Britney Spears loves her money

May 23rd, 2006 // 137 Comments

  1. M@ce

    I think the giant oversize sunglasses look needs to crawl off in the corner and die. It doesn’t look good on ANYONE.


  2. From behind, in pic #2, she looks like Drew Barrymore.

  3. tinkerbelle

    #s 25 & 26 – haven’t you learned anything from Sam Kinison and Brandon Lee yet? Be careful mentioning the Lord and heaven as a point in a joke. I realize what this site is about, but get real with that stuff. It’s not funny really.

  4. Ari

    For some reason, she almost looks like an impersonation of herself. I don’t know, there’s something ‘off’ about these pics. Besides everything else about her clothes, hair and sunglasses, even.

    I agree, M@ce, the enormous sunglasses aren’t really a good look. That’s a trend that should be stopped.

  5. 86

    Dont you mean “Scarrymore” ha.

  6. Ok, so she’s pregnant and she’s going to wear jeans that are way too long with clunky ass shoes (that she probably stole out of Jamie-Lynn’s closet and mashed her hooves into)?

    I can’t wait until she trips and falls on her stomach while holding SP.

    Can’t wait!!!!

  7. CruisingForCock

    Papa, I hope it’s sausage because there is nothing I love more than sausage except maybe bacon…

  8. IFuckingHateYou

    #44, tinkerbelle – I am at peace mith my God and he has a sense of humor, that’s why he created Paris and hooked Britney up with F-Fag, nothing else explains it.
    Now quit preaching before you get a lightning bolt up your ass.

  9. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    M@ce, I am thoroughly astonished! You formed a complete sentence! But way to go for staying true to yourself, you ended with a SMASH!

    You amuse me. Keep it up.

  10. herbiefrog

    not quite :)

  11. herbiefrog

    well done babe :)

  12. herbiefrog

    maybe there’s a lesson there

  13. herbiefrog

    #28 hi babe :)

  14. BRITNEY SPEARS: My favorite game to play is Peek-a-boo! Put your hands over your baby’s eyes and say, “Where did daddy go?” …to the Strip Clubs in Vegas!

    “Now where did mommy go?” … to her attorneys to write up divorce papers!

  15. herbiefrog

    thanks papa )

  16. Jacq

    #37 – I talked to Papa this AM and your present IS better than mine, which apparently I am yet to receive. All I’ve got so far is a big, fat cum stain. Happy birthday, hooker! I can say with confidence that this is the best day of the year.

    Thanks, Stallion and Papa!!

    In honor of my birthday, I’m giving it away for free!!

  17. herbiefrog

    you are mistaken

  18. TrannyGranny

    Jacq, CruisingForCock;

    Jumping on the B-day bandwagon, Happy Birthday you sexy chicks. I’ve been typing with my tongue all day, if you’re interested in a birthday present.

  19. SparklingStarlet

    Kisses to 54. ;D

  20. TrannyGranny

    Never thought I would see the day that a pic of Britney Spears would make my penis scream and hide under the bed. Damn it penis, get out here! I have to pee!

  21. herbiefrog

    #58 you would have to remind me :)

  22. herbiefrog

    can i just say
    the mace name
    distracts me
    could you change it?

  23. CruisingForCock

    Jacq – Happy birthday to you as well. Now that I know what my present is, I’m all creamy.

    Tranny – I’m very interested. So interested that I can’t think of a creative response…

  24. herbiefrog

    glad you are ok with it
    you can switch it back
    to pure love if you want
    but since you banned me
    from your message board
    i can’t tell you how…

  25. Pearly

    What the Kabbalists don’t realize is that a large percentage of her cashflow goes directly to Frito-Lay.

  26. memichelle77

    #44: Are you saying that god kills people who make jokes about him? Yikes! You’re scary. So is your god.

    On another note, i think Brit-Brit looks kinda cute. yep, i said it. my shield is up – fire away!!!

  27. PapaHotNuts

    herbiefrog, I’m not sure what you’re thanking me for, but you’re welcome. You are a weird mother fucker, and I think you know that, but you’re OK with me. You really are strange as fuck, though.

  28. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Happy b-day Jacq, my gift to you is the gift of multiple orgasms *taps Jacq’s head with Wand of Power*

    Enjoy, you delicious beeyotch!

  29. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Jacq & Cruising:

    You say it’s your birthday
    It’s my birthday too, yeah
    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you

    Yes we’re going to a party party
    Yes we’re going to a party party
    Yes we’re going to a party party.

    I would like you to dance
    Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
    I would like you to dance

    I would like you to dance
    Take a cha-cha-cha-chance
    I would like you to dance

    You say it’s your birthday
    It’s my birthday too, yeah
    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you


  30. herbiefrog

    so i hope you all got that

  31. M@ce

    M@ce is M@ce!
    No smash M@ce name!
    only M@ce SMASH!!

    Slimy, warty frog-man made paste by M@ce!

    M@ce tired now. Go sleepy.

