even comphrehend what a fucked up life she lives….but then again I could look back at what’s known about Michael Jackson’s life and at least feel relieved that he turned out ok.

    oh wait.

  4. Mark B

    “But Mel… I kinda like the Jews…”

  5. leelee

    lol this is better then the halle or heather story

  6. God

    Isn’t she a little young to need a face lift?

  7. tight lipped smiler

    I’m sure Brit will do her part to influence Mel’s dozen or girls to get STDs as she has countless others in her way too long talent challenged career.

  8. wtf

    wtf is going on with that dudes jeans

  9. leelee

    is that dude a chick or a dude ?

  10. The Laughing God

    It was a private Mensa meeting.

  11. The only possible explanation is that Mel’s wife doesn’t do anal, whereas Britney does it as a type of greeting.

  12. lalala

    brit is so cool she wears her sun glasses inside not only that … fat are her arms

    lol at the mensa meeting

  13. Angie

    Is Britney religious at all? I know she grew up that way, but I always thought she dropped it all once she got free of her parents (although…not so free now). I’m surprised that Mel would befriend anybody who’s not a showy worshiper of The Nailhole Zombie.

  14. Trover

    They were just talking about Mel’s new reality TV series concept “The Passion of the Brit”, where at the end, Brit gets scourged on live TV in high def, and then crucified upside down for the sins of Hollywood. Did I mention this would all be live, in HD and on Pay-per view? CHA-CHING!!!!!!!

  15. havoc

    So she went from Kabbalah to Opus Dei….



  16. I need to fart AND shit, but what am I to do? If I let one rip here in my cramped cubicle (as I’ve done countless times), I risk the possible stream of shittle and embarrassment in front of my coworkers. And I NEED this job… I really do…

  17. Randal

    There’s speculation that Gibson is looking for a lead cast to his next big movie hit and he’s looking to help bring Britney back to the front, although many think she still has yet to faulter as the pop princess and who can blame them after he amazing new video was released last week.

    If there indeed is an agreement reached soon, we’ll be seeing Britney on the big screen in 2009.

    Keep your head up girl, you’re still #1 in our books! xoxo

  18. fergernauster

    Who is that wigged she-male with the walkie-talkie?

  19. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    HaHa Frist @12

    I read that Brit gave up on Kabbalah, but i had no idea she was THAT bitter.

  20. @18 You so funny troll, but I have a big walled office you dumb shit.

  21. cinders

    i dont see mel Gibson in this pickture…..

  22. gits

    Wow, the writers for “24″ sure took Jack Bauer in a different direction for the new season. But I suppose they were just going with Kiefer’s prison experiences.

  23. woodhorse

    Eff off all of you. It wasn’t dinner it was evening therapy wrap up group. And I like Britney. Fish can make snide comments from the safety of his cubicle all he wants but he knows he can never second guess her.

  24. @18 You so funny troll, but I have a big walled orifice you dumb shit.

  25. @18 You so funny troll, but I have a big walled orifice you dumb shit.

  26. The Laughing God

    The only work I see Brit doing in the future is voice overs or a position like Paula Abdul, maybe every now and then a little back office furniture moving with some guy who had some crush on her way back went. Her days as a pop diva are over.

  27. Ed

    I have to admit I’m finding the evolution of the dating spammers (like #24) to be fascinating. I predict that in a few weeks, one of them will write “FIRST you worthless ATM cunts…like all the others on It’s said they all swallow too! I don’t know if it’s true, but bring a mint if you find your match.”

  28. I like withdrawals.

    Yeah… the ATM kind.

  29. want meds

    Why does a multi-millionaire shop at Claire’s Boutique?

    Good to see the boots are still holdinh up.

  30. Phil

    Yeah…Mel’s been helping her:

    Mel: “Britney all this happened to you because of the FUCKING JEWS!”

    Britney: “Really? Wow! I feel better…you gonna finish those fries?”

  31. dude

    It’s Shitney, Snitch.

  32. veggi

    And then Britney thought….. maybe I SHOULD live in a fishbowl! I’ll show Mel that I can do it. It’s not TOO tough for meh! And I could put my car bed in there!!

  33. cinders

    I love her blouse! anybody now where she got it?!

  34. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    This sounds more like an Onion headline than a real one.

    Nice one, #33.

  35. @31 You are pretty funny today troll..

  36. cinders

    now I now she IS pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Woo hooooo you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. beesknees

    all this press about her meeting with mel “sugartits” gibson yet there’s not one picture of them together..

  38. CT

    Haven’t checked in on this stuff in a while but is she pregnant? She looks like it.

  39. yomomma

    she is so totally knocked up.
    awww….. mini soul-patch on the way!

  40. #38 Jimbo, no it’s not. That wasn’t me at #12

  41. jstunnah

    she looks cute in these pics

  42. sweet

    except for those fucking boots do u think she has a 100 pairs or is this the same ole stinking pair ……………….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  43. FRIST, What is up with your troll? It seems to be on an anal kick..

  44. kelly

    i smell pop fiction

  45. Miaoudeminou

    And the crazies meet to fall in love and to reproduce to create more crazies…

    Hopefully not.

    Will someone already just feed this cow sleeping pills and vodka?

  46. can spot one anywhere


  47. Hecubus

    Wow Mel Gibson and Britney Spears in the same place, you could cut the crazy with a knife. God how I wish someone would have.

  48. LL

    Yeah, if you want counseling on how not to act like a nitwit in public, Mel Gibson is definitely the first name that pops into my head.

    RE spam: I’d be grateful if they were written by people whose first language is English. They don’t even make any goddam sense. I could get a cat to walk across my keyboard and the resulting gibberish would sound more literate. In fact, my cat actually came up with “All your base are belong to us” that way. True story.

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