Britney Spears makes sex tape

October 5th, 2005 // 6 Comments

britney_federline_sex_tape.jpgUs Weekly reports that a Britney Spears and Kevin Federline sex tape might be surfacing. A member of Britney’s entourage allegedly copied one of her personal home videos and is threatening to release it. A source says, “He has threatened to release raunchy footage of the two taken before Spears looked pregnant.


  1. yasmin3000y

    and aftarwards they can both lick the pig’s ass as fevin wouldnt wanna lick some lumpy, cottage cheese ass

  2. yes i am a girl and brad pit is sexy

    hahaaha it’s funny because most of the girls dont’ care all that much but all the guys hate him!! JEALOUS lol… errr but i’ve seen photos of brad with dark hair while he was dating jen… wtf fashion changes, it’s called the selective chosing of photos… derrr

  3. I think the picture should be 1st with angie then with gwenth and lastly with jennifer. This how he loved them. He never felt like this he said with angie. He said gwenths is angle. and he said jenffier is his only at that time so…
    and about his looks…. he is adaptable. that is it to it. And don’t even bring that aj and ja thing here ladies remember that is dead.

  4. Anonymous

    Wishing the long rich, established and pushing 50 Brangelina would FINALLY break wind —and come out about their and Hollywood’s sellout and suck up to the most awesomely genocidal regime in history —across the Pacific.

    All the PC gestures in the world aren’t going to change the fact that consciousness
    of the murder of 70 million people
    —in ‘peacetime’ -is being deliberately
    suppressed by Brangelina –and Hollywood

    70 million IS the LATEST accepted scholarly
    estimate. Accept NO self-serving downsizings from our equally sold out media.

    70 million you’ll never hear so much as
    quality mention of by Brangelina or anyone
    else in Hollywood —EVER!

    Think we’re exaggerating? Well, a little
    while back it was the 50th anniversary of
    the Korean War. –See a single picture
    released about that still very alive conflict? —or even about Korea generally?

    Didn’t think so.

    Are you pewking on your PC yet?

    well ——-you should be


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