  32. herbiefrog

    #66 yeah what a c*nt
    almost like he imagined
    he lived in anothe r
    or s
    c*nt :)
    [can we say that here?
    [[probably not, go edit

  33. herbiefrog

    sorry just cant look at it

  34. BarbadoSlim

    What DA fuck?

  35. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Did you ever see that Simpsons episode where Bart and Millhouse break into Flander’s collection of Beatles memorablilia, and they drink that 40-some year old Beatles soda? And they totally trip out, and its all rainbows and psychedelic colors and music?

    I’d imagine that’s what happened in #71.

  36. IFuckingHateYou

    PapaHotNUts, I agree with you that herbiefrog is a weird motherfucker and that S/he is all right with me too. If there is no tolerance at the Superficial, then where can we expect to find any? Just kidding, herbie is a strange little pervert.
    And Tom Cruise loves the Cock.

  37. PapaHotNuts

    @71- what are you even saying? I try and make some sort of sense of what you say, but damn, you have cornered the market on bat-shit crazy. You make my head hurt when I read that shit. Do you wear a helmet? Not when riding a bike, I mean like when you walk around your house/cell/tree/alley? I think you called me a cunt, but I’m not sure. Help me out, crazyfrog.

  38. aivilo

    hmm, that frog person seriously confuses me.

  39. BarbadoSlim

    I will avoid reading his posts ’til I can pick up an english to fucked up wacko dictionary.

  40. unrational

    Actually the bible says tithing is a man made law, and biblically speaking.. no one actually has to do it The Catholics were the ones to bring tithing back to the church (greedy sons a bitches).

    It does say, though.. that if you are going to tithe, to do it right. Meaning 10% of everything… 10% of the money gramma gives you for your birthday, 10% of the winning scratch off, 10% of your paycheck…

    I don’t tithe.. So I’m going to hell. In a handbasket.

  41. DaNiGuRl

    WOW…i know i skimmed through all the previous posts and saw one or two people mentioning this but, she looks exactly like Mariah carey with blonder hair in the first picture. Oh and the third picture really does just make me realize how awful her hair really is. First thing she needs to do when she transforms into hotness again is do something with the hair. At least i hope she transforms into hotness again!

  42. Jacq

    #58 – Impressive, can you juggle tic-tacs with your tongue as well?

    #56 – What in the fuck are you talking about? Please respond to my posts with something either about my post or praising me. There is only one place that I want to ban you from and, unfortunately, I don’t run the show around here.

    #74 – Or that episode where Homer eats the super-duper hot chili and wanders around the fair hallucinating and goes into the desert with the talking dog.

    Thanks for the song Feed_Me! Everyone around here is better than my friends with faces!

    Shitney needs to lay off of the cheap-o extensions. She kinda looks like Joe Dirt from behind. Joe Dirt with a hippo ass.

  43. Wild Rose

    I think Herbiefrog is a true artiste…but s/he should show more tolerance towards M@ce, who’s also crazier than hell, well…only when s/he gets really pissed off! Smash!

  44. Ari

    I don’t read the frog’s comments because they make no damn sense. After that first round of calling he/she/it an idiot, I’ve stopped responding as well, because one does not fight with crazy people. One pats said crazy person on the head and backs away slowly in hopes that crazy person won’t snap and try to rip your heart out with his bare hands, grill it and eat it for a midnight snack.

    Back to Brit. Does she have an impersonator roaming around or something? I swear, the more I look at those pictures, the more I wonder if the big sunglasses aren’t there to hide the fact that it’s not really her… like that stupid Paris Hilton wannabe.

  45. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Birthday girls:
    Here’s hoping you get a big, fat, steamy pile of ass sex today. (That’s a positive wish.)
    I think the VW Kermit thing is improving.
    If you watch the progression, they are getting better.
    Not that great yet, but s/he is finding a voice.
    I say we wait a little while to pass judgement. If nothing else, when the shitstorm rains down there will be all the more ammunition to use.
    By the same token, did anybody else notice that Kim posted today?
    (Now for the on-topic part:)
    I did a scientific experiment the other day.
    I slapped the skin over my C-Spine with a leather belt for eight hours straight.
    The result?:
    My neck was not nearly half as red as Shitney’s…
    Appropriate, but it’s too soon for anyone to be posting full song lyrics (HWMNBN and all… [matter of principle])Don’t you think?

  46. tsarinaamanda


    I just ignore it and it’s posts also. I don’t care to ban it, looking away and ignoring it’s incoherent ramblings works just as well for me. If we refuse to acknowledge the annoying people who are desperate for attention, then maybe they’ll go away. (Not so much the frog, but the cunt mostly. It’s hard to ignore that desperate of a troll, for some reason)

  47. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and happy birthday to you as well, Jacq. Whatever you desire the most, I hope you get. :)

  48. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Stupid unfinished business…

  49. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    Oh, yeah:
    Not Mariah, Tarah Reid.

  50. ebayfan414

    She looks like she’s filled with helium. Every time I see a pic of brit-brit I think “OH NO SOMEONE CATCH HER SHE’S ABOUT TO FLOAT AWAY!”

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