Britney Spears may stay in Kentwood – permanently!

Britney Spears is selling her house, but where she moves next might not be in California. (God, holy shit you’re real!) Her mom Lynne filed a statement in Britney’s ongoing 10-month-old hit and run case where she was driving without a valid license. In the statement, Lynne spells out that Britney wishes to move back to Louisiana. In case you’re wondering why Lynne filed a declaration, Britney’s still considered mentally incompetent. Ha ha, law BURN. E! Online reports:

Lynne goes on to say that while her daughter “has spent a majority of her time over the last five years in the state of California,” she only did so out of necessity both in part for her work and “primarily with respect to a custody dispute currently ongoing. Although Britney has owned her house in Beverly Hills for more than a year, she has also owned her Louisiana residence for eight years…Britney still intends to return to Louisiana.”

The above pictures are Britney buying smokes outside the hospital where Jamie Lynn gave birth yesterday. And, no the peyote hasn’t kicked in yet, she’s actually wearing a bra. Guess the kinfolk don’t take kindly to those sweater hounds swingin’ yonder. Which is polite Southern talk for: “I sees me another nipple ain’t got no NASCAR number in the fo-cinity, I reckon I’ll fetch my gun.” When in Rome, Britney.