Britney Spears may or may not have a sex tape

November 8th, 2006 // 106 Comments

has posted a 19-second clip off PornoTube that’s allegedly from a Britney Spears sex tape featuring her in dark hair giving Kevin Federline a blowjob. I’m not an expert on Britney Spears’ face or K-Fed’s penis so I can’t make any claims to its validity, but you can check out the 100% NSFW clip and judge for yourself. Although be warned, because if it is real then after seeing it you will never again in your life be able to honestly say you haven’t seen Kevin Federline’s naked penis.

UPDATE: A ton of readers reached into their encyclopedic knowledge of porn and wrote in saying this isn’t Britney, but just some random amateur girl from a super long time ago. Yay for perverts!


  1. annie

    oh god! nooo!!!

  2. happy hands club

    I can’t look at it. Damn!

  3. chicketieboo


  4. bito

    I wonder if she will make her comeback as a porn star?!!!

  5. NotANiceGirl

    He’s the spreminator- why put that anywhere near your body again Brit!!! It’ll find a way to knock you up

  6. PapaHotNuts

    That’s a terrible blowjob. She’s just licking the head. Let Papa give you proper direction.

  7. jrzmommy

    Who do you think could have released this? Hmm…………I can’t think of someone who has such animosity for Britney Spears that they would release such a private, intimate video tape. Who on earth would ever want to drag her through the mud like this?

  8. PunjabPete

    IT took him one day to release this to the world… SCUMBAG…

    Oh, and that is definitely BS. Look at the nose and the tongue (think other videos shes done)…

    She looks like she gives a good hummer… Good for her…

  9. that would be one hell of a coincidence(yea right) that the day after she breaks up with k-fed a sex tape is released.

  10. PunjabPete

    #7 – That is only 19 seconds… Give her a chance… Cuz she sure seems like she has gusto for the job….

  11. BEAM

    It’s impossible to tell if it’s really Brittney in that clip. All you can really tell is that it’s a white girl and guy. I would guess that it probably isn’t even her.

  12. PrettyBaby

    1st of all- Where’s kristin? Alright, yes, k-Fed does have a big cock. I will admit it.

    Yes jrzmommy, I too WONDER WHO would have done such a thing? WHO could it possibly be to have been that hurt?

    Yes, Papa, bad BJ. She can’t deepthroat obviously. Ha! In so many ways, I am superior…

  13. jrzmommy

    Well then…this certainly makes the McCartney/Mills divorce seem…polite.

  14. RichPort

    Damn you Papa and Jrz!!! You both stole my thunder at exactly the same minute… damn you!!!

    Earl had this all planned… gets dumped via text WHILE being filmed… convinces Brit to give the diamond back… then, just when she seems like she’s back on top, independent and confident… BAAAM!!! Suddenly a hummer tape… that is one fucking clever little leech, that Earl…

  15. Don Boogie

    If Gay-Fed thinks this will hurt her career, he’s dumber than I thought…sex tape = gold.

    And dayum, girl looks like she knows her way around a cock, don’t she?

  16. RichPort

    PrettyBaby – Sweetie, if you think that’s a big schlong, we can never meat, er, I mean meet… I constantly get accused of trying to smuggle a shotgun where ever I go…

  17. jrzmommy

    This makes Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler’s divorce look like a pillow fight.

  18. reptilicus

    I’m sure the full version will be released the day the divorce is final.

  19. LindsaysLeftLabia

    Dang! First those delicious pics of her rack and now this!
    That Kleenex truck can’t get here fast enough!

  20. PrettyBaby

    Oh yes, It is defintely her, no doubt. The nose everything. Or it is an impersonator. Shit, K-Fed is playing dirty now. I may have to begrudgingly say good move! This could be fun, everyone.

  21. LilRach

    Damn i can’t watch that kind of shit at work!
    I can just see all the dirty tapes coming out now – all the x-rated stuff that was edited from their reality show. Let the show begin!

  22. LindsaysLeftLabia

    P.S. Can you see any of BS’s rack in the clip?

  23. Devil Is Chrome

    I know what kind of blowjob that is! That’s a “please cum already, I have something better to do” blow job”.

  24. This is NOT Britney. I saw this video maybe 4 years ago. If there was audio you’d hear J Lo being played in the background. But yea, I saw it before they were ever together, years before her hair was dark etc. I promise it is fake.

  25. mrs.t

    Somewhere in L.A., Joe Simpson is cursing himself. Jessica gives WAY better head than that, and he has tons of amazing footage to prove it.

    Sadly, he’s even worse at PR than Brit’s mom.

  26. jrzmommy

    No wonder there was so much press about there not being a sex tape a few days ago….Brit’s preemptive move in case just this kind of thing happened.

  27. HollyJ

    I bet he had this film put aside to blackmail and control her, and she finally couldn’t take it and called his bluff.

