Britney Spears loves Kevin Federline

August 10th, 2006 // 66 Comments

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Britney Spears reportedly wants to renew her wedding vows after giving birth to her second child in October to show that she is happily married to Kevin Federline despite rumors saying she’s been looking for a divorce lawyer. Additionally, she’s also given Kevin Federline a black American Express card with no credit limit as a romantic gesture ?to prove how much she trusts him.?

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen this, but clearly Kevin Federline is using his superior intellect to manipulate Britney into doing all sorts of bizarre things like giving him a credit card worth an unlimited amount of money. She might as well just pack up and move into a Motel 6, because I’m pretty sure they’re going to confiscate her mansion when Kevin comes home one day and tells her he bought a brand new island off eBay.


  1. loagun

    Actually Spindoc I work for a magazine and we are researching how people with low self esteem and social skills fill the void by posting on websites like this. It makes them feel better about their inadequacies. I myself couldent help but write something down.

  2. ImSuicidal

    biatcho – Hopeless_ ask me to invite you to a party over at: . He’s got a new name “cock”- something or other
    He’ll want you to bring a gift!

    PS He’s in the witness protection program so keep it hush, hush.

  3. biatcho

    If you’re from the North is it still legal to shoot & kill someone from the South? Because I’d like to really think about doing that so I don’t have to read about this munchbugger anymore.

  4. biatcho

    wait #52, what? what do I have to do?? I am scared & confused right now.

  5. ImSuicidal

    biatcho – Hopeless_ ask me to invite you to a party over at: . He’s got a new name “cock”- something or other
    He’ll want you to bring a gift!

    PS He’s in the witness protection program so keep it hush, hush.

  6. ImSuicidal

    biatcho – Stupid double posts!
    Type in the web address,
    Put your bikini on and jump in, the water is fine,
    Swim around a bitand say hi!!!

  7. SugaryCherry

    It’s called a fucking publicity stunt. They’re going to have the baby, pull off the marriage and whip Britney into incredible shape (not to mention a boob lift afterwards), and she’ll make her comeback… since she’ll probably run out of money after Kevin’s clothing line goes bankrupt and she accidentally tips the pizza boy a million dollars after getting drunk (while still pregnant with current child).

  8. ffordegroupie

    This is what, her second renewal in two years of marriage? She’s always trying to convince us that her marriage is great, and nobody believes her.

    You get renewals after several kids, many years of steady marriage, and when you’ve hit middle age and are dealing with the whole empty nest syndrome, and need something to occupy your time.

    If you do it at this point, you’re trying to prove something. And as that lovely youtube video proved, Kevin loves her not for her body, or her brain, but for her plastic.

    47, don’t try to explain irony to the stupid. It makes their lazy, high brains explode. ;) It’s like trying to explain nuclear physics to Britney.

  9. here

    A $5 pussy. “Who’s the Boss?”. I think we all see the understand the connection.

  10. Bambella

    when did she become queen of the troll people? wow what happened, at least before she sort of looked human. a lot of women glow when they are pregnant she is just radioactive and nasty.

  11. babydollz217

    oh please!

  12. Xanthia

    jrzmommy: GREAT idea! and then they can all get together and do a music video like the “we are the world” one and we will then all be able to enjoy the leaders of these screwed up nations and cells doing the neck jerk and singing Papoazo – or however that nitwit federline spells it……… or – they could all shoot him and that would make me feel muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch beeter.

  13. Xanthia

    #51: So being a condescending jerk that feels it is necessary to point out your position in life to others here in the hope of explaining to them how much better you are than they, you are doing a service other than giving your ego a good masturbation?

    I don’t think so.

    Personally, I am in a law firm with 27 other attorneys – does that mean that I score above you? Hurry – someone else may have something you would consider even more professional.

    You skank. Grow up and get over yourself.

    Everyone here (with a few exceptions)understand the meaning of jest, sarcasm and have great laughs at this. In this day and age and with everyone’s life moving at warp speed with massive stressors, we enjoy the moments we grab here to let off some of the steam.

    So – just in case you didn’t get it the first time. Go teach your little lessons some where else – we are not the proper cases in point for you.

  14. ffordegroupie

    51, I’ll believe it when you show us the magazine name, your name, and the date when it goes to print.

    And when you stop PMing me with offers to buy a bridge in Brooklyn. Looooooooser.

  15. loagun


    I forgot to mention that I would never consider someone who works in a law firm a better anything then myself. Since you felt the need to express your proffession and how many attorneys you work with I feel that maybe you want me to give you a medal for your proffession commonly known to employ seedy and undermined employees? I’m sorry I don’t commend those whos only cases are trying to defend child molesters beause it shows your brain is obviously at a mental level to accept such a case.

  16. Stepovich

    Jesus loagun, was that English? I hope you aren’t writing that article of which you speak- if you are, you’d better have a damn good editor.

    Now piss off.

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