Britney Spears loves her money

May 23rd, 2006 // 137 Comments

  1. IFuckingHateYou

    Stupid Kabbalah leaders, don’t they know that Britney is already taking care of one free-loader named K-Sped, she can’t afford to pay for her religion too!
    If she could do that, she’d be a Scientologist.

  2. Jedi Kevin

    Maybe she also likes the ham.

  3. Giggles

    She still hasn’t learned to dress well, has she? She’s got the too-long skanky jeans on…but at least she left the baby elsewhere.

    You would imagine some public pressure would get her to dress like a normal human being. But apparently she is too superior to us all, and can dress like a hobo whenever she likes, money or not.

  4. DancingQueen

    OMG, she’s turned into Mariah Carey! Nice extensions by the way.

  5. RTH

    How DARE a religion ask for a tithe?! No religion should ever request a certain percentage of anyone’s earnings or assets! Oh wait, this is how it is for nearly every religion… Britney and her mom are douchebags. She fits right in with being married to K-Fag.

  6. LickyLicky

    Aren’t those the same stupid jeans she was wearing when she almost dropped the baby? With the same stupid shoes? Are those her ‘dropping’ jeans? She dropped the baby, dropped her religion… maybe she’ll drop K-Sped; all because of a pair of jeans. Magic jeans, people, magic jeans.

    This might also explain her breasts.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    Damn, I’ve gotta admit that was one smart decision on her part, now, she needs to somehow *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* get rid of Douchebergline. Put her money to work for her.

  8. Italian Stallion

    I would like to give a shout out to 2 sluts on their Birthdays…….Jacq, Happy Birthday bitch!!!!!!!!! CruisingForCock, Happy Birthday bitch!!!!!!!!!

  9. Captain Call

    she is starting to look like the new-and-improved horse faced Jessica Simpson.

    but with fatter ass. She needs to hang out with Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Ritchey for a while and learn how to purge properly (like all women should)


  10. Italian Stallion

    I’m no Steve Irwin, but don’t whales die out of water?

  11. gas_up_the_hrududu

    For someone who has so much money, she dresses like a homeless person.

    Actually, I’ve seen better-dressed homeless people.

  12. DancingQueen

    Oops, forgot to comment about the religion thing. Too caught up in her morphing into Mariah. Well I guess that Kabbalah bullshit’s no different than say… Catholicism. Pretty sad that people have to pay their way into heaven.

  13. Captain Awesome

    rofl @ #8:

    End of thread.

  14. Next story for the ‘Fish: Britney leaves SP at a McDonald’s.

  15. msdoormat

    Britney loves her money like a fat kid…I mean like Britney loves her cake.

  16. Feed_Me_Chocolate


  17. BarbadoSlim

    @7 HOO ZAA!! HOO ZAA!!…happy birthday to those mentioned..may death come swiftly to their enemies.

    On another note, this Britney ensemble is from the “Pulled out of the Hamper Sniff and Wear Collection” Milan, not L.A.

  18. CancerNipples

    Those are the same jeans she was wearing in New York when she tripped. The exact same, see the trim on the hem.

    Bitch change your clothes.

    Oh and I’m sorry if this has already been pointed out but apparently SF is doing some “all posts must be approved by mods” thing, which is completely ridiculous.

  19. Getitstraight

    Maybe fucking Lynn Spears should think more about “having enough” of Britney’s parenting skills instead of worrying about her daughter’s money, I think the world is more concerned with her grandson’s well being than she is. Britney!!!get you jeans hemmed, didn’t you learn anything from your last trip???

  20. playahater101

    I’d be weary of any religion that asked for a percentage of your income and then pestered you until they got it. I don’t think God is keeping track of how much money you give your church. I thought religion was supposed to be about faith, not about money.

  21. trophywife

    wonder if that’s one of those hair things that jessica simpson is trying to make a buck on… so not impressed. WTF??

  22. 86

    Obviously Britney is not as dumb as we think she is. Tom Cruise bought the whole ‘pay for information’ religion thing, as have many, many others. If there’s one thing you know when you’re raised in the south, its that you don’t have to pay your way into heaven. We don’t know… well.. much else though!

    By the way… Hey Brit, how was your trip?? See you next fall!!!! Get some new jeans sheesh.

  23. PapaHotNuts

    I would like to also wish both of you a happy B-day. Jacq- I tried to call you this morning, but I’ll assume you had someone’s birthday gift halfway down your throat.

  24. BarbadoSlim

    If you look closely, that, my friends, is the same sweaty, stretched, skanky brassiere she was wearing when she tried to slam Sean Preston against the pavement.

  25. prideofchucky

    “finally her mom said,

  26. PapaHotNuts

    I bet her ass looks like two pigs fighting over a Milk Dud.

  27. Dee

    God you think she’d have learned her lesson and hemmed the damn pants. Why are her arms getting so fat?? I just had a baby too but I didnt use it as an excuse to let myself go. People use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on junk and it’s a shame, your eating habits should stay the same. But maybe hers werent to good to begin with?