    No wonder she seemed so glazed and stiff on David Letterman. I bet she knew this sucker would hit the web only hours after she filed.

    What a stupid bitch. NEVER NEVER NEVER put ANYTHING on film. Will these dumbasses never learn?

    K-Fed is such a douchebag.

  28. assfacecocknocker

    porn is kool. does anyone else think this guys cock is a bit small (compared to my gynormeously mammoth wang.)

  29. PrettyBaby

    #17 Holy Kielbasa!! If I have to beg for a peek, damn you Rich I will.

  30. PapaHotNuts

    That can’t be K-Fed. That penis is white.

  31. PrettyBaby

    Alright and I will clarify- I guess after a second peek (for purely educational reasons) I have decided that it isn’t THAT big. Okay, dammit and if you all can offer me something better, let’s see what ya got.

    @24 Oh yeah, When the hand comes out, you want that fucker to come.

  32. Ha! Ha! The SuperFish cruises porn sites!

  33. mrs.t

    Papa, it may be white on the outside, but it’s soul is pure sexual chocolate.

  34. twzzlrgirl

    If this is K-Fed trying to “get back at” Brit, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Wife gives husband blow job — OOOOhhh — sounds like something that should make headlines. So what?? Brit licking a penis will give millions of guys hard-ons all over the planet.

    Nice try, K-Fed. Next he’ll release pics of her playing with the kids, making a great Sunday dinner, and reciting the Declaration of Independence backwards. That’ll show her!

  35. commissioner


    You ain’t wrong.

  36. Missallanpoe

    How can you even fuckin tell? You only see the side of her face right? Jesus tap dancing christ..and if that really is her…(pukes) how could she sink so..high >.> -dies-

    I give it 3 stars.
    She could do a lot better than that. Although she didn’t have much to work with Sorry, gottabe honest here, it’s not a huge cock, and he probably got her high on meth beforehand. HMMM. I guess it happens when your a dumb bitch and marry your drug dealer.

  38. LindsaysLeftLabia

    PrettyBaby, I’m not huge but I’ll give you all 6 inches and give you the best 12 seconds of your life!

  39. checkyourshorts

    Um. You’d get more head blowing yourself. And I’m not assuming you do yoga. If this tape “thumbs up!” turned you on, you might as well go home, put peanut butter on your cock and expose yourself to the family dog. Eyes open or closed, imagine Brit, but with a slightly longer, moister tongue. Brushing dog’s teeth = optional.

  40. RichPort

    #24, 33, 37 – That is either a “Lost A Bet” blow job or a “Too Drunk To Get Boned” fellatio. Either way, when the hands come out, I start thinking about puppies and ice cubes, juuuust to make her work harder for it… wack me off will you? I have great aim, just let me hold my hand at the base of your neck and… WOO HOOOOO!!!!!

  41. frenchtoaststix

    Sweet Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ! I did NOT just see that….! K-Fag’s cock being given an inexpert BJ by Shitney? Ack! Isn’t that a sign of armageddon or something?

  42. thebor

    Somebody needs some blow job classes, which is typical for a pedistaled ho like Brit. She should give Andy Dick a call for some help before she offically hits the market.

    This is going to be brutally fun!!!!!!! Stay on your toes fisch. It’s going to cum fast. Oops I meant come.

  43. I think she needs some instruction, let me see if I can help-

  44. jesseeca

    britney brought people to court to stop the release of the alleged sex tape. now why would you bring someone to court for “defemation of character” if the tape didn’t exist. well, too bad she lost the case since she put her sexuality out there already, Chaotic anyone?!!?
    The ho just wants to make money off of it! I don’t think that K-fed released this. He’s not that smart.

  45. twzzlrgirl

    Oh, please. K-Fed is an idiot. How do you guys know that this lame-ass bj isn’t just how he likes it? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Look at his music — clearly, inferior is good enough for this guy in a lot of other things.

    And, sorry. If I had his penis in my mouth, I’d want him to come as quick as possible, too. Ick.

  46. PrettyBaby

    Now you can know a good whore’s secret. Ready ladies- For all your dopy husbands/boyfriends: If you wanna give him a little treat, blow him, but then you may start thinking of other shit to do for ex. dishes, watch Laguna Beach or rub your own clitty. Then use your HAND. Guaranteed to work every time. He’ll be smiling, you’ll be all done with a nice mouthful.

    But this may not work for a hot one like Richport, not a BOSS.

  47. PunjabPete

    Actually her case was for defamation for them saying she looked goofy in the alleged tape… Lets see some real footage….
    #26 if you saw this before, please let us know where…

  48. Missallanpoe

    french toast, you son of a nut cracker…dont fuckin steal my lines! Jesus tap dancing christ or anywhere between jesus dancing christ is mine -.- *hits you with a rolled up newspapaer- BAD!

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