Britney Spears makes some safety adjustments


Britney Spears has reportedly learned from her past mistakes and purchased a state-of-the-art side-impact infant car seat from Petit Tresor for her new baby Sutton Pierce.

“She said she needed the best for her baby,” says a source. “She got one from Britax, whose tag line is ‘Where safety is always in fashion.'”

Looks like Sean Preston got the shaft on this one. He gets dropped on his head, driven on Britney Spears’ lap, and thrown in the car seat facing the wrong direction, while his younger brother gets the safest baby seat money can buy. In 10 years when Sutton Pierce is attending the best private school in the country Sean Preston is gonna get a little curious and ask mom why he has to wear a helmet all the time and take the short bus to school. And why he constantly has a craving to eat crayons.