Britney Spears maybe begging for K-Fed to come back

February 2nd, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. StoneRose


    Wash your clothes! Hem your pants! Wash and re-dye your hair! Lose the cigarette! Trash the Red Bull! Suck in your gut! GET A CLUE!!!!!

    As K-Fed would say, “N-Zasty!”

  2. StoneRose

    @87 – She’s a little TP(trailer park)

    but also a little POV(poverty-chic)

    oh yeah.

  3. StoneRose

    or even a little SKC (serial killer-chic)

  4. mofe

    I’ve come to the conclusion that drinking Red Bull and smoking makes your neck fat. What the fuck? Her neck is the same width as her face! What do you call that besides hideous?!? She should have been a Linebacker instead of a “singer.”

  5. licklick

    Yuk! This bitch not only needs a bath, she needs to wash her clothes, too.

    (Come on home, Brit. The trailer next door is vacant and I got an extra beer.)

  6. ambrosia

    sexy bitch # 100 i was being sarcastic. I was playing with the logic that since she is a celebrity she should only buy expensive items. They have burberry condoms.

  7. oh, you sly boots.

    she should at least look decent to fit in with us normal folks. There’s no way I’d go to Target without a bra and looking like I just grabbed some crap out of the dirty laundry. What’s with her hair, doesn’t she wash that rat nest anymore? I don’t care if she smokes, that’s the only thing she’s doing right. Ending her life and giving her kids asthma…thanks mom!

  8. yeah, well, the way she’s been doing on her own she needs him back

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