  28. cat

    I’m pretty sure all Christian religions, not just Catholic, ask you to tithe and give a certain percentage of your income to the church. It actually is somewhere in the bible but I can’t remember where but they aren’t supposed to stalk you for it. Free will and all that.

  29. Dee

    I forgot to mention I watched an old SNL episode when Britney was the guest…I can’t believe how she let herself go.

  30. CruisingForCock

    Stallion, Thanks.

    Papa, Thanks. I’m jealous. I didn’t get a phone call.

  31. IFuckingHateYou

    #16 – all organized religion wants a cut of your cash, usually 10% or better.
    I think my hard-earned money is much better spent on helping out the needy, so I buy cheap hookers instead. I’m sure God will see the goodness in my actions and give me a prominent place in Heaven.

  32. Ari

    Good fucking lord. Does that cunt only have one bra, one pair of jeans, and one pair of shoes?? I’m waiting for the pic that shows she’s wearing the same thong too. Ew.

    I guess since everybody’s been calling her a hick, she’s decided to fully embrace hick-dom. She’s succeeding admirably.

  33. gogoboots

    Whenever I get long fitting jeans I try to get them hemmed or roll them…I’m really short so it’s a constant hassle. Her jeans look weird on her ass….

  34. SparklingStarlet

    All I want to know is who in the FUCKING HELL designed that shirt? Its every shade of puke and snot green known to man. And, good Lord woman, would it kill you to slather on some moisturizer and a lipstick shade that brings your face back from the dead?

    Um, Kabbalah sucks anyway. Madonna’s pretty much the face behind that stupid “religion,” and all she does is run around in Lycra leotards and hang herself from fake crosses. Britney’s better off worshiping SP’s dirty diapers than that crap.

  35. lickmetwice

    As my grand-pappy used to say: “Damn, that ass is two ax-handles wide.”

  36. fblau

    I think Michael Stipe said it best…

    “ooh life… it’s bigger… it’s bigger than you and you are not my ass…”

  37. SparklingStarlet

    #5 – Fuck, if those jeans are anywhere near as magical as Tara Reid’s nipple-slip dress, Britney is NEVER going to go away.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Ah, I bet everywhere she goes, she leaves behind her an alluring scent/jetwash consisting of stale Marlboro Menthols/baby puke/wine coolers and Federline….YUMMO!!!…who doesn’t wanna hit that???

  39. Jenna

    I can give her leeway for the funny jeans up by her waist, considering she is preggers and all, they will fit funny, but down down down by her feet–I think you make enough money to get them hemmed! Then again, you don’t make enough to buy KFed normal clothes, yet you support his drinking and drug habbit.

    Hrm. I think if I have a baby I want to trip and fall and smash the child’s head into the ground? Why? Because my role model is Britney Spears.
    And KFed is mine, biotch.

  40. Good to see she’s bounced back from the public meltdown. Kabbalah’s asking for too much money? Maybe that’s why she made Sean Preston her religion. It’s cheaper. Gotta love her conviction. I wonder what one would call the Sean Preston religion? Our Infant of the Bruised Skull? Immaculate Baby of the Unsmiling? Let’s just refer to him as an accessory and be done with it.

  41. blueballs

    Maybe she should wrap her wads of cash around her baby to cushion the fall when she drops him every other hour.

  42. many religions (and not just the ones that celebrities adhere to) ask adherents to donate money to them, or to give part of their salary as a tithe. Its part of Judaism, Buddhism, mormonism, many Christian denominations, and is one of the five pillars of Islam. Where else are religious organizations supposed to get money from, for owning religious buildings, giving to charity etc. Most religions do not operate in the same way as scientology, however, on a “Salvation for money” basis (thats more in line with a Pre-Reformation Catholic attitude), but rather it is considered a religious duty to give what you can.

    That does not mean that “Hollywood” Kabbalah doesnt suck balls though.

  43. TaiTai

    All I wanna know is, where is the ’70s porn star bodyguard guy with the cheesy mustache? Don’t tell me she’s fired him already. Maybe she’s actually trying to kill the kid and she’s firing everybody who gets in her way?

    She’s got more Secret Service types hanging around than the president does. So much money wasted to keep her alive. Too bad she still can’t afford a support bra for those lopsided boobs.

  44. Libraesque

    hey, at least she smarter than all those Scientologists!!!

  45. Geno

    Remember when we used to surf the web looking for new, sexy Britney pictures? It seems like so long ago. Now I cringe when I see new images of her.

  46. PapaHotNuts

    @ 24- Cruisin, don’t worry hotpants. My gift to you is much better, longer, and harder than a phone call.

    That’s right, I got you a new baseball bat.
    Swing away, my birthday hooka. Actually, you’re gift will arrive tomorrow before 10:00 am at a mutual friend of our’s house. I’ll email you the details- and a picture of me sitting naked on a park bench, eating a taco. Now let your imagination get the best of you.

  47. Fisher55

    Ho-Ho-Ho, Green GIANT

  48. I think she loves her donuts too.

  49. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Actually, I think it would be the little one, “Little Sprout”. I don’t think she’s that tall.

  50. Morticia

    She looks like Mariah Scary in that first photo.

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