Britney Spears maybe begging for K-Fed to come back

February 2nd, 2007 // 108 Comments

  1. danielle


  2. AreYouSerious?!?!

    Target?!? Is she for real!? And what’s with her hair??? OMG This is too much…

  3. D'oh Eyes

    Is…is that a MULLET?

  4. ch474

    Mmmm, baby got big forehead … why that’s almost a skullet.

  5. BarbadoSlim


  6. ch474

    Apparently the a/c was on pretty high that night at Target.

  7. llllllllll

    My God Brittany has totally and forever more lost her looks. She looks like the animalistic thing from the movie Aliens.

  8. rockdust

    Do celebrities really think they won’t get noticed by weating sunglasses at places like Target? BTW #2, I happen to like Target!;)

  9. Could that nipple be any lower? What does she have there, areolas that point true South? And why does she always look like she bathes in Crisco? The jowls are killing me. How old is she? She’d better sock some of that cash away for a future visit to the plastic surgeon. Maybe make it a two-for-one with the gynecologist. I don’t doubt for an instant she calls K-Fag at 3:00 in the morning – she probably needs either the number for the family drug dealer, or is trying to locate her children.

  10. combustion8

    She’s starting to look more and more like Rosie.

  11. I was watching Nancy Grace last night and I heard that K-Fed turned down an offer from Britney of $25 MILLION!!!!!

  12. Me

    Why are her breasts so saggy? GROSS

  13. llllllllll

    #10 LOL

  14. crazyotto

    this girl obviously has low standards but Target?

  15. crazyotto

    I guess K-Mart would hit to close

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Smell check:

    I detect, stale menthol cigarettes, feet, unwashed clit, feet (again), stale soda, high fructose corn syrup, polysorbate 80,

    and Lecithin? is this right?

    I’ll get back to you…

  17. combustion8

    “can I get a price check on these extra large tampons”

  18. Me

    #16 I think you hit the nail on the head.

  19. metaphor

    The guy serving her is thinking “must avoid looking at the face, please not the face anywhere but the face”


  20. BobMikki

    Three years ago when Madonna kissed Britney at the VMA’s it gave me a giant boner, but if it happened again today I think I would castrate myself.

  21. whitegold

    Haha, when I first read “according to close friends of Kevin Federline”, I had those exact same thoughts haha!!! What a loser he is.

  22. llllllllll

    These pics can pass for Heidie Klums little sister. Can you imagine Heidie and Brittany walking down the street together looking ala natural?

  23. Chemicakitty

    She should be shopping for a stylist, not another can of Red Bull.

  24. Me

    On more important news who likes gold more:

    a) Pirates
    b) Leprechauns
    c) Steve

  25. misanthrope

    The people at the Target near me are much better looking.

    @16 & 17.. fantastic.

  26. Jenster

    smoking a marlboro light, hanging out in front of target……..this is what her life’s become, 9th graders do that.

  27. whodat

    Cmon, she’s just “keeping it real” in her own way. She’s a pop singer from Hicksville, so she’s smoking a cig in front of Target, wearing unflattering Target-brand clothes (with food stains on them) that seem designed to accent droopy boobs and a belly paunch. If she were a black rapper, she’d be hanging out on a ghetto street corner selling crack. Same difference. We don’t want her to become the appalachian equivalent of an uncle tom (uncle cletus chesterfield?).

  28. dogonabone

    why did she turn her shirt inside out? it’s filthy.

  29. jrzmommy

    Kay-vin, you wanna come on over and do the hippity-dippity wit may too-nat? I miss youu, Kay-vin and I wanna gives you a hog.

  30. At least she’s classy enough to go to Targ

  31. RobbyRobster

    What the hell is that chain thing sticking out of her butt? I can only surmise it is a bejeweled butt tampon to stave off anal leakage . Its one thing to be a stanky ho, but its another thing all together to leak butt juice at Target. I guess her new stylist suggested it.

  32. Wild Rose

    Could she look any shittier? And she left her two best Target-appropriate accessories at home…her two little boys!

    “Rockdust”–I like Target as well, but seein’ tired-looking celebrities dragging their filthy hems around the floors of my fav. dept. store might be enough to keep me from shopping there ever again!

  33. pillowpants

    Why are we looking at pictures of Dog the Bounty Hunter?

  34. poison_angel

    Lmao Half of you posting this bullshit can’t afford Target or Wal-mart. I don’t care if she came from the bottom of someone’s shoe–she has more than we ever will. Get A grip!!!

  35. G.R.E.A.S.Y. That’s how she always looks. Thank goodness it’s not scratch and sniff computer monitors because I think the smell would kill us all.

  36. White-Candy


  37. SuperFreak

    *hey yo.. this is kfed coolest mother fucking rapper on the west coast… or maybe I live on the east coast… in the world. leave me a message and I’ll get back to you when I’m not busy rollin with my gangsta friends or banging the hot bitches*


    *Uhm… kevin??like this is britney. I’m just in the mcdonalds drive through so I can’t talk for too long but I was just wondering if you actually mean that your out with hot bitches?? cuz like aint no body hotter than me. and your not with me. Because I’m out with my super hot new boyfriend… I don’t know if you know him…. awww fuck whats your name aagin sweetie… aww shit he passed out again. Well he is really hot and we might have sex later. so ya. be jealous. I miss you. Please meet me at the restaurant we went to every night on our honeymoon. The burger king with the big playground?? okay. I love you. (in the background) miss heres your usual… 2 kids packs and a number 5.


    Kevin it’s shar… I washed your underwear for you so now can I move back in?? pleaseeee

  38. White-Candy

    Britney needs to make time of the 2 minute make up trick. A little mascara,tinted moisturizer and lip gloss. Would make the world of difference.
    Also in picture 2 and 7 she looks like she has a baby bump, even thought she’s smoking.

  39. Shanipie

    Looking at her in these pics, I can almost smell her, thats how greasified she looks.

    But has anyone here actually smelled her perfume fantasy? It smells like a strip club dressing room…don’t ask me how I know that.

    Okay fine ask ,I don’t care.

    Bottom line is thats what I imagined her perfume would smell like and i was not surprised at all when i discovered it did.

  40. wow

    34 – You’re right. None of us can afford walmart or target. We spend all our money on our computers and wireless bills just so we can post on this site. Roight.

  41. cole007

    Wow, I’m not as fat as I thought I was. Sweet! Back to the gym.

  42. cole007


  43. Shanipie

    like someone trying to cover up the fact that they were at a strip club. Stale ciggarette smell, cheap body spray, assortment of alcohol thats been spilled, sweat, to much makeup

  44. Shanipie

    oh and dont forget that gross dirty dollar bill smell and that metalic scent of the pole

  45. Snitchy

    She really is a vile piece of trailer trash. How low have we become as a society to consider anything she does, newsworthy or even remotely interesting? She is living proof that money cannot buy taste, class, or intelligence. And don’t even get me started on that hair. Doesn’t she know what conditioner is?

  46. There is no way she could afford $25 Million. While it’s tru that she has earned something like 100 Million in her career, remember, she loses half that to taxes, 15% to a manager. Thats already down to 35 million. Not even counting the years she hasn’t been working/touring.

    He’d be lucky to get 5 million. Then he could go spend it all on some really nice rims for his Ford Focus.

  47. purplepuppy

    Would it kill this woman to put on a bra?…or at least shift ‘em around a little so they don’t look so…hmmmm, mismatched. Dumb broad!

  48. Shelley Bonnechance

    I always figured that Britney’s perfume smelled like Yoo-Hoo with a soup

  49. Jnicole28

    #12 maybe because she just popped out to kids
    She looks like courtney love in the 4th small photo!

  50. DancingQueen

    Jesus Christ my grandma’s hair looks better than this bitch’s. I mean at least Me-mals roots aren’t growing out and it doesn’t look like she has a freaking Mohawk/Mullet going on. Note to Britney: Wear a fucking hat when you go shopping or Pepsis and Marlboros!